What Have You Done With Your Springfield Courthouse?

Hello Tappers!

It is time to take a look at what you have done with your Springfield Courthouse. Instead of asking for entries and waiting for you to comment and then adding them to the post. I have decided use some screenshots from our Flickr page, TappedOutUK and a video from ‘TheAdiposeTV‘.

I have seen some very interesting designs for the courthouse and I’m going to share with you the Springfield Courthouses I have found when searching the web.

But first we will start off by looking at my Courthouse ‘Before and After’. I have created two Courthouse designs in my town, one before the live stream by ‘TheAdiposeTV‘ and my final design that was constructed after the live stream by ‘TheAdiposeTV‘.

My Courthouse:



With being very limited on land, I couldn’t make my courthouse stand out like the other designs I have seen. However the idea of my courthouse is just very simple. I have made a hedge theme around my courthouse but I have also made a walk path from the road to the courthouse. This path is like the walk of shame and with my courthouse in the shopping district of my town, I had the idea of people watching over the hedges seeing the criminal walking to their punishment.



As you can see with this design, I can’t stay small and simple for long. This idea came to me after watching the live stream when he featured Erin’s courthouse. This was such an amazing design and I had to use this and re-create it to make it my own. I started off by placing some park walls around my courthouse as I think they really work well with the courthouse. To make sure I wasn’t taking up too much land I then took two buildings that would fit well with the courthouse and add them in the background.

I have added the statues at four bases around my courthouse along with a square at the front of my courthouse instead of one single path. The reason why I have had some benches placed as I had the idea of a waiting zone outside the courthouse or for lawyers and judges to have their lunches outside on a sunny day.

Your Designs:

Here are some designs from people from our Flickr group and TappedOutUK:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now I’m not sure if we are going to get the video from his YouTube channel due to several issues during his live stream. However I do have a link to the original video on twitch.


This is not the live version but is a recorded version of the live stream. You can skip through all the issues and watch this amazing video for FREE and you don’t even have to sign up. Click here to watch the video and start getting ideas to design your courthouse.

Remember to tune in every Saturday 9pm (GMT) for another live stream with ‘TheAdiposeTV’ and get designing Adipose style.

More More More!:

You can still send in your pictures of your courthouse in the comment section below and they will be uploaded to our slide show above. You can post your photos in the comment section below by using a link to any site you have uploaded the photo on. (Eg. Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Ect)

There will be another post up soon taking a look at ‘Springfield Grocery Store’. This has been my 199th post and I might have a special post talking about reaching my 200th post on topix. I hope this has given you some inspiration on designing your courthouse. Happy designing, Nathan.


32 thoughts on “What Have You Done With Your Springfield Courthouse?

  1. darthderriphan112 03/05/2014 — 03:18

    I had an idea in mind for a town square for awhile now. I moved the courthouse into it as soon as i got it. Can any one name the reference?


  2. I uploaded mine to the flicker page. I spelled out “guilty” in the shrubs 🙂


  3. ChiefRalphWiggum 01/29/2014 — 15:12

    There’s just been a small in game update that is about the Super Bowl. Sorry if this is old news, I’ve been pretty inactive Tapped Out wise.


  4. guysimchony 01/29/2014 — 14:30

    Guys there’s a new Super Bowl update on Tapped Out!! I don’t know if there’s anything else but there’s a quest with homer and Lisa and the duff party bus is being offered again!


  5. 1 post every 2 days?!?! This site used to be interesting and informative. With the amount of writers you have the output is poor.
    Sorry guys and girls, you have lost my attention. I will be going back to the previous tapped out website.
    It was good while it lasted. I think the time has come and you are finally bored of your subject.
    A former tstotopix user


    1. It’s certainly your choice if you want to visit this Site or not but during the gaps in updates posts will be out less often. We could fill it with irrelevant drivel but that would make it harder to find the useful info.
      I can only speak for myself: my game’s been very unreliable and I don’t post on what I haven’t played. That’s why there’s been nothing from me in quite a while. Sorry.
      All readers are valued and we don’t like losing any, so we’re sorry to see you go 😦


    2. LetsPlayNintendoITA 01/29/2014 — 15:24

      what do you exactly expect if EA doesn’t do anything in the game since level 38? (except today with the super bowl update just released)?


  6. When do u think the update for Valentine’s is coming


    1. We can only guess but soon. Last year it was Jan 30th.


  7. HomerJSympsun 01/29/2014 — 00:50

    I’m having trouble running pathways to my courthouse entrance because there is a strip of grass in front of the stairs and it doesn’t look right. Does anyone have creative ideas on working around EA’s poor choice of placing grass where there should be concrete? I’ve been trying to build a small garden between the pathway’s end and the stairs but it’s not looking well organized. Same for the Museum of Natural History.


    1. I know. The pavement strip is too large. I use bushes and hedges, placed on pavement, to reduce the size of the path. Not ideal but a something to think about 🙂


    1. What? Cars on the road!?!?
      I demand to know how!


      1. I think it’s a hacked account! Be careful!


        1. It is through a modified game. Not a hack in the sense that you get everything ever for free but it only allows cars on the road.


      2. Bruno Poloni 01/28/2014 — 18:29

        Thanks for clarifying, Mike!


      3. I dont know my friend did it for me


  8. Do I need an app to do a screen shot on Android?


    1. You shouldnt need an app for screenshots. It depends on what device you have. On Samsung gx mini its “home”+”off” to take a screengrab that is a usual combination but “home”+”volyme” is also common. Check the manual for your device.


    2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, I just take my hand on its side and swipe the screen but you got yo have motion on for it to work.


  9. I put mine right beside the Mapple Store of course 🙂


  10. Dreamwalker 01/27/2014 — 22:42

    Hey Nathan do u have all premium items ?


  11. Went for the option of putting the courthouse next to the town hall, might need to expand the land it uses to space it more as it turned out to be larger than what I planned for


  12. That after picture is amazing if I knew how to upload things I would because I quite like my design. I love the way people incorporate the prison etc. As for valentines day I bet it’ll be late like the Xmas one so the 15th February sounds about right


    1. Easiest way to share pics is throught Flickr. Its free and we have a group, see bottom of the page.


    2. theres one problem with that guess is that valentines day is 14th and ea might give us something


  13. do you know when the valentines day update is coming out


    1. This week will have been two weeks since the last update. My guess is that it could come Thursday. However we cannot be sure. Going off speculation it could be this week but no one can be certain of when it will come out. Any time this week is my guess. Maybe Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday Or Friday?


      1. There is usually two weeks between updates but you never know with events.


    2. Last year the valentines day event started on January 30, which was a Wednesday. This year the 30th is Thursday. So I’m guessing either Wednesday or Thursday we’ll see it arrive.


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