Christmas 2013. Costingtons and Walkthrough. The Cost of Doing Business.

Hi guys.

As part of the 2013 Christmas holiday event, we have been able to receive Mr. Costington, along with his department store. You can redeem this prize after collecting 30,000 gift cards as part of the personal prizes. With determination and a bit of playing, you should be able to score this prize after 10 days of collecting from your town once a day and from 100 friends.


First, let’s talk about his background in relation to the show, followed by the prize overview, then his tasks and then we will finish with the walkthrough.

Mr. Costington

Mr. Costington is a bitter old man who loves saying “you’re firee-e-e-ed” and “you’re hiree-e-e-ed”, first appeared in the 200th episode, Trash of the Titans (episode 22, season 9), which also starred the much loved American comedian, Steve Martin and Irish pop rock group, U2. He is voiced by Hank Azaria and is the owner of the department store, Costingtons. He has 5 permanent tasks including three visible tasks. Costingtons department store also first appeared in that same episode. It has previously employed three of our favourite Simpsons characters including; Gil, Homer and yes, The Yes Guy. It also employed Akira (Japanese waiter from Swanky Fish Restaurant).



Task: Cutting Wages
Cost: 30,000 Gift Cards
Income: $135 and 15 exp over 8 hours
Build time 24 hours
Size: 8 x 8
Placement: Pavement or grass.

Mr. Costington

Cost:Comes with Costingtons
Requirements: 30,000 Gift Cards
Voiced character: Yes
Earning rate: Standard. He is not premium
Other Requirements: None
Character set: Holidays 2013


  • Investigate Competitors – $70 and 17 exp over 1 hour (visible)
  • Intimidate Employees – $175 and 45 exp over 4 hours (non-visible)
  • Root Out Troublemakers – $275 and 70 exp over 8 hours (visible)
  • Speak on Capitalism – $420 and 100 exp over 12 hours (non-visible)
  • Bluster – $600 and 150 exp over 24 hours (visible)



The Cost of Doing Business. Part 1.
The first task is to take the building out of your inventory and build it for 24 hours in your Springfield. After building the department store for 24 hours:

Mr. Costington: The day after Christmas has become a major shopping day, right up there with Black Friday, Bloodbath Monday and Dystopic Nightmare Wednesday.

You will now receive $100 and 10 xp as a bonus for completing part one. Mr Costington will continue.

The Cost of Doing Business. Part 2.

Mr. Costington: Word has reached me that many of you are unhappy to be working Christmas day.

Mr. Costington: I am sympathetic to your concerns, and interested in discussing this with you face-to-face.

Mr. Costington: All valued employees belonging to this shadow underground of malcontents should immediately drop to the ground, face down, hands clasped behind their heads.

Mr. Costington: Remain calm as security zip-ties your wrists. Once you have been neutralised, you can trust we will have a frank discussion of your legitimate concerns.

Now it’s time to send Mr. Costington to intimidate employees for 4 hours. When he has finished, you’ll receive $100 and 10 XP as a bonus. Mr. Costington will continue.

The Cost of Doing Business. Part 3.

Mr. Costington: It has become clear that the Anti-Christmas-Work-Day faction does not intend to self-identify.

Mr. Costington: This is disappointing, as management is only trying to help.

Mr. Costington: We cannot address your grievances if we cannot detain and interrogate you.

Mr. Costington: Let us air our concerns together, sharing the names of your co-conspirators in an atmosphere of trust.

Mr. Costington: For your convenience, special agents have been placed at key chokepoints around the store. Please turn yourselves in to them at your earliest convenience.

Mr. Costington: You’ll know them by their black armbands and cold, dead eyes. Thank you.

Now it’s time to send Mr. Costington to root out troublemakers in your Springfield for the next 24 hours. After he hass finished, you’ll receive $100 and 10 XP as a bonus reward. Mr Costington will continue.

The Cost of Doing Business. Part 4.

Mr. Costington: Now there’s no reason for key figures in the Anti-Christmas-Work-Day Putsch not to come forward.

Mr. Costington: If you would prefer to discuss your former involvement in this nefarious network amongst yourselves, please do so within three feet of one of the new flower arrangements.

Mr. Costington: These flowers have been placed whereever employees tend to congregate, and, it goes without saying, do not contain sensitive monitoring devices of any kind.

It’s now time to make Mr. Costington spend a fortune monitoring employees for 12 hours. After he has finished your receive $100 and 10 XP. Mr. Costington will continue for the final part.

The Cost of Doing Business. Part 5.

Mr. Costington: Christmas is once again a work day. I apologize for any confusion.

Mr. Costington: The previous announcement was a feint, intended to root out the evildoers in our midst.

Mr. Costington: For your convenience, all employees will be tailed by ex-CIA operatives until December 27.

Mr. Costington: Whatever names these men once had, they respond now only to an identifying number. Please do not try to guess the number.

Mr. Costington: Their nerves are understandably frayed from years spent deep undercover in hostile territory. Do not converse with them.

Mr. Costington: Sudden movements will be perceived as a mortal threat by these men. Please move at half-speed. Crawling can only help.

Mr. Costington: See you Christmas Day, and have a wonderful holiday season.

So that’s where the walk-through and is the final task is to get Mr. Costington to ruin Christmas for four 4. After that you’re free to do with him whatever you please. You’ll receive $100 and 10 XP when he finishes.

Merry tapping and have a happy New Year.



10 thoughts on “Christmas 2013. Costingtons and Walkthrough. The Cost of Doing Business.

  1. You’ve written “costing 10” instead of costington when you are looking at his history. It took me a few guys but I read it.


    1. Im guessing it was auto(in)correct that made that hilarious mistake but Ive fixed it šŸ˜‰


      1. When you read it aloud it says the same thing! Haha, it did take me a few minutes to figure it out though. Thanks!


        1. Yes, Mickus often use the voice-writingthingy and it gets it right most of the times šŸ™‚ I know he doubelchecks but that one was tricky but fun!


          1. Haha no worries. The writing is too top notch and the content great for me to complain about silly spelling. Just thought I would make you aware!


            1. Sorry. The word Mr. Costington is there about 30 times and each time it self corrects to costing 10. It’s quite frustrating when i type the correct spelling and auto correct changes it.


  2. Compared to the Halloween event, I found this time around very easy to collect all of the personal prizes without playing the Community part. (0 friends) I repeated the “hunt for the simpsons” task several times and now have all the personals prizes and only 3 snow sculptures left on the wheel.
    All in all, a very enjoyable collection!
    Thanks for the walkthrough micus!


  3. I know this has nothing to do about this today I got snow monster I now have everything on the Christmas wheel


      1. Thanks šŸŽ…šŸŽšŸŽ„ā›„ļøā„ļøšŸ˜ƒ


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