Episode Fact File: Married to the Blob

Hello Tappers!

This week we have received an episode tie-in for the upcoming episode ‘Married To The Blob’. This post will be talking about the episode with a small and brief round-up of the episode from Wikipedia, then we will have some exclusive videos and pictures from the episode and an interview from Comic book legend Stan Lee and author Harlan Ellison.

Wikipedia Episode Description:

Married to the Blob” is the tenth episode of the 25th season and the 540th episode of the show.  The episode was written by Tim Long and will premiere on January 12, 2014, on FOX.

Comic Book Guy falls for a Japanese woman who’s into manga (Kumiko) , but Homer could ruin his chances at true happiness.

Episode Clips: 

Married to the Blob Couch Gag:

The Simpsons gone Anime:

Picture Slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison Interview (Guest Stars):

That is all the information required for this weeks episode. Thanks again, Nathan.


4 thoughts on “Episode Fact File: Married to the Blob

  1. johnboy1sb2 01/10/2014 — 18:08

    Off topic, but I wanted to help you guys get info out. There was an update earlier and it changed the chances on the infamous wheel has changed to make getting prizes a little easier.


    1. Thanks. I just did a post on that.


      1. johnboy1sb2 01/10/2014 — 18:14

        Sure! Thanks for all the info you guys put out! I’m sure you have the next part in the post so just delete it in moderation if you want. 😉


        1. Not a problem. Thanks for reading us. 🙂


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