Happy Halloween from Topix!

Just wanted to drop a quick Happy Halloween to all of our readers, friends and neighboreenos. Whether today is big in your part of the world it sure is huge to our virtual Simpson family and that’s what brings us all together. Don’t forget to login today and get your free Wailing Wall!
There’s t-minus 7 days left in the huge 2013 Halloween Event and we’re fast approaching our last Community Prize which should put the nail on the proverbial Goo coffin but we hope you all enjoyed the first major event for us to cover and look forward to many more.
Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happy Tapping!
Mike S.


Happy Tapping!


15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Topix!

  1. johnboy1sb2 11/03/2013 — 13:59

    Do you guys think that EA will do a Gill donut sale, or sale on Halloween stuff near the end of the event like last year? I have been waiting on buying the Halloween stuff to find out. I wasn’t on last year, being android.


    1. The Gil deal should come in december. Halloweensale? I doubt it. EAs been so generous during this event so I dont think there’s gonna be a sale.


  2. Love the game, love this website. Trying to get as much goo as I can luckily I have a good few friends aand we help each other out. Any need extra just add me 🙂


  3. Congrats on 2 million hits!!


  4. HaPpY HaLlOwEeN EvErYbOdY!!!!!
    I just “tricked out” my parents house (ie: I put the spoons in the fork’s spot and the coffee in the tea spot) when they got home….it was like an easter egg hunt for tricks!
    Haven’t had time to tap much today…. going in now…. my tile might be ready!
    HaPpY tapping to all and to all a good fright : >


  5. Just wanted to let you know I love this site. You guys do a great job! It’s not an issue but my I can’t unhaunt my Ken Brockman character. I have literally tapped him 100 times and received 100 goo. Like I said not an issue just wondering if it’s associated with the update.


    1. Haven’t seen that. Have you tried to use the Ghost Vacuum on him?


      1. I have used the vacuum, the bomb and I have tapped him but he always reverts back.


    2. My hubby has had the same issue with reverend Lovejoy. He has got thousands of goo from tapping him repeatedly.


  6. -Insert Name Here- 10/31/2013 — 22:50

    I can’t wait for King Kong Homer skyscraper! My one concern is: where am I gonna put it? I can’t put it in the land we got given, because it will block things. I have OCD like that, NO ROADS WILL BE COVERED.


    1. Maybe it’s time for a renovation.


    2. I hear you! There’s always some character hiding behind it, and I can’t see all of my beautiful beautiful Springfield if a building is blocking it!


  7. johnboy1sb2 10/31/2013 — 17:11

    I’m a huge Halloween fan! Happy Halloween Everyone! And Happy Birthday Nathan!


  8. I’m setting all of my characters with costumes or outfits to their outside tasks. So Chalmers, Wiggum, Lenny, etc can trick or treat with the children today. Happy Halloween! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!


    1. That’s a great idea ahaha Happy Halloween everyone!!!


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