Family Guy Tapped Out?

It looks like Family Guy is following in The Simpsons footsteps (again), as Fox announced a new mobile game for Family Guy coming out 2014! Twentieth Century Fox has revealed its parternship with TinyCo, makers of, Tiny Monsters, to bring us the Family Game Mobile Game.

The Family Guy Mobile game is free-to-play and based on an all new storyline from the collaboration between Fox and TinyCo. “Family Guy is an amazing show that’s famous for its sharp wit, unpredictable storytelling, and hilarious cast of characters,” said Suli Ali, CEO of TinyCo. “We’re capturing that essence and providing players with an awesome way to get their Family Guy fix every day.”

Check out the first teaser image of the game below for a taste of what’s in store. (IGN will post more news when available)


The game will not be called ‘Family Guy Tapped Out’ but it does look like it will be a similar game to ‘The Simpsons Tapped Out’. According to TinyCo, the Family Guy mobile game will allow players to travel through Quahog, recruiting (and sometimes confronting) their favorite Family Guy characters along the way. TinyCo is working directly with the Family Guy show writers, and the game will feature an all-new, original story influenced by the show’s 212-episode catalogue as well as current events.

So will you be downloading this game when it hits your app store? I’m a big fan of Family Guy but not as much as ‘The Simpsons’. Of course, I want to hear your views on the new mobile game coming 2014.

I will post more information when available and I would suggest checking out this post about the possibilities of a Simpson/Family Guy crossover episode tie-in. Thanks again, Nathan.

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41 thoughts on “Family Guy Tapped Out?

  1. I would for sure download it. I love family guy and think it would be great. I have been asking for more like tapped out. I cannot wait


  2. I think this news is relevant because family guy is the same kind of show as the simpsons. A lot of people like both. I personnaly would love a tapped out game for family guy. I wish theyd make a futurama and a south park one too!


  3. i love all those shows but as for games, i am dedicated to TSTO until it is no longer fun which btw has no ending that i can see! i am in it for the long haul lol


  4. I come here to read Simpsons Tapped Out news and subscribe for every post. I don’t like posts like this in my email.


    • You’re free to have your own opinion, but you could word your request a bit more diplomatically. As it stands you come off sounding like an ass.


    • You’re free to have your own opinion, but you could have been a little more diplomatic about it. As it stands you come off sounding like a jerk.

      Mike, stop apologizing all the time! 😉 We appreciate what you do here and the seldom “off topic” posts, too. My opinion.


      • I agree with Mike. This is TSTO’s biggest event to date more than Halloween. And your right, he shouldn’t apologise but all apologies. 😉


  5. I am not a fan of family Guy. I will check out the game out of curiosity. It would be great to see a South Park version of tapped out. I also think a similar, well done version of peanuts would do well in the same format.


  6. Well, didn’t The Smurfs game come first? And before that, the Sims? So couldn’t it be said that The Simpson’s tapped out copied those two first (or is this just an ongoing joke?)? Anywho, I am actually not a fan of The Simpson’s (don’t hate it, but don’t watch it; besides the movie, love the movie and love this game), but I am a fan of Family Guy so I am happy to hear this and will play it! I will play a game where I actually know the characters and will be excited when new players come because I will know who they are!!


  7. As I’m a fan of Family Guy, I rather play TSTO!!! I’ve so neglected Farmville (does it still exists?) and Candy Crush games…. I luv The Simpsons! Long live TSTO!!!!!!! Also, my sincerest Thank You to the creator of this fan game site and contributors.


  8. As much as I enjoy TSTO and Family Guy show, I don’t have time for another tapped out game. As it is, I have two Springfields to maintain.


  9. The Simpsons already did this. LOL! (in all seriousness it may be kind of cool but here we go with can’t let one good thing go without diluting it to nothing by ripping it off ten more times)


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