The Superbowl Update Is Here! But Where Is The Valentine’s Update?

Hello Superbowl Tappers!

Today we got the arrival of the Superbowl update. I have to say that this was very unexpected since most people was expecting the Valentine’s event to be our next update. But where is the Valentine’s update? In this post we will be looking at the arrival of the Superbowl and the possible arrival of the Valentine’s update looking at previous content.


The Superbowl Update:

Maybe we should have seen the Superbowl update coming, since on Monday ‘Animation Domination’ released a video of the Simpsons announcing this Sundays Superbowl:

This showed us that ‘The Simpsons’ were getting involved with the Superbowl and we should have seen that EA had something planned for Tapped Out too.

There has already been a post about the walk-through for the Superbowl update and a spoiler of what Sunday will bring to Tapped Out which both can be found here. You can also see what changed in the Superbowl update here. There will be more posts about this update soon.

Where Is The Valentine’s Update?

The Valentine’s update was the next expected update to arrive to Tapped Out but it seems we will have to wait. But how long will we have to wait until Cupid lands in our towns? This is my own speculation about when the Valentine’s update will arrive.

We could expect the Valentine’s update any time next week! As we have recently discovered there will be no episodes in February as I have mentioned in this post here. That would also mean we would get no episode tie-ins. However one of those reasons is because of the Superbowl, so that may be one reason why EA have released the Superbowl update due to not having any episode tie-ins for February.


The Superbowl update will end on Monday, February 3rd, at 08:00 GMT. This is sounding very familiar to what happened with our recent event. During the wait for the Christmas event we got the episode tie-in for ‘Yellow Subterfuge’. This was thought to be the Christmas event however we did not get the Christmas event until the episode tie-in event had finished.

So could this mean we could see the Valentine’s event appear after the Superbowl update has finished? It looks very promising. I would expect to see the Valentine’s update to appear sometime next week, possibly Monday as it could replace the Superbowl update.

Lets hope we get the Valentine’s update soon as many of you may be enjoying the Superbowl update, I don’t even know what a Superbowl is! Happy tapping, Nathan.



49 thoughts on “The Superbowl Update Is Here! But Where Is The Valentