Moonshine River Update 2012

Hello tappers!

A lot of people have been asking about certain items that they are seeing in friends towns, these items or characters that you are seeing in your friends towns are limited time items that were only available once. To stop all this confusion, I have decided to re-visit all the old updates that were limited time.

The first limited time update was the Moonshine River update also known as the second content update in the game. The Moonshine River update was the first episode tie-in update for the game and it arrived September 28, 2012 before the episode aired. The Duff Racer was the only thing added to the game; it was added to celebrate the Season 24 premiere “Moonshine River” on September 30, 2012.

When you logged in on September 28, you unlocked the Duff Racer along with a in-game message and a set of dialogue between Homer and Lisa:


Notice: Here’s a Duff Racer from the Springfield Grand Prix to celebrate the Season 24 premiere this Sunday!

Homer: Ooh, a race car. I want to drive it!

Lisa: Sorry Dad, but it doesn’t drive. It’s just a decoration.

Homer: Can I open the Redesign Menu and move it around with my finger so it looks like it’s driving?

Lisa: I guess.

Homer: Woo-hoo!

The item was then stored in your inventory and you could place it anywhere apart from the river and road.

The Episode:

Lisa tells Bart that he has never had a real relationship that has lasted long. Seeing that Lisa is right, he decides to visit his past girlfriends. When visiting all his past girlfriends that has featured in the show, they all reject him; Jenny, Darcy, Gina Vendetti and Nikki McKenna. Bart and Milhouse go to see Mary Spuckler, Cletus Spuckler’s daughter.

Bart finds out that Mary is now in New York. Bart then asks the family if they can go to New York, and after some thinking, they decide to go. Bart finds Mary and as they walk around the city together, Mary sings a song for Bart while playing the guitar. She then admits her love for Bart. However, before the two get a chance to kiss, Cletus suddenly arrives, saying he will bring Mary back home with him.

While Cletus and the family are left occupied, Mary tells Bart that she is leaving them again.  After kissing Bart, Mary says goodbye and leaves on a train.

The Duff Racer In The Episode (Image):


NOTE: I have removed the opinion section of Nathan’s post as this is a previous content update and should be just a reference post for those who missed it or wanted more info on it. – Mike S.

That is the complete review of the Moonshine River Update and I will continue looking at updates from the past if the feedback on this post is good. I hope you have enjoyed re-visiting this update.

Thanks again, Nathan.



16 thoughts on “Moonshine River Update 2012

  1. Thanks, A very useful information.


  2. -Insert Name Here- 10/30/2013 — 23:11

    I actually really like the Duff Racer. I own Shauna and I think she’s kinda bland. Mary Spuckler would’ve been nicer.


  3. i thought it was about the update I just got.
    what was that one about?


  4. I did exactly this sort of thing for my post to be a writer, I went through every limited time item, why do it again? Couldn’t mine just be posted?


    1. I forgot about your post and I’m also doing the walk-through and my opinion and the Halloween event 2012, Valentines. I’m doing every single update apart from the level updates.


      1. Yes I haven’t done the walkthrough or an opinion you are right . But it’s kind of making my post redundant


        1. would you like me to credit you into the post?


          1. Well I guess you didn’t get any information from me so no. This was your work. Perhaps release my post and then you can continue your walkthroughs and opinions on the stuff I covered in my post? Sorry not trying to be rude…


            1. ok I’ll try, still got your derbis post to post, if there is any chance of re-sending the images? I can’t seem to download, save or copy them.


              1. I’ll see what I can do this afternoon. Thanks for your understanding.


  5. I think the headline needs a change. For those that subscribe by email, they might think it’s an actual update instead of past history.


    1. I’ll just add 2012 🙂 Thanks. Will sort it out after I post something else 🙂


    2. clowninclay 10/30/2013 — 21:42

      I was hoping this was an update since for some reason I had a long update download today. Any idea what that update was about?


    3. Yea, but there WAS an actual update and I would like news about it! 😉


      1. hi, just been informed and there is a post coming on that very soon! Mrfy just emailed me about it and I’m in the middle of a post myself so I think he is doing it.


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