Level 36: Running With The Bullies Pt. 13-17 Quik-Tap Guide


I didn’t intend on making this a 3-part release but as always, family comes first. Anyhow I think I like the name “Quik-Tap Guide” for these stripped down walkthroughs. Just might be a keeper. We left off with Legs and Louie leaning into the bullies for what happened at Luigi’s. For those of you who missed the first 2 parts of this walkthrough, part 1 can be found here and part 2 here.

And we continue:

Running With The Bullies Pt. 13

Started by: Nelson Head

Characters required: Bart Image

Buildings required:

Barts Treehouse (Level 12)

Task: Make Bart Hide from Bullies for 24 hours (Cash image600 & 150 XP Image)

Running With The Bullies Pt. 14

Started by: Dolph Head

Characters required: Dolph Head  Bart Image  Lisa ImageMartin Head

Buildings required:

Springfield Library (Level 12)   Simpson House(Level 1)


Make Bart Get Help from Lisa

Make Lisa Help Bart

Make Dolph Get Help from Martin

Make Martin Help Dolph                         all tasks for 12 hours (Cash image420 & 100 XP Image) EACH

Running With The Bullies Pt. 15

Started by:  Lisa Image

Characters required: Bart Image  Fat Tony head

Building required:

BusinessSocialClub (Level 28)


Make Fat Tony Take a Legitimate Business Meeting

Make Bart Attend a Legitimate Business Meeting      BOTH for 30 minutes (Cash image40 & 10 XP Image) EACH

Running With The Bullies Pt. 16

Started by:  Dolph Head

Characters required: This task requires 20 characters or 1 character 20 times. Every character can be sent

EXCEPT: Kodos, Suzanne the Witch, Booberella, Mayan God.

Buildings required:

Luigis (Level 18)

Tasks: Make Citizens Eat at Luigi’s X 20 for 8 hours (Cash image275 & 70 XP Image) X 20


Running With The Bullies Pt. 17

Started by:  Bart Image

Characters required:  Nelson Head  Dolph Head

Buildings required: None


Bench1   Bench2   Bench3   Bench4 (Only 1 of these)


Make Nelson Laugh at the Mishaps of Others

Make Dolph Loiter with an Adult Magazine      BOTH for 24 hours (Cash image600 & 150 XP Image) EACH


That completes the Level 36 main quest line Running With The Bullies. Say what you want about it but I love it. I’ve been wanting Jimbo  and Dolph for quite some time now and while it could have been done differently, I’m glad it was done. Hope you are all enjoying it as well and I sincerely hope this helps! Stay tuned for the full scripted walkthrough and the Quik-Tap Guide for Jimbo as well as the full walkthrough for that. Also we’re still treading towards that last Community Prize so be sure to keep on collecting that Goo!

Happy Tapping!

Mike S.


13 thoughts on “Level 36: Running With The Bullies Pt. 13-17 Quik-Tap Guide

  1. Hi, sorry for an off topic question, but I got a new tablet, can I log in on tsto and play my game without losing anything? Should I be logged out if the other one?


    1. You can log in with your other device just fine. You can’t be playing both at the same time, so when you log in it will prompt you with a notice that the other device is logged in.


      1. Thank you! Love your posts by the way!


  2. Great post I love these wlkthroughs there so easy to follow and I was wondering whether you think the community prize will become like the normal ones and we get donuts every 2billion goo. Also I was wandering if you started now would you get all the community prizes even though you haven’t collected goo. Sorry for all the questions 😀


    1. If you started the game today no because you have to be at least at level 5 to even begin the event. If you started the event today you would automatically be given the Community Prizes that have already been unlocked. And with 13 days left it’s easily possible to win all of the Personal Prizes.


      1. Thanks for the reply always nice to hear from you


  3. Feliz Navidad 10/25/2013 — 04:44

    Great new formula! Quick, informative and much less spoilery. Hope you keep on doing the full guides too, for archive purpose. I like to go back and read past quest lines for a laugh once in a while.

    Does Jimbo have a voice ?


    1. Sadly No. and no KL tasks either. 😦


      1. Feliz Navidad 10/25/2013 — 12:16

        This is disappointing, at 120, no building, no voice. I’ve seen somewhere in the comments someone wrote that he should have came with Dolph, like Eddy and Lou or Patty and Selma. That would have been great or at the least Jimbo for dollars and Dolph for donuts. Jimbo is much more of a “main” character.


    2. No Jimbo does not have sound.


  4. dougefresh317 10/25/2013 — 04:18

    My opinion on this type of lay out for the walkthroughs is WIN-WIN! I like to be able to see what the requirements are for each quest, but don’t want the dialogue/story spoiled. Plus it seems to make it faster for you! If you are tallying votes, I say stick with it!


    1. Just to clarify, this is tied to the level, not to the Halloween event, correct? These quests will continue after Nov 7th?

      Reason I ask, is I want the kids to keep Trick or Treating rather than do Pt 14.


      1. Correct. Any and all Level quests are permanent quests as long as you have not completed them. Even the Halloween item quests, once you unlock them and win the item you will still be able to complete their quests after the event.


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