Episode Fact File: Specs and the City

Hello Tappers!

This week we have not received an episode tie-in for the upcoming episode ‘Specs and the City’. This post will be talking about the episode with a small and brief round-up of the episode from Wikipedia, then we will have some exclusive videos and pictures from the episode.

Wikipedia Episode Details:

“Specs and the City” is the 11th episode of the 25th season and the 541 episode of the show.  The episode was written by Brian Kelley and will premiere on January 26, 2014, on FOX.

Episode Description:

“Specs and the City” follows the story when Mr. Burns gives high-tech eyeglasses to all of his employees so he can spy on them. Marge uses the glasses which tells Homer that Marge has been seeing a marriage counselor.

Meanwhile when Nelson finds out that Bart has given every other kid in his class a Valentines card apart from him. With Nelson feeling angry he then orders Bart to find him the best Valentine’s Day gift ever or be fed to the classroom electric pencil sharpener.

Episode Mini Clips: 

Promo for Specs and the City:

Valentine’s Day: Always A Massacre:

Episode Image Slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Previous Episode: Married To The Blog

Next Episode: Diggs (March 9, 2014)

After The Show (Coming Soon):

‘After The Show’ is a new post by myself coming to this site on soon! This will not be talking about the episode but we will be looking at what could have been added to the game if this episode was made as an episode tie-in.

This post will also feature some suggestions from our BBM members who will also be posting their feedback on what they think could have been added to the game. This will include characters, buildings, ect. If you want to join the chat along with our BBM group and maybe get your opinions posted on the site, check out this post here to join our BBM group.

Hope you enjoy the episode. Happy watching, Nathan.


1 thought on “Episode Fact File: Specs and the City

  1. Sounds like a fun show to watch


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