Who’s That Girl In The Toughies Character Collection & How do I get her?

Hello everyone,

Due to the Level 36 update a lot of attention has been brought to the Toughies character collection. One major question that has continuously been asked as a result is, who is that girl I see in the collection and how do I get her?


Well, her name is Shauna and she was a limited time character during the Valentine’s Day event. Shauna was a premium character who cost 90 donuts and had a 9-part quest line called “Chasing Shauna”.


Shauna was the third character to be unlocked in the character collection and is an unvoiced character in the game. She may return as a character as we have seen with two limited time characters, Kang and Fat Tony.

Shauna In The Simpsons:

Shauna is Jimbo’s former girlfriend and is known in Springfield as “Sleazy Girl”. Her first appearance on the show was in “The Good, the Sad and the Drugly” when she was asking JimboDolph and Kearney to impress her by throwing a duck’s baby into the air. As Bart tries to save the ducks, Shauna tells the boys “either the ducks suffer or Bart does”.

She later becomes Jimbo’s girlfriend before she dumps him after a fight with Lisa in her latest appearance in “Beware My Cheating Bart” where she plays a big part in the episode. She becomes smitten with Bart when he keeps standing up for her after being assigned, by Jimbo, to watch her while he and his friends do other activities that do not interest her. They date for a short time but they soon break up after Shauna starts realizing that she is better without either Jimbo or Bart.

Shauna In Tapped Out:



Return Of Shauna:

Due to limited time characters making a return to Tapped Out, this could mean the return of Shauna. She could be easily introduced in next years Valentine’s Day update as they have done with the returning items from the 2012 Halloween event. I hope we do see the return of Shauna as It would be nice for the people who missed out on her previously.

I will be posting the quest line that she came with during the Valentine’s Day event in the near future so stay tuned.

Thanks again!



13 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl In The Toughies Character Collection & How do I get her?

  1. It’s been revealed in the 25th season episode “What To Expect When Bart’s Expecting” that Shauna is the daughter of Superintendent Chalmers.


    1. I saw that! I thought that was very interesting and was surprised to see little attention paid to it.


  2. thelittleprince 10/30/2013 — 19:17

    I love Shauna and have her on 8-hr and 12-hr tasks in my town constantly. Wish she was voiced though. 🙂


  3. I am having the same problem I got all the tree house 23 characters but the Mayan god!!!!!!!! Is there anyway to buy her with donuts or will the Mayan god ever reappear?


    1. I doubt that the Mayan God will be available again. I dont have him but I dont mind. I started in january so I dont have the cool brown house, the duffracer or the thxgiving and Santa stuff either.


  4. orangepuffle12345 10/30/2013 — 09:37

    I got her last year, and honestly she’s a pretty bland character.


    1. I like her 🙂


  5. they will thats why theres a space for her still


  6. She lacks a one our task and a four hour task. That isn’t a huge negative to me but too a lot of people it is.


  7. If they do bring her back I hope they dont increase the donuts like Jimbo.


  8. I’m sure she’ll be brought back. The game wasn’t out yet for Android (at least for the first week) when the event hit last year. And even then, people would have just been starting the game. So, just like the Halloween event and I’m sure the Christmas event coming up, we’ll see a return of most of the items, probably. Not even going to question it. She will be back damn it! lol 🙂


  9. I got shauna after valentines from gamezino and hate her. She’s unvoiced, has no 1 or 4 hour tasks which are most important as i like all characters to have the regular 1,4,8,12,and,24 hour tasks.


  10. I really, really hope they bring her back. I wasn’t willing to spend the donuts at the time but would definitely do it now. My toughies are missing her!


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