Thanksgiving Parade

Hello Tappers. Last week I did a speculation post about what we can expect after Halloween. I was mainly talking about Level 36 and Episode Tie-Ins but I was also talking about a possible thanksgiving update that could replace the Halloween event. As promised I’m giving you the complete guide from last years Thanksgiving event and everything you need to know.

The Thanksgiving update was the fifth content update in the game and was released on November 8, 2012. This update removed the Halloween features from the game and changed the Halloween rewards for characters and buildings to cash and XP. The Thanksgiving update was only small that would take seconds to complete. It was like a smaller version of an episode tie-in update.

We could expect a Thanksgiving update on November 7th, 2013 due to the Halloween event coming to an end.

The Thanksgiving update only brought decorations, no characters, no buildings, just decorations. These limited time decorations became a great feature to my town as at first I had nowhere to place them, However with a few updates I had the perfect place to place my thanksgiving parade balloons.

All of the balloons required Level 5 and could be bought multiple times. There were a total of five balloons all together and a reasonable price since they are a decoration. Here are the five balloons that came with the update:



Name: Itchy Balloon

Cost: 40 donuts

Bonus: 2.00% bonus money and XP to all jobs



Name: Scratchy Balloon

Cost: $1000

Bonus: Improves vanity rating



Name: Snowball 2 Balloon

Cost: 20 Donuts

Bonus: 0.50% bonus money and XP to all jobs



Name: Santa’s Little Helper Balloon

Cost: $30,000

Bonus: Improves vanity rating



Name: Blinky Balloon

Cost: $16,500

Bonus: Improves vanity rating

So apart from some awesome looking decorations, the thanksgiving update also brought a small quest line, which is much smaller than an episode tie-in quest line:

Thanksgiving Parade Pt. 1

Homer: Ah Thanksgiving — a time for families to come together to overeat and argue.

Lisa: Don’t forget about the parade!

Homer: I will, honey, I will!


Your first task was to place the Scratchy Balloon, and It gets much easier!

Thanksgiving Parade Pt. 2

Homer: What kind of parade has only one balloon?

Homer then tells you to place the Blinky Balloon.


Thanksgiving Parade Pt. 3

Lisa: One last balloon and the parade will be complete.

You final task is to place the Santa’s Little Helper Balloon.

As you can see the Thanksgiving update was only small but at least It was something. After the thanksgiving update we had the Penny-Wiseguys update which brought the first arrival of Fat Tony, then we had another episode tie in, The Day the Earth Stood Cool which brought cool brown house and cool homer costume. And Finally we had the Christmas update!


EA will be keeping us very occupied with new episodes back on our screens. There could also be a few new levels between Halloween and Christmas due to having updates every two weeks. I will be posting a post of all the updates we have had so far so you can overlook what we had last year to speculate what we could have this year. Thanks again, Nathan.



13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Parade

  1. Patiently waiting for the Thanksgiving update…


  2. Hey when is the thanksgiving 2014 event


    1. Not sure there will be one at all but if it comes it will be soon.


  3. I never got the thanksgiving decorations.. but know friends who got them today??? Whats up with that??


  4. nomorelies8884 11/11/2013 — 04:38

    I didn’t get the thanksgiving update 😦


    1. Well the good thing is this year’s Thanksgiving update has not arrived yet so you’re in luck.


  5. I Dont have the option to buy the Thanksgiving balloons. Is because I have an android or what. I’ve done the update after the halloween stuff was over but no balloons. I want the balloons. Please help me


  6. thelittleprince 10/30/2013 — 19:10

    Would be great to put the balloons on parade floats/trucks (wish they have them) and be able to put them on the streets and lined up like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. I have a strip of highway in my town I could do this and it would look really cool! 🙂


  7. toxicshark965 10/30/2013 — 14:57

    I hope like halloween they re-release the ballooons for android players who were not on the game yet…i envy everyone who has them….but as a consolation…I HAVE WITCH MARGE!!


  8. Nothing about Thanksgiving but will we get a Satan’s Anvil decoration thing?


    1. there’s a post coming soon on that and that is suppose to be tomorrow! 😀


  9. orangepuffle12345 10/30/2013 — 13:42

    I think the balloons should be a permanent item! Last year I only brought one of each, and I really regretted it, considering there’s so many uses for them.


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