Reminder!: The BIG Christmas Show-Off

Hi Tappers! Just a quick reminder about ‘The Big Christmas Show-Off’ competition. You have less than one week to post your entries all details can be found below! 

UPDATE: There is also a new Judge that has been added, Introducing Mags! She will replace ‘TheAdiposeTV’ as a Judge since he did not want to judge any screenshots but only give the prize. 


Hello Holiday Tappers!

Welcome to ‘The BIG Christmas Show-Off’! Get ready to show-off your festive towns as TSTO TopiX has a BIG Christmas competition! The Christmas update has truly got everyone designing their towns into a winter wonderland. Readers of TSTO TopiX, Members of Tapped-Out and Watchers of ‘TheAdiposeTV‘, we have a competition for YOU!


The Contest and Contact Details: 

TSTO TopiX wants to see your designs and for you to show-off your holiday tapping by posting a screenshot of your most favorite Christmas part of your town! You can post your screenshot in the comment section below linked to any photo site you have posted the photo on, or email the photo to:

You could also post your screenshots here on ‘Tapped Out’.

If possible leave your Origin ID as ‘TheAdiposeTV’ would like to add the winners so he can look at your town and show during the LIVE stream!


Here are some examples of some Christmas themed designs by myself. NOTE: These are just examples and will not be entered into the competition, also they do not have to be as big or as premium as mine. You could have a small non-premium entry and WIN!

Example 1: 


Example 2: 


Example 3: 


Example 4:


Example 5: 


I hope these have examples have made you thought of some Christmas themed ideas, or maybe you have one already to be submitted.

What do you win?:

Now for the BIG prize! The four winners chosen by our four judges will feature in ‘TheAdiposeTV’ LIVE stream! If your that lucky winner your screenshot will be broadcasted LIVE on Saturday January 4th 9pm (GMT) with ‘TheAdiposeTV’. If this is successful we may do the same thing for the next event and maybe put some donuts on offer to the winner! But have your screenshot of your town broadcasted LIVE to hundreds of watchers is a BIG prize and with donuts it could be even BIGGER!
Not to Nathan from Em: Hundreds are a too high number for the Livestream but too low if you count the highlights that will be available after the stream is over.

The Judges:

There are four judges and they are all familiar people who will be taking a look at all the entries and picking their favorite to be shown in the LIVE stream! The four judges are:

  • Nathan Rushton (Myself, Writer On TopiX, Head of TopiX Extra, TOuk Member)
  • Mags (TOuk Member and reader)
  • Spell-Caster. Jr ( TOuk Member and reader, Moderator on Adi’s Twitchstreams)
  • Em (Writer On TopiX, InternalSupport at TOuk, Moderator on Adi’s Twitchstreams)

Prize Giver and Live Streamer:

  • TheAdiposeTV

Closing Date: January 2nd – Midnight (GMT), Any screenshots sent after the closing date will not be counted.

LIVE Stream: 4th January 9pm (GMT), Winners may be shown between 9:00pm – 10:10pm (GMT). 


I hope to see lots of entries, as we may offer donuts the next time we do this. If this is a success our next ‘BIG Show-Off’ will be on the next event which is possibly going to be the valentine event. Remember don’t be afraid to post your entries, we will not be judging you on the amount of premium stuff you have, but the way you have designed it. Check out example 5, only 9 donuts spent. Example 4, only 3 donuts spent. Example 1, could remove the premium cars and just add in-game currency. We will accept any submission and maybe yours could win. Give it a try and you could end up on the LIVE stream Saturday the 4th of January. Thanks again and Merry Tapping, Nathan. Get posting your screenshots NOW!



26 thoughts on “Reminder!: The BIG Christmas Show-Off

  1. Sarah Cooper 12/30/2013 — 05:07

    How do I get more friends on origin? No one I know plays….


    1. We have 2 FULL pages specifically for people to put their Origin IDs. The Add Friends and Krustyland Friends pages on the main menu. There are literally thousands of IDs to pick and add.


  2. YAY Mags!


  3. orangepuffle12345 12/27/2013 — 23:25

    I just noticed whats at the bottom your site….

    Also, if I can enter a third photo…

    If it’s only one picture, only use the first one I sent.


  4. orangepuffle12345 12/27/2013 — 23:23

    Here’s my entry-

    My Origin is john_peebles, however I already have the Adipose on my friends list.
    I’m not sure if I can submit two entries, but here’s a second picture-

    Does this one count as Christmassy?


  5. FrostbiteGW 12/27/2013 — 18:41

    I posted this comment before but no one rep


    1. FrostbiteGW 12/27/2013 — 18:42

      Oops accidently posted it but here it is I can only have 98 friends not 100 why is that


      1. I think one of the 100 is “the other Springfield”. I have no clue why origin does what it does and neither, it seemes, does EA or anyone else 😦


  6. I think a better system would be the judges adding the participents then they would be able to see our entire springfields
    Just an idea

    Also i just noticed the small smiley face at the bottom of the page


  7. jacob Wagner 12/24/2013 — 08:45

    How take a picture of ur town on an Android phone


    1. Depends on make and model. Home+power or Volume+Home/Power those are common but other methodes may apply..


  8. Here is what I’m calling my “Christmas Corner”:


    1. Very cool. I like Santa’s Workshop outside of Costington’s. Fits perfect with the whole department store Santa theme.


  9. Springfield mall
    Springfield Mall


    1. cletus’s farm
      Cletus's Farm


      1. Origin id peteyboy


  10. Here is my Winterland:
    My Winterland


    1. And my Town-Square:
      My Town-Square with the ugly X-mas tree in the middle


      1. My origin is andrejkampe


    1. Your pic cant be seen. 403 error. Even loggin in to DB dont help


  11. Xmas area 1
    Xmas area 2
    Here’s mine put it all in a big area had to take 2 screenshots origin ID: OSebhlen


  12. I’ve built a walled-off amusement park that includes Christmasland, Frontierland and a ride up the Popsickle Stick Skyscraper.


    1. Origin mbb67


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