EA Announces TSTO revenue has passed $100 million!

Included in EA’s press release today about their latest quarterly earnings was this:

“The Simpsons™: Tapped Out eclipsed $100 million* in life-to-date digital net revenue, and has been in the top 20 iPhone grossing games in the U.S. for all but 12 days, since launching in August 2012.”

For those who enjoy reading the torturous language in corporate press releases, it can be found here. For a more readable article about the results (and some interesting comments) there’s a good article on GameSpot’s site here.

If anyone is in doubt that this is a moneymaker for EA, this report should dispel those thoughts. That’s a lot of donuts!



13 thoughts on “EA Announces TSTO revenue has passed $100 million!

  1. thelittleprince 10/30/2013 — 19:13

    Share the wealth EA and give each tapper 100 donuts each for Thanksgiving! That would be great! 🙂


  2. “Donuts are too expensive” is a complaint I hear all the time…

    I think this proves those people wrong. 🙂


    1. orangepuffle12345 10/30/2013 — 13:45

      They are pretty over priced, Comparing it to other city builders. The Smurfs village (anyone remember that?) needed you to spend £50 to get everything. £50 on this will get you a few buildings.


      1. Would I like donuts to be cheaper? Of course! Are they too expensive? That’s where I disagree. People spending $100 mil. for them tells me they aren’t.

        We will always have people complaining about the price of a lot of things. People just want as much stuff for as little as possible. That’s natural. People will say anything to get what they want. Behavior doesn’t lie. People spending that much money on the game tells me that donuts are priced perfectly fine.


      2. Smurfs berries are falling like rain nowadays. Maybe someday the same for our beloved donuts


    2. DanishTapper 10/30/2013 — 16:04

      I don’t think it does 🙂 It just proves that there are a lot of Simpson-fanatics out there, and that, apparently, some of those have money to spend. I can’t remember the exact number, but earlier this year EA said that less than 10 % of TSTO-players had bought anything with real money!

      Also, to me it seems fairly ridiculous that you have to spend over $200! (a number that will only increase as we get new content) to get everything in this game, when you can buy a game like, say, Battlefield 4 for $60. BF has advanced 3D-graphics, a “real” story, and interactive multiplayer which last a lot longer (a matter of taste of course). TSTO is “just” a 2(½)D city builder with fairly simple character models and 50 % of the in-game tasks don’t need any animation because characters are inside a building. On top of that there are numerous glitches and constant server problems (for some).

      I know that you can’t really compare a “hardcore” gaming experience like Battlefield to a mobile/tablet game like TSTO, as they appeal to two completely different markets, I just have this image of 2-3 deft programmers sitting in a basement somewhere at EA with a couple of writers churning out new content 😀
      Aside from the cost to operate servers, this has to be incredibly profitable.

      With all that said though, I do like the game a lot and I completely, 100 % respect people’s right to spend their money on whatever they want.
      Personally, I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on a game like this – not because I can’t afford it, but because I just don’t think I get my money’s worth.

      Sorry for the long! post, but I couldn’t stop once I’d started 🙂
      And hat’s off to the writers of this great blog for continuously buying donuts to rush tasks and buildings, in order to get new content to us all.

      Happy tapping, folks 🙂


      1. Lol! I totally understand your point. It’s a really good point, and I agree with you on the majority of it. I still go back to the idea that if it were “too much,” then people wouldn’t be spending the money that EA is asking, and EA wouldn’t be grossing the kind of money they’re pulling in. Not everybody buys donuts…but there are apparently enough who do, and enough of the people who do spend a decent amount of cash.

        I agree completely that $59.99 plus tax will get you everything in your average video game, plus some extra cash on top for the DLCs and I recently learned that now you have to pay to play online!! (I’m a big Need For Speed fan, so I’ve shelled out plenty of cash for those games). There’s definitely a major unbalance between the cost of console games vs. mobile games.

        Don’t worry, when I get on a roll, I am the same way. 🙂


  3. Oh, those comments on the article…
    How can you hate someone for just playing a game, and not a bad game?
    It surprises me people start trolling over the preferences in gaming. Strange. I thought people can not surprise me anymore. But they still can.


  4. orangepuffle12345 10/30/2013 — 09:39

    Whenever big companies like this make millions of dollars they tend to drop their prices, I doubt it though.


  5. I’d be interested to see how much income comes from the iPhone version vs. the Android version.


    1. Me too, Joe. Would be interesting.


  6. I find the comments on the one article extremely interesting. If TSTO is not a game that you like, there are millions of others out there to try. Why must people run their mouths and try to ruin it for everyone else. I don’t like mustard, does that mean I’m going to try to get everyone else to stop using it? No!

    People are so very interesting, aren’t they? Good for EA. I hope they have continued success.


    1. They did not say they did not like it, they said it was a big profit maker for EA. It was not a criticism, it was a fact.


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