A SuperBowl Update arrived!

In-game update just arrived. Homer and Lisa get the first 60 minute tasks. Duff Party Bus is back, along with the Duff Racer, both very limited time. The promotion will end on February 3rd, at 08:00 GMT.

More details very soon!


17 thoughts on “A SuperBowl Update arrived!

  1. thelittleprince 01/30/2014 — 13:45

    So happy they brought the Duff racer back for us newer players (started playing Feb. last year). Finally did the race track in my town that I’ve been planning for soo long! 🙂 Hope they give us a plane someday so I can do an airport. 🙂 GO BRONCOS!!!


    1. I’m also glad their re-releasing items for those who weren’t able to get it last year. The anniversary of the release of the game for Android is fast approaching and I wouldn’t expect any re-releases after that.


      1. thelittleprince 01/31/2014 — 02:03

        I hope they bring back the Mapple store. That’s the only building I really want that disappeared in February when I was just starting to play.


  2. Mike Beatrice 01/29/2014 — 19:11

    Awwwww… The Denver Broncos?!


  3. I’ve been waiting a long,long time to get the Duff Racer as I missed out on it when this game started back in 1212 !!i I started playing this game in Oct 1012 but I had already missed the boat. Better late than never. :o)


  4. Well that was an expensive 10 seconds. Bought the racer ($250k), since I was not playing Tapped Out last year, which clocked over my XP bar, and naturally it took me the three shots to find the 3 donuts, costing another $100k.
    Ah well, at least it’s just in-game money. The Racer is a pretty decent XP earner though. I have a multiplier of about 133%, and I got about 33000 XP (can anyone confirm it gives you something like 25000XP – sans multiplier?). So if you’re hungry for an instant shot of XP, definitely buy it.


    1. I’m happy about getting the racer, but wish I had 20 more doughnuts for the Party Bus.


  5. I have not gotten the update yet. 😦


    1. I just re-downloaded the whole game and its working now.


  6. Homer & Lisa get 2-hour tasks afterward


    1. And a 4h task after that


  7. LetsPlayNintendoITA 01/29/2014 — 15:42

    7h total
    Duff Racer (250k) and Duff Bus (50 donuts) available
    Sunday we get the new Duff Blimp for free


    1. Only if you dont already have them


      1. ChiefRalphWiggum 01/29/2014 — 16:56

        Last time we were able to buy multiple buses. I hope we can do that again as I’ve been kicking myself since that update, as I only bought one. 😦


        1. Looks like only one. It’s marked as “unique” in the files.


        2. Sorry. Only one of each. Didnt even get the bus in the menu as I alteady had one 😦


      2. ChiefRalphWiggum 01/29/2014 — 18:27

        😦 That’s a shame. Last time it wasn’t.


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