Ehh-YESSSSSSS! – The Yes Guy Guide/Walkthrough

We finally made it to our fourth Community Prize, one I’ve been waiting for since the files were released, and now we all have the Yes Guy roaming our streets. Seeing as how he was not a premium or purchased character I will not persuade you to get him, instead I will just give you a good reference tool and character guide for him, including his walkthrough, tasks and sounds in the game. Ready for the Yes Guy?



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Happy New Year!!!

It’s not 2014 yet where I am, but it already is in some parts of the world. In the Tapped Out world, they appear to be on California time, as there is a short mini-quest scheduled to be activated at 08:00 GMT tomorrow (January 1st). Which will be at midnight PST on the west coast of North America. (For those of you not familiar with converting GMT into your local time zone, I like to use the converters at this page here.)

I’m trying not to give out too many spoilers, but the rewards from completing the tasks will be tasty, so be sure to keep Homer free!

Happy New Year to everyone in Tapped Out land!

What Changed with the December 31st Update?

Woke up this morning to a small in-game update. What changed? Not much:

  • Gil’s deal was removed
  • The Golden Scratch-R has been re-enabled. It’s available again in the Quik-E-Mart.

That’s all that I found in the game files. If you notice something else, let us know!

Get Em While Their…..Hot….or Holiday-ish!

Just a last minute reminder that the Gil Deal is coming to an end. As of this writing it’s 2:50 am EST and my game says 6 hours left for the deal.
If any of you still want to catch some holiday donuts now is the time!

There’s date info regarding a New Years “something” in the files so stay tuned for that to come most likely as the Gil Deal ends.
Happy New Yearly Tapping!
Mike S.

Happy Tapping!

The TopiX Opinion: Christmas event 2013

Just as we did at the end of Hallowe’en, the TopiX team is creating one large post to give our opinion over the Winter 2013 event. Here’s what we had to say…
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Poll: Tapped Out 2013 Level Up!

Hello Tappers!

In this poll we will be looking back at tapped out during 2013! This poll will be looking at the level updates of 2013 and you have the power to vote for your most favorite level that got added to the game this year! 2013 gave us a total of 13 new levels! Here is some information on the level updates we had this year:



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Topix History Files: The Yes Guy

Hello Tappers!

Welcome to another addition of ‘Topix History Files’. In this post we will be looking at the fourth community prize, ‘The Yes Guy’. First we will start off by looking at some game information about ‘The Yes Guy’, then we will find out some information about the character in the show.

Game Info:

Name: The Yes Guy

Cost: 975,000,000 Gift Bags (Fourth Community Prize)

Level Required: Level 5

Unlocked: Christmas 2013

Unlock Message:


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The Yes Guy Is Here: 4th Community Prize Unlocked!

Eeeh-Ye-e-e-es! We have reached our fourth Community Prize ‘The Yes Guy’! We have reached a total of 975,000,000 in our Community Prize total and we are on track to get the final prize, ‘Candy Cane Power Plant’.


There will be a post on his walk-through shortly along with some character information on ‘The Yes Guy’ within in the game and the show.


Extra Extra Read All About It: Nathans Top Picks

It has been over two months since topix announced TSTO TopiX Extra and the site has not been getting enough views, so that is why I do these monthly posts called ‘Extra Extra Read All About It’:Nathans Top Picks. Starting in 2014 there will be weekly posts about what has been happening on extra and then at the end of the month there will be a post about my top favorite posts I have liked that has been posted by the writers.

This post will be an extra long post as I need to talk about what has been happening on extra and what needs to be done.

NEW Writer Wanted!:

A NEW writer is wanted for TSTO TopiX Extra and I have been wanting to ask for a while but always forgetting to ask! Please email  with the subject ‘Extra’ along with a short post about speculation on tapped out and a small brief description about yourself. The closing date is on the 20th January and the new writer will be announced on February 1st.

Guest Posts: 

TSTO TopiX Extra is always open to guest posts and if you are interested in writing a guest post, check out our guest post page and leave a comment for one of our writers to email you. Guest post page can be found here with all the information required.

Nathans Top Picks:

Here are my Top Picks from the writers of extra this month and November:



This is a great site if you want to read about speculation about the game! There is also a quick way to get to the site as on topix we have a link menu tab on our home page! I hope to see more views on Extra as it is a great site like many readers have stated. Thanks again, Nathan.


Gil’s Festive Deal Reminder!

Hello Tappers!

This will just be a short post on a reminder about Gil’s offer! There is now less than two days to purchase up to 30% bonus donuts and this is offer you don’t want to miss!

This is your chance to get some extra donuts from your usual purchase. Gil will only be around for at least one more day and he might not be back with an offer like this for a while.

I would suggest you purchase the perfect donuts package right for you now, before he goes! You will need to stock up on donuts for the next big event which is probably going to be the ‘Valentines Event’.


‘Get Em Now’! Thanks again, Nathan.