Tapped Out Christmas List

Hello Tappers! Welcome to my tapped out Christmas list. This post will be talking about what I want for the Christmas update this year. On my tapped out Christmas list I will include buildings, decorations and characters. My Christmas list will feature ten items I would like to see appear in the Christmas update and how they have featured in the show and why they should be added in the Christmas update.

The tapped out Christmas list will only feature Christmas themed items and everything will be given a reason why It should be added for the Christmas update. Here is my tapped out Christmas list, starting at 10:

Dear EA for the Christmas update this year I would like:

#10 – Christmas Tree Farm:


The Christmas Tree Farm is a forest in Springfield that grows Christmas trees.The Christmas Tree Farm first appeared in ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’, its only appearance in the show. This would be a great decoration where you would create your own Christmas tree farm. This could be a new forest of trees in your town and could be decorated with anything.

#9 – The Yes Guy:


The Yes Guy has featured in a couple of Christmas themed episodes as he is seen as a worker at Costington’s which is a building which has also featured in a lot of Christmas themed episodes. The Yes Guy would make a perfect addition to ‘More Oddballs’ and could have a great quest line including working on Christmas day. He would be a voiced character and it would be great tapping on him and hearing ‘Eeeh-Ye-e-e-es’.

#8 – Mapple Store and Android Store:



Last Christmas gave us the Mapple store and It would be great to see the Mapple store return, However with tapped out now having Android users it would mean creating an Android store. This would be two great buildings that would be a perfect addition for the Christmas update. The Simpsons is not known to having an Android store in their town,

However they are known to have a Mapple store which sell Mapple’s products and services,including MyPods, MyPhones, MyCubes, MyPhonies, MyTunes and the most desirable computer in the world, the Mapple Void. There are two known Mapple stores in the Simpsons, The one we got for Christmas last year that has been seen in the streets of the Simpsons and the Mapple store in the picture above. (Thanks Simpsons Wiki for the Information)

#7 – Snow Themed Decorations:


Snow themed decorations would be perfect when the snow has covered our towns. I’m talking snowmen, snow forts, igloos, ect. Last year the only snow themed decorations we got was the decorations we already had covered in snow and the Simpsons as snowmen which melted after the event. It would be great to see some snow themed decorations to make my town look even more magical.

#6 – Level 38


I would love to see a new level during the Christmas update as It would be great to escape from Christmas themed quests and start something new. It would be great to see a new level as it would keep interactive with the game. Due to rushing tasks to get the information on the site is boring and with a level update it would be good to do something else than concentrate on the event.

#5 – Hal Roach Apartments with Jacqueline Bouvier:


Last years Christmas update people saw the Hal Roach Apartments in the files along with Jacqueline Bouvier. Sadly she did not arrive with the Christmas update and has joined the long list of unreleased content. However I would love to see her in the Christmas update as she has appeared in many episodes in the Simpsons and is related to the main characters of the show. Jacqueline could be added to the ‘Bouvier Family’ and it would make total sense to have her with the Christmas update as Marge would want her mother home for Christmas.

#4 – Costington’s with Mr. Costington:


This building has featured in quite a few of Christmas related episodes and even has their own Christmas and Hanukkah related slogan during the Christmas sales ‘Christmas Presents – At Hanukkah Prices’, However their real slogan is ‘Over A Century Without A Slogan’. Costington’s is a high-end department store located in Downtown Springfield. It is owned by Mr. Costington, the store has employed many Springfieldians, including Homer (as their parade Santa and as a mattress salesman), Gil (Mall Santa) and The Yes Guy. The store would be a perfect building for the Christmas update as it has a great Christmas theme linked to the building and would make sense for Marge and other moms to do their Christmas shopping at Costington’s. 

#3 – Chrismukkah Theme:


The most annoying thing about the game for some players is that the events we have, some players don’t celebrate. It would be great to see EA mix the holidays up a bit but the one holiday I would like to see along with Christmas is Hanukkah. The Jewish holiday could bring some Jewish characters and buildings in the game. Hyman Krustofsky is the Jewish father of Krusty the clown and he would be a great addition to Chrismukkah. He has featured in a Christmas episode and would be great to see other holidays celebrated with their own characters.

#2 – Gil Gunderson:


Gil Gunderson would be a great addition to the Christmas update. Due to some players already having the duff brewery or Springfield sign they don’t have Gil in their towns. That is why I would like to see Gil this Christmas, Maybe as a permanent character or with another deal? Gil has featured in lots of Christmas themed episodes and It would be great to see him this Christmas. He could give us another donut deal or maybe become a permanent character and have his own mall Santa costume. Gil is an amazing character that would be great to see him with the Christmas update.

And here we are with my top most wanted item I would like this Christmas:

#1 – Springfield Mall


During the Christmas holidays we like to shop and get presents for our loved ones. However this Christmas in Springfield it looks like no one will be getting a special gift without ‘Springfield Mall’.

Springfield Mall has hundreds of stores, restaurants, bars, clinics and other services. The mall has been a main building during Christmas in Springfield as local Springfieldians have shopped here. This would be a great way to celebrate Christmas when sending all your characters to shop at the mall. This is a beautiful building that would make Christmas special.

I hope you have enjoyed my tapped out Christmas list and now its your turn! In the comment section write your own tapped out Christmas list on what you want for the Christmas update this year. Thanks again, Nathan.



