Should I Buy?: Superbowl Update

Hello Superbowl Tappers!

We have at least three more days until we say farewell the Superbowl update. However some players are still a bit unsure whether to purchase the latest limited time items. The Duff Party Bus and the Duff Racer. We will be taking a look at the two items and listing the pros and cons of the two limited time decorations.


We do understand that ‘Should I Buy’ is usually based on premium items, However I think I will make an exception for the Duff Racer since it is a high-priced item and players are still questioning if it is worth the cash.

The Duff Party Bus:


  • It is only available for a short amount of time and might not reappear again in the future as this is its second appearance as a limited-time decoration.
  • 2.25% bonus money and XP to all jobs.
  • Adds 400 Vanity points to your Conform-o-Meter
  • It can be placed anywhere!
  • It would add to your Duff collection (Duff Brewery, Duff Stadium Duff Racer, etc.)
  • It is a very detailed decoration and one of the best tapped out vehicles to date!
  • You can buy more than one!

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TopiX History Files: Superbowl Update

Hello Superbowl Tappers!

With every update we look behind the new characters, buildings and even decorations that we get. This includes looking at the history of the item and seeing if it is related to the show and how it is linked to both the show and the game.

The Superbowl update gave us the return of The Duff Party Bus, which was recently updated today which now gives us the ability to purchase more than one. This update also saw the return of the Duff Racer. In this post we will be looking at the history of these items and how they are linked with the show.

The Duff Racer:

The Duff Racer made its first appearance in tapped out during the episode tie-in for Moonshine River. This was the first ever episode tie-in which brought this limited item to the game. Many people have missed out on the Duff Racer since then but now it is back it is time to take a look at where it came from.


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What Changed with the January 30th Update?

Received another in-game update this morning, which updated the game scripts. It contains a one-line change, which makes the Duff Party Bus be non-unique. Now you can buy as many as you want, though it does still cost 50 donuts. Limited-time, so get it before it expires!

Origin Down… Again. Tsk! Tsk! (UPDATED)

Update: Shortly after posting this it appears that the issues have been resolved. However if you are having issues this post is why. Everyone should be okay now.

It appears there’s some funny business going on with Origin again. I just went on my game and I’m able to play however I cannot logout. I keep getting the following prompt:

Also it doesn’t appear to be a huge error affecting all EA games like the last one as I am still able to play Battlefield 4 multiplayer so it’s really anyone’s guess at this point.
I will update this post as needed, good or bad. Stay tuned my friends!

Happy Tapping!

The Superbowl Update Is Here! But Where Is The Valentine’s Update?

Hello Superbowl Tappers!

Today we got the arrival of the Superbowl update. I have to say that this was very unexpected since most people was expecting the Valentine’s event to be our next update. But where is the Valentine’s update? In this post we will be looking at the arrival of the Superbowl and the possible arrival of the Valentine’s update looking at previous content.


The Superbowl Update:

Maybe we should have seen the Superbowl update coming, since on Monday ‘Animation Domination’ released a video of the Simpsons announcing this Sundays Superbowl:

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What Changed with the SuperBowl Update?

Today’s in-game update has several changes which affect game play:

  • The Duff Racer is back for a limited time, now costs $250,000, provides 25,000 XP when placed, can be placed now on boardwalk, boardwalk edge, grass, pavement and the beach. You’re only allowed one.
  • This doesn’t affect game play currently, but the Burning Bush was added to the “Shrubs” group. I keep hoping that they will break up the decorations into sub-menus, with all the trees grouped together, etc. That would make it easier to select decorations rather than having to scroll through the whole list.
  • Miss Springfield‘s 3 minute task Enjoy An Evening With The Mayor now earns $12 and 4 XP rather than the normal premium-character rate of $9 and 3 XP.
  • The Knightboat and Greenpeace boat had a modifier added to their description (flatBuilding=”true”). What this means is that when you place them next to something like a Squidport tile, they will now appear correctly. (Thanks to several eagle-eyed readers who replied with what this means.)
  • Also, both now require the quest Squidport Part 2 to be completed before being able to place them in the game.
  • In the level 38 tasks Protest, Storm Police Station, and Attend Court Hearing, The Grumple, Mr Costington and The Yes Guy can now take part.
  • The Duff Party Bus can now be placed on the beach in addition to grass, pavement, boardwalk and boardwalk edge. It can no longer be sold (not sure why you’d want to, since it costs 50 donuts).

Let us know in the comments if you spot something else!

What Have You Done With Your Springfield Courthouse?

Hello Tappers!

It is time to take a look at what you have done with your Springfield Courthouse. Instead of asking for entries and waiting for you to comment and then adding them to the post. I have decided use some screenshots from our Flickr page, TappedOutUK and a video from ‘TheAdiposeTV‘.

I have seen some very interesting designs for the courthouse and I’m going to share with you the Springfield Courthouses I have found when searching the web.

But first we will start off by looking at my Courthouse ‘Before and After’. I have created two Courthouse designs in my town, one before the live stream by ‘TheAdiposeTV‘ and my final design that was constructed after the live stream by ‘TheAdiposeTV‘.

My Courthouse:



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No Simpson Episodes In February!


Hello Tappers!

It looks like that there will be no Simpson episodes in February. The next episode ‘Diggs’ has been scheduled until march to avoid conflicting with the Super Bowl XLVIII, 2014 Winter Olympic Games and 86th Academy Awards. Making February 2014, as a month without new Simpsons episodes.

Today on the official ‘Animation Domination’ Facebook page they released a Super Bowl image of the dads of ‘Animation Domination’ giving their predictions on the Super Bowl:


“I know the Broncos will win because Peyton just wants to get to Omaha, where I’m guessin’ it’s warmer than this.” – Peter Griffin

“I’m rooting for Peyton Manning. I got a neck ache one time and I still cooked burgers that day, so I guess we both know about playing through pain.” – Bob Belcher

“I predict Seattle will be stuck in traffic because Chris Christie bet on the Broncos.” – Homer Simpson



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Episode Fact File: Specs and the City

Hello Tappers!

This week we have not received an episode tie-in for the upcoming episode ‘Specs and the City’. This post will be talking about the episode with a small and brief round-up of the episode from Wikipedia, then we will have some exclusive videos and pictures from the episode.

Wikipedia Episode Details:

“Specs and the City” is the 11th episode of the 25th season and the 541 episode of the show.  The episode was written by Brian Kelley and will premiere on January 26, 2014, on FOX.

Episode Description:

“Specs and the City” follows the story when Mr. Burns gives high-tech eyeglasses to all of his employees so he can spy on them. Marge uses the glasses which tells Homer that Marge has been seeing a marriage counselor.

Meanwhile when Nelson finds out that Bart has given every other kid in his class a Valentines card apart from him. With Nelson feeling angry he then orders Bart to find him the best Valentine’s Day gift ever or be fed to the classroom electric pencil sharpener.

Episode Mini Clips: 

Promo for Specs and the City:

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