No Simpson Episodes In February!


Hello Tappers!

It looks like that there will be no Simpson episodes in February. The next episode ‘Diggs’ has been scheduled until march to avoid conflicting with the Super Bowl XLVIII, 2014 Winter Olympic Games and 86th Academy Awards. Making February 2014, as a month without new Simpsons episodes.

Today on the official ‘Animation Domination’ Facebook page they released a Super Bowl image of the dads of ‘Animation Domination’ giving their predictions on the Super Bowl:


“I know the Broncos will win because Peyton just wants to get to Omaha, where I’m guessin’ it’s warmer than this.” – Peter Griffin

“I’m rooting for Peyton Manning. I got a neck ache one time and I still cooked burgers that day, so I guess we both know about playing through pain.” – Bob Belcher

“I predict Seattle will be stuck in traffic because Chris Christie bet on the Broncos.” – Homer Simpson



This means that Tapped Out would be without an episode tie-in update since ‘Married To The Blob’. However the lighter side on this subject could mean that the next episode ‘Diggs’ has a high chance of becoming an episode tie-in.

There will be more information on the episode ‘Diggs’ when it comes closer to the date. Here is the first picture of the episode ‘Diggs’:



Happy Tapping, Nathan.


24 thoughts on “No Simpson Episodes In February!

  1. So does this mean no valentines update ?


    1. There will be for sure a valentines update or even a new level. This post explains about there is no chance of getting an episode tie-in update due to no episodes this month. However that means we have a higher chance of getting a new level. But we will 95% get the valentines update.


  2. This makes me sad 😦 but it kinda works to get an event and a level… Plus then the whole season will last longer!!


  3. Kind of random, but why did we never get the wiggum house Christmas facade even though it was in the files?


    1. No idea! Its been in the files since 2012.


  4. You know what, it would be awesome if they did a mini-event for the Super Bowl. It might actually get me to watch the game. But think about: some tailgating decorations, maybe the Springfield U stadium, maybe even the kicker who lost his leg kicking that winning field goal. It would be wonderful!


    1. Hmmmm. Not into ‘football’ – stupid misnome btw (a ball is round and the word ‘foot’ indicates a lot more kicking and no hands..) ‘handegg’ is a better term for the American Football. Sorry for that – Im European blame it on that 🙂
      Tailgating is so American but would sure add some great decos. A new big stadium? Where will it go?


      1. Didn’t Hank Scorpio give Homer the Denver Broncos (although he wished for Dallas Cowboys)? Should be an easy tie-in if they wanted to.


  5. where is Stan Smith’s prediction?


    1. That wasn’t with status they posted


  6. Does that mean no valentines event in the game?


    1. Oh, there will be a Valentine event or I’ll…. 🙂


  7. The Simpsons has taken on a whole new level since playing this game. I now pay more attention and can see where buildings, characters and situations come from. Happily watching old episodes (being in the UK) it will be ages before we get to see the new ones and can connect with the episode tie-ins. Until we can (maybe) see them online.


    1. There are ways to get them the second they air. “Bit torrent”


      1. DanishTapper 01/26/2014 — 19:38

        True, and while I can’t say I haven’t done that a couple of times it is also illegal 😉
        Luckily, we get the new epsiodes quite early here in Denmark and the show has been on continously every day for the last 10 years, at least.


  8. This sucks. But, i am down for the Superbowl. Family bbq’s and some Duff beer doesn’t get better than that.


    1. Amen to that. Watching the Super Bowl is mandatory in my life.


  9. Does’nt affect me I wouldn’t see those till the summer anyways


  10. snuphaluphagus 01/25/2014 — 19:15

    Ralph Wiggum lost his shin guard! Hack the bone!! Hack the bone!!!


    1. I Love Hockey!!!!


      1. snuphaluphagus 01/25/2014 — 20:22

        I think owning the Denver Broncos is pretty good.


      2. Your ‘cool meter’ just went up a million points, Em. 😉


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