Outsiders’ Musings XXV: Building placement & other notes


Last week I asked for your suggestions of a cool graphic to make relating to the game. I’ve chosen one and it is under construction — may take a short while but already well underway. I’m not going to reveal what it is yet but I’ll share something mildly amusing that happened by coincidence while I was getting it sorted out.
cletus ralph

What kind of close attention to detail to you pay when placing buildings? Just put it where it looks nice? Fits in with the other type of buildings that are near, such as a group of shops? When I placed my Spinster City Apartments, I made sure to put it in the fifth block of the street (my city is on a grid system) because it says 509 on the canopy thing next to the door. Even though in episodes it is 507.

20131129-075133 PM.jpg

20131129-081848 PM.jpg
509, 507, see?

I also should comment on Ol’ Gil’s latest deal. I only need to be brief; I’ve already got all of the stuff from before! Does this mean he might stop pestering me? One more musing: when’s the last time Comic Book Guy had to do a task as part of a quest? Some of the characters are getting forgotten.

Also, I regret to inform you that my topix interview with theadiposetv for this month has been cancelled, but Nathan’s will be in December so do keep your eyes out for that.



Gil is Black!

Hi guys.

What’s so special about black? Black Friday! Thats right, the United States’ start to the Christmas sale season. So what does that mean? That means Gil is back and this time he wants donuts, but he’s only with us for a limited time.

When you open your game today, Gil will be waiting with a Duffman speech bubble followed by a short quest. First let’s look at the quest and conclude it with the gear and costs.

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Thanksgiving 2013/ Topix Update Reminder

Hey friends,

I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that although the site has been quiet lately we are still very much present and all are dealing with our own personal lives. I know for me this time of year is a big family time and sometimes I just have to put the game and site on the back burner, I hope you understand. Being on this side of the screen I usually rush the updates in order to provide you all with the best info possible and that sometimes gives me a lot of burnt out dead time.

I want to remind everyone of what mrfy has recently posted and that is the Thanksgiving 2013 event WILL end on December 3 not December 5 as we recently reported. This means that ALL of the limited time items that came with the event WILL disappear so if any of you are considering buying some or all of the new items please do so ASAP so as not to lose the opportunity. EA has been real generous with past offerings in the last few updates but I feel that once they catch up to the anniversary of the Android release date in a few months the repeat offerings may cease. Best advice, if you want it, get it and get it soon.

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Help Me EA!

Hi y’all!
I have been having major issues with my game. It keeps freezing every three seconds! No fun at all. If it takes fewer than Five tries to collect rents and re-set tasks, I’m happy! As it is now, it usually takes me 20+ attempts and on a some occations 60+ Barts/re-loads! Not even gonna mention KL or Neighbours *shudders*

I know a lot of you have the same issue so I will publicize my whining in hope that this will get EAs attention and be helpful to those who suffer from the same problem.

I contacted EA.
I play on an iPad, iOS 7.0.4

I started here. Went through all the troubleshooting and still nothing.
Logged in to Origin.
A mail have been sent.


14 days?! Well, better than nothing, I suppose.

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What Changed with the Black Friday Update?

These might have been here a few days ago when we got the app update on Nov 26th, but I just noticed them today when I got an in-game update. It brings us the Thanksgiving Day free donuts and quests, along with Gil‘s deal for tomorrow. So what else has changed? One big change, and a few small ones.

  • Big change here: The Thanksgiving Update will now END on December 3rd, 08:00 GMT, rather than December 5th. This means all the limited-time items (parade balloons, casino and the Tribal Chief) will go away. Get them soon if you want them! (Gil’s Black Friday promo will also end the same time on December 3rd.)
  • In the Thanksgiving update task “Attend a Wake for Thanksgiving”, among the long list of characters who can participate, Kang was changed for Kodos. But it’s in a section that’s commented out in the code, so it has no effect. Weird.
  • There’s a task named “Door Crash on Black Friday” where you can send 75 different characters to the Krusty Burger for 12 hours, but it’s disabled. Of course it’s possible it might get enabled by another update, but sadly it looks like we won’t get the chance.

That’s it for now, I’m really hoping that by moving up the end of the Thanksgiving event, even if it was only by 2 days, signifies that the Holiday event will be ready and hit our devices on the 3rd!

Premium Guide: Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino, Tribal Chief & Casino Sign

I can honestly say that I was truly caught off guard with this year’s Thanksgiving update. Not that we got one but that we got an update that was much larger and longer one than the previous year’s. I’m also NOT complaining one bit about any of it and quickly snatched up all of the offerings of the update including Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino along with the Tribal Chief. We’ve also been given another added bonus with this item and that is the Casino Sign which rewards independently of the casino and the Tribal Chief. And once again I am going to do my best to help you decide on whether this combo is worth your coveted glazed ones. Let’s get to it shall we?


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Upcoming Updates: Thanksgiving and Black Friday (Revised)

Update from mrfy: the Happy Thanksgiving Day Part 1 quest is only active from 08:00 11/28 to 08:00 11/29 GMT. At 08:00 11/29 GMT, the Happy Thanksgiving Day Part 4 quest will be enabled. (08:00 GMT is 03:00 EST, btw.)

Hey friends, sorry for the lack of posts, it’s been a crazy week for me personally. Anyhow, there’s 2 mini-updates on the way for the Thanksgiving holiday and the resulting day of chaos and nonsense, Black Friday. I’ll divulge the details after the jump but whether you read this now or when it comes in-game, be sure not to just tap past the dialogue. While small, it’s also pretty witty and they take more jabs at current and previous happenings with the game.

To find out what exactly is coming, read on! If you prefer to not know until it arrives I would like to wish all of you who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving from your friends here at TSTO Topix! Try not to eat too much and for anyone who dare go shopping on Friday, please be safe.


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Skins, Costumes ~ The Menu Option

Hi y’all!
A shorty on the skins/costumes.

A lot have been asking the Question “What happened to my xxxx costume?!”

The first thing to check is the settings.
Top right when you tap a character +/-

This works on the different fronts of the buildings too.

Try this first. If you still can’t find the skin… 😦 The you’ve got yourself a glitch and should check this post.

I hope this was helpful. Tap away!

What did the Nov 26th app store update fix?

Received an update earlier in the iOS app store for the game (not sure if there was a similar update for Android devices). The version number for the app did changed from 4.5.2 to 4.5.3.

What else changed? Nothing immediately obvious to me, but I haven’t been affected by the Golden Scratch-R bug. According to EA forums, those who were affected are able to get back into their game today, without have to factory reset their iOS devices.

Let us know if you experience anything different. Also, if you’re brave enough to buy donuts or a Golden Scratch-R after the update, let us know that too!

Poll Results: Which characters would you most like to see in the game?

Hello tappers!

Here is the results from our recent poll ‘Which characters would you most like to see in the game?’. Since this has become a big poll, I have decided to set this out a little different than usual from the other poll results.

There was a total of 37 options in the poll which means we would need a big pie chart! First I’m going to start off by listing the bottom seven characters that got the least vote:

#37 – Ling Bouvier:

Ling Bouvier was not a popular choice with coming in last place. She got a total of 30 votes out of 7,000 votes!

#36 – Bernice Hibbert

#35 – Martha Quimby

#34 – Wendell Borton

#33 – Janey Powell

#32 – Bill and Marty

#31 – Gerald Samson (Unibrow Baby)

#30 – Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon


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