Premium Guide: Level 36 – The Springfield Museum of Natural History

As always with a new level there is usually a premium character and a premium building offered as well. The premium building offered in Level 36 is the Springfield Museum of Natural History. The big question is, Should I buy it or leave it alone?. Here I am again to break this item down and do my best to help you decide. First, let’s take a look at the history (no pun intended) of the building in the show, then we’ll cover all of the game info, pros and cons. 



Many of you may be asking why this particular building has made it to the game and the best answer to that is, Who knows? But from past releases it appears that anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that appears in the show even if only for a second, can be a contender for release in the game. The Museum of Natural History has earned its entrance to the game a little more than other items….ahem…..popsicle stick statues… appearing in at least 5 episodes of The Simpsons. The very first episode appearance was called “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” dating back to May 5, 1994 (Season 5, Episode 20). Aside from the show the museum has also been featured in 2 of the series spinoff video games. The first called The Simpsons Game was released in 2007 on multiple platforms such as Wii, XBOX and PS3 and the second called The Simpsons: Hit & Run which was released in 2003 on platforms such as Windows, GameCube and PS2. Many of the museum’s appearances were not of the outside of the building but rather of the many exhibits which are displayed inside. So far 12 of the exhibits have made appearances spanning the series and games. Here are a few of them:

Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones

History of Weapons

History of Weapons

History of Man

History of Man

Bird Exhibits

Bird Exhibits

The museum is owned by none other than Montgomery Burns and the current one is actually a rebuilt version of the original which caught fire. Unfortunately for the kids of Springfield and us tappers hoping for any new quests to come out of it, the museum is currently closed due to severe lack of interest. However, the museum is the home of the World’s Largest Zirconia. We have that already from Level 34 and now the museum, perhaps a new character could be Molloy?!

World's Largest Zirconia    Molloy

Game Info

Cost: 100Donut Currency

Requirements: Level 1

Characters Unlocked: None

Jobs Unlocked: None

Reward: 10 points for Indolence

Size: 13 X 8 squares

Income:  Cash image500 & 45 XP Image every 24 hours

Action Quote: “Stuffing Mammoths”

Tap Audio: 

Can be sold: Yes – Cash image2500

Can be stored: Yes

Placement: Springfield only

Summary: While I’m not going to say Yes, go buy it or No, don’t buy it, let’s just look at the positive facts:

  • It has a decent history with the show
  • The income on the building is definitely a plus
  • Adds a little bonus to Indolence which lightens the house farming load a bit
  • Requires only Level 1 so there’s no wait to get it
  • Can be sold and stored

And now the negative facts:

  • It’s 100 Donut Currency price tag is hefty in that it comes with no tasks, quest or character
  • As we’re still in the Halloween event it cannot be haunted making it useless for collecting Goo
  • Huge size makes it bulky and hard to place, especially SINCE it essentially has no purpose
  • And back to the first, PRICE. At this stage in the game it is unnecessary to fork over that many donuts for a non-usable building. Especially with the holiday season coming which may mean a Thanksgiving and a Christmas event.

I hope I have helped shed some insight on this building. Although I said above that I wouldn’t declare a yes or no, if I absolutely had to give an answer I would say NO. Save your donuts, finish the event and see what’s next. This is a permanent building and will always be for sale in the premium menu. If one day a quest gets added to it, then you can always go back and get it. Hope this helps!

Happy Tapping!

Mike S.


13 thoughts on “Premium Guide: Level 36 – The Springfield Museum of Natural History

  1. I am probably stupid for saying this but this was the first premium building I have ever bought (that’s no surprise seeing as I am a very new player only started around Christmas 2013) But I must say I absolutely love this building! Mainly due to the grandeur of this building, and also it really fits in in my town! I personally think this was a great buy for me, although it is a shame that there are no quests.


    1. Not stupid at all. I love just the look of it as well and hold out hope that it’ll be involved in a quest someday.


  2. Might be a stupid question but is it the same museum what the giant cubic zirconium is stolen from
    Checked the episode last night but it was only referred to as the Springfield museum not national history


    1. Not a stupid question and yes it is where the world’s largest zirconia.


  3. Had to buy it but I’m an uber History nerd. Classic building from the show.


    1. Me too. Well I have to buy everything anyway. Hoarder!!


  4. I built an exhibition area and it fits in nicely.


  5. Rayph Wiggum 10/26/2013 — 12:08

    Yeah, “For Completists Only”. It doesn’t even really fit with anything else that well.


    1. It goes well with the Knowledgeum and the Waxmuseum but it is huge! I dont like it so Im not gonna get it, might change my mind later but there’s no rush. Not really liking the big Sprawl*Mart either but I LOVE Agnes’ task there 🙂


  6. Woohoo! Level up!


  7. thelittleprince 10/26/2013 — 02:36

    Meh. It should have come free with purchase of Jimbo. We just had the Wax Museum and Knowledgeum. Would have preferred the Clamphitheater for Squidport personally.


    1. The knowlegeum was at least used in a quest…


  8. At the begin of the event, I had 960 donuts more less, when the event started I bought every premium stuff including last year’s Halloween items (this year premium), except the raven, krusty doll and burns monster because I’m not going to complete the Treehouse of Horror XXIII set. My total decreased to 136 donuts. Thanks to the trivia and ghost donuts, when I unlocked the Ray Gun, I had 156 donuts, of course my total decreased to only 6 donuts. Now, thanks to constant tapping (and Halloween event of course) my total is 99 donuts. With the event, I collected 113 donuts and, contrary to Whacking Day, I’m not tired yet. My goal is 120 donuts to buy Jimbo and maybe later I’m gonna need to buy donuts for the next events. Greetings from Mexico!!!


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