There’s something fishy with the Spooktacular Bonus Round!

Let me start this off by saying this is not a definite game-wide issue. BUT, since the last update there have been reports around the “donut” that the prompt for the Spooktacular Bonus Round has changed or there’s something wrong with it. And for any in-game issue that garners enough attention we are here to bring it to your, well…attention. A good, loyal reader and friend, John, brought this to Emma’s attention and since discussing it with other friends and writers there seems to be 3 different outcomes that are happening when you reach 2000Goo. This, of course, is regarding the Spooktacular Bonus Round that each player receives AFTER collecting 10,000Goo and have received all of the Personal Prizes. It is the opportunity to win a maximum of 3 Donut Currency for every 2000Goo, for those of you who do not know.

What is supposed to happen when you have reached the required amount is that the bonus round automatically initiates. That is what has been happening since the option activated in everyone’s game. However since the last update apparently for some people the bonus round is not automatically prompting instead, it is requiring the player to actually tap the candy icon in the Task Book and then the See Prizes button. This is what happened to John and what prompted the research into the problem.


Here are a few images to show what I mean:




Now for anyone paying attention throughout the event, the See Prizes button is always there when you tap that annoying, terribly annoying yellow finger at any point under 2,000 but what is happening to some now is they HAVE to tap that button to activate the Spooktacular Bonus round. I am not sure what happens to them if they do not tap the button at 2,000 and keep collecting but this issue requires the player to have to keep tapping and checking the count in order to not miss the bonus. and perhaps lose the chance at free Donut Currency

The second outcome that is happening occurred in my game twice since the update. When I reached 2,000 the bonus did not activate, It wasn’t until I collected the 2,0001st that the bonus round prompted but I did not have to tap the See Prizes button. This is not as bad as the above outcome since it still activates on its own and does not require me to have to keep tapping and checking the count. Still though, it is enough to cause alarm in some players.

And the last outcome is the best, the business as usual outcome where the bonus round opens on its own exactly at 2000. There were enough of each outcome reported to that we, especially Emma feel it very necessary to bring this to everyone’s attention because it may be happening to you and you may not even be aware of it and end up losing out on some Donut Currency and we do not want that to happen to anyone.  Hopefully most of you have the normal outcome but please be sure to double-check your counts just in case you are having the same issue as others are. If you are having this issue it’s best to be vigilante for the next 6 days as I do not see any fixes being released for it with so little time left in the event.

Again I reiterate, this is just to warn any or all of you of a possible issue. I am not stating that this is definitely happening to all of you. There’s only a few days left so be sure to get every free item and Donut Currency possible!

Happy Tapping!

Mike S.





15 thoughts on “There’s something fishy with the Spooktacular Bonus Round!

  1. Not even clicking on see prizes worked for me, on both my accounts…


    1. Yeah it seems hit or miss with most accounts. Definitely not a constant error that affects all accounts.


  2. Seem to have lost my candy button on my 2nd game and am missing some of the community prizes. Got the recent skyscraper though.


  3. Thanks for the mention in your post!

    What is been happening to me is that I am prompted by this screen

    When I have reached my bonus. And then I have to tap “See Prizes” to get the option of donuts.

    If your in friends town and the bonus kicks in, you hear a sound to alert you to the bonus. When you return to your own town your prompted with the above screenshot. Either your normal bonus and goo bonus now play a sound when reached while visiting friends.

    I happened to be in visiting KrustyLand (gremlins returned some goo) on my last bonus and the donuts screen came up automatically.

    I should hit 50,000+ goo mark later tonight.



  4. I had this happen and my “see prizes” donut counter is actually about 56 goo behind. So I needed to get to 12,056 before I got my first donut prompt.


  5. Happened to me yesterday. Big bummer missed out on three donuts on my non premium account.

    Not happy to start all over again, so i switched back to my premium account….


  6. Milicloriano 11/02/2013 — 06:40

    I suffered myself in my game but found out something you didn’t mention. If you complete the 2000 count outside you town (visiting friends) when you come back you are prompted with the new “quest” of anither 2000 and if you don’t hit “See prices” you don’t get the screen with the three boxes (i lost three donuts that way 😦 ). On the other hand, if you complete it inside your town, it gives you the three boxes automatic.

    Also if you get the 2000 outside and you get more than 2000 that extra will not count for the next quest, for example i will unlock the next three boxes at 16024, so keep atention to your count and, if possible, complete the task in your town to avoid any issue.


    1. We’ve covered the out of town missing goo issue but thanks. I’ll add it again in this post.


  7. I experienced the first scenario earlier this evening. It threw me off a bit when the usual routine did not kick in after 2000 goo canisters. Now that others have experienced this I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this twist.


  8. I tried hitting the prize button at the 2,000 and also 2,001, but it has just stopped giving me the bonus. I’m not worried about it since it’s almost over anyway. Besides, EA has been more than generous with free donuts during this event. I’ve received 107 plus 30 in a mystery box.
    Sorry to hear it’s happening to others 😦


  9. a more annoying bug/glitch that you should mention is if you reach the 2000 GOO when you are NOT in your own city (eg collecting goo by visiting friends’ city) then you will be presented the donut choice box when you return to your own city, but if you have collected more than 2000 goo then the ‘excess’ goo is LOST. eg you collected 2023 goo when you go back to your own city then you get the 3 doughnuts and after that your goo counter resets to 0/2000 instead of 23/2000, so you lost 23 goo. players should take extreme care of reaching 2000 goo in their own city otherwise they lose any goo collected over 2000. if you reach 2000 goo in your own city by getting more than 1 goo (eg 8 goo for a task) then this bug does not appear, eg you have 1998 goo and whoever finishes goo producing tasks let say lisa (8 goo) then you will have 6 goo after you picked up your donuts.

    I think it worth mentioning on the blog because I have lost roughly 100 GOO while I figured out that something is not really good with the counter.


    1. It has been mentioned here since the first reports of it. It’s been mentioned quite a few times here friend. There’s a whole post on it called What’s Up With The Missing Goo?


    2. Guess I got lucky, since I only had 1 goo missing.


  10. I didn’t get my bonus even after clicking on the “see prizes” icon 😦


    1. schattenRaub 11/03/2013 — 01:54

      Sadly me neither 😦


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