Recap of old Outsiders’ Musings posts

As promised on Sunday, here is a list of all the Outsiders’ Musings posts by me, Rcsprinter.

  • I – A list of characters we’d like to see in the game, some of which have already been included since then. These are Lenny and Carl, Jasper Beardly, Agnes Skinner, and the Rich Texan.
  • II – A quiz testing Simpsons knowledge
  • III – The quiz results and posing the question of new buildings
  • IV – A big rant on buildings with special interactive features and notifications
  • V – A history of splash screens, and a link to download the Tapped Out music
  • VI – An analysis of which dog to bet on at the Downs, and advertising friend-gathering website .
  • VII – Texture glitch pictures, escaping snakes, and other strange snake behaviour.
  • VIII – the earning side of Whacking Day
  • IX – A recap and the ridiculous extension of Whacking Day
  • X – What did you think?
  • XI – How many players do you know?
  • XII – A little more outside than usual
  • XIII – YouTube is now ours…
  • XIV – To be, or donut to be?
  • XV – How can I use decorations to increase my bonus ratings?
  • XVI – Remodelling your town from scratch
  • XVII – missing?
  • XVIII – Grammar and luck
  • XIX – Texan expectations and Krusting slowly
  • XX – A reintroduction and British Hallowe’en

Outsiders’ Musings will be back at the weekend. If anybody can find episode seventeen on any blog, please point me to it.
And to finish, a nice ironic photo of a vending machine for something which kind of makes pointless the effects of the gym next door for those who use both…

20131024-083542 PM.jpg


9 thoughts on “Recap of old Outsiders’ Musings posts

  1. nosferatu3342 10/25/2013 — 03:07

    Wasn’t 17 the one that was hijacked and made to look like you supported the site that shall not be named? Which they were forced to take down because of complaints?


    1. Oh yes, that might have been it.


  2. RC, why would you want to redirect traffic back to tstotips? They don’t even give you credit for the posts! Can you post them here?


    1. Kind of a tough situation. He’d have to completely redo each one from scratch since there’s no way for him to access the admin panel at Tips.


      1. esteban2808 10/25/2013 — 04:19

        Can’t he just highlight the text and copy it here?


        1. It comes with all sorts of tricky HTML formatting which would take ages to redo for every post. It took me over an hour to make this list, with all the linking. Besides, most of the info is redundant because it was only relevant to the game when I wrote them.


  3. Most of these link to the Tips site. I thought that maybe they were being republished here. I think people should be warned up top.


    1. Dreamwalker 10/25/2013 — 02:06

      He was a writer when all these posts were made so duh they are bound to be in tips


      1. Rcsprinter was #2 guy at Tips in it’s heyday.


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