Rebel Without A Pause

Hello Tappers! Here we are with the premium walk-through of level 36, featuring Jimbo Jones. Jimbo Jones has become a great addition to my town and I hope you enjoy reading his walk-through as this may help your decision on buying Jimbo.

1. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 1 Jimbo has arrived and he is not happy with the cafeteria food as he goes to complain:


Jimbo: The New Yorker was right. School sucks.

Bart: Hey, at least it’s almost lunchtime, right?

Jimbo: If I have to eat another serving of Mystery Meat Surprise, I’m gonna hurl.

Jimbo: And don’t get me started on the lunch ladies and their policy of not dating students.

For the next 8 hours Jimbo Complain’s about the Cafeteria Food.

2. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 2:

Screenshot_2013-10-23-14-45-16 (2)

Jimbo: Well I’m not going to eat this stuff… which leaves me only one other choice.

Jimbo: Heads up, one helping of Mystery Meat Surprise, with a side of hurl!

Lisa: Incoming!

Sherri: Why does it burn my skin?

Skinner: What’s all this ruckus? Lunch is supposed to be a time for quiet reflection and eating.

Skinner: *gasp* Children covered in meat? Food not on plates? Forks pulled back, primed to launch? Why, this is a…

Skinner: Food fight!

You are then promoted to make Jimbo Incite a food fight. The task takes 4 hours. After task is complete:


Skinner: This has Jimbo Jones written all over it. In mustard no less!

Ralph: Principal Skinner, my lunch ended up on the outside and my homework on the inside.

3. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 3 Jimbo finds a new hobby while cutting class:


Jimbo: Cutting class on a day like this really makes you appreciate the little things – like cutting class.

Jimbo: Ah, the birds, the trees, the sun on my face, makes me want to become a better man…Hey look, a frog to kick!

This has to be one of my favorite tasks for Jimbo as you are promoted to make Jimbo Hacky Sack a Frog for 12 hours. Keep Lisa free when the task is complete.


4. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 4 Lisa is disgusted by Jimbo kicking a defenseless frog and she decides to take action:

Lisa: Look, Jimbo’s on one of his famous nature walks.

Lisa: Wait, that’s not a thing Jimbo does. Oh no…

Lisa: …he’s kicking a defenseless frog!

Lisa: I’m going to go give him a piece of my mind. On the internet. Anonymously.

For the next 24 hours Lisa goes to blog about Amphibian Rights. Keep Jimbo free as Lisa finishes the task.

5. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 5:

Screenshot_2013-10-23-19-40-55 (1)

Jimbo: Man, this frog is giving me nothing. No crying, no begging, very little lunch money and I think he likes swirlies.

Jimbo: I could really go for something to eat but I don’t feel like spending any cash.

Jimbo: I guess this is why God have us opposable thumbs and loose moral compasses.

You are then promoted to make Jimbo get a Four-Finger Discount for 8 hours. After task is complete:


Apu: Stop, thief! You have failed to pay for the item you have stored in your pants.

Apu: Come back here or I will call the police! I am calling them right now!

Apu: Yes, I’d like to report a robbery in progress.

Apu: They have me on hold, but I will wait patiently on the line until you are punished!

6. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 6:


Jimbo: This candy taste even sweeter because it was stolen. But a little melted. Not to self — next time steal some napkins.

Skinner: Jimbo Jones, why are you enjoying yourself outside of school when you should be hating yourself inside of school?

Jimbo: Principal Skinner? What are you doing off school grounds? This is like seeing a polar bear in the desert.

Skinner: Don’t get smart with me young man. Get smart with your teacher.

Skinner: See, that’s the kind of clever word play you should be learning right now… in class!

Jimbo: I got you, but you’re not going to get me. So long, Principal Sucker!

Skinner: Ooh, he’s pretty good with the wordplay already.

For the next 24 hours Jimbo Skateboards around your town, which is another one of Jimbo’s great tasks.

7. Rebel Without A Pause Pt. 7:


Jimbo: Theft, animal cruelty, avoiding authority — and my guidance counselor said I couldn’t be productive.

Jimbo: A day this good, I should probably thank the big man upstairs.

Jimbo: Oh wait, he’s out of town. Oh well, I’ll thank God instead, just to cover my bases.

You final task is to send Jimbo to sneak into church for the next 4 hours, After the task is complete:


Lisa: Is that Jimbo coming out of church?

Lisa: Jimbo, you should no respect for authority except the biggest authority there is?

Jimbo: A life without faith is a hollow and empty life.

Jimbo: Plus I swiped these sweet organ pipes. I hear organs are worth a fortune on the black market.

And we have reached the end of the walk-through and Jimbo has been a great character worth tapping. I hope you enjoyed the walk-through as much as I did and I can’t wait what premium character awaits us for Level 37. Thanks again, Nathan.


4 thoughts on “Rebel Without A Pause

  1. thelittleprince 10/30/2013 — 19:27

    It was a short quest line. Would have been great if there was a task with Shauna (for those of us who have her). That said, I have him on 12-hr and 24-hr visible tasks constantly.


  2. I haven’t been dissatisfied with this update. I’m finally on the last legs of this quest line and felt it gave me something new and interesting to do for awhile.

    I really look forward to the next character release. I’m hopeful that we will get Crazy Cat Lady soon!


    1. The crazy cat lady would be a premium character (my guess) and I’m hoping for Kirk and Luann van houten 🙂


  3. Kinda short questline if you ask me. Come on, they ask alot of donuts for him and you can finish the quest within four days.

    Like the charater a lot and love the animation with the frog.


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