38 thoughts on “Tapped Out Christmas List

  1. I can’t believe the BIG ommission. I woyld love to have the Stonecutters building. Amd most importantly, i think they shoukd have the Catlady and her home added. She is great character and should be permanent.


  2. and also it would be good to have mr largo the music teacher and mindy homer fellow worker add me as ur friend my name is crazykid3232


  3. Would like to see the monster mart, and the crazy cat woman come into play as well as some of the buildings requiring donuts to be converted into coins for the christmas update would be good to get level 38 and some snow themed decorations characters would like gil and colin from the movie


  4. Maggie Simpson as her own character please! She’s my favorite of the family. What better Christmas gift than the baby of the family


  5. Hello,
    Just wondering if any1 has had the Christmas update yet,
    I had one last night but a little one (not the Christmas) it was with Lisa and Skinner and all I got was submarine !!
    So dose any1 no when the update is due as mine is slow, crashing and just freezin


  6. How about more characters having the auto tasks built in as it’s only the really early characters that pop up all the time.


  7. The Mapple Store is in the game because it’s been established in the show, Mapple is a parody brand, like they used to have in the past. There’s no reason whatsoever to feature Android in the game, given that context, I mean the show doesn’t even pay *that* much attention to it and then Android is a platform, not a brand like Apple.

    Hal Roach, Monstromart, the Springfield Mall, those are landmarks that make a lot more sense, even the Burns Casino seems like it would fit in better. Then again, we have Abe Simpson, Shauna and Tom O’Flanagan, and none of them even fall in the ‘minor character’ category do they?


    • Well Abe Simpson sure is an established character in the show 😉 Shauna and Abe Lincon Have been featured in more than one episode but I agree, they are less then ‘minor’ 🙂


    • FYI the app works way better on the android (& kindle) format,
      I have 3 Springfields and my IPAD version crashes constantly, the others are stellar in their performance.
      There’s a new story line! Number of crashes !


  8. Oh my, the ‘Yes Man’ brings back memories. When me and my little brother first saw that episode all those years ago we would say to each other “How are you? Good?” And then the other would say “Eeeh-Yeeess”.

    We still say it to each other today. 😀

    I’d really like to see the Mr. Plow trucks personally, and Gil!


  9. I wouldn’t mind also having a little discount for these buildings and characters who were part of last year’s Christmas update and are still available as premium stuff on the game… I would love to have Barney and his Bowlarama on my Springfield, but 250 donuts for a character that doesn’t even have premium tasks (the ones earning 50% more money) are way too many IMHO.


  10. I have a plan for the springfield mall. I think it would be great as a new expantion, maybe next summer, like krustyland. Put the mall in springfield and, tapping on it, enter in the mall and rebuild it from inside! With all its shops as the leftorium (new tasks for flanders) “i Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm!” (With lionel hutz), “The Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlor” and so on! It would be fantastic in my opinion! What do you think guys?


    • I think the potential for that is grand, but not in the near future. Krustyland has the same template your suggesting, but EA has yet to make Krustyland meaningful with interaction that draws us continuously back with passion… Squidport has become a decoration. Krustyland is certainly a place that has emotion we can all relate to, but it is still waiting for a heart (like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz) to be a part of the adventure we are tapping away for… Only after EA figures out how to connect Krustyland to Springfield with interactive fun can the domino fall to the mall…


      • Permanent tasks for squidport’s and mall’s buildings are the key to keep them in the game with an heart!


    • Great idea but we could still get the mall now anyways and if not just be the mall now and later it becomes a link like the bus for Krustyland


  11. Gil could be added if he was a premium character with a 24hrs job called :
    Seek for deals ,
    So he gave you a deal anytume you want like for example not all of the deals have to be with real money :
    Example: 5 brown houses for 100 in game money


    • That may be the one thing that does NOT return in my opinion. With the introduction of Android to the game this may seem a conflict of interest. There was something else Apple/ Mapple related in the files that were never brought to the game for the same reason. I don’t know for sure but if anything does not return I think it will be that building.


      • Makes you wonder if they removed the Mapple Store early in the year because they wanted to bring it back in the next Christmas update or was it because they were forced to? I guess we’ll see in a few days.


      • If I wasn’t hooked on TSTO and put so much time, effort and money into it I would boycott the game because I only play it on my iPad and iPhone. Even if the Mapple store isn’t brought back, where’s the loyalty to Apple players for making the game a success in the first place?


        • Ehh, I can kinda see your point. However the game would have been equally successful had it been launched on Android first. And again I’m just speculating based on what I’ve heard in the past. I hope they do bring it back. Bring it all back til February and then be done with reoffers. I think all of this recurring items takes up space where new items can be offered but I get Ehh they’re doing it.


        • I agree with Mike S. If android had it first it would be just as popular. If you look it up android devices sell more units than the apple devices. Its not some peoples fault that it wasn’t on the android at the start. We all just can’t go get ipod whenever we want. For some people don’t care for apple products.Besides its the Simpson name that brings the popularity to the game, not the device. And also you just sound so bitter and childish that, ‘I had it first so its the only reason its popular.’ Like chill out, grow up, and quit trying to think your better cause you got something before someone else. I think we all enjoy the Simpsons and we should all just share that common enjoyment and want to share it for everyones sake.


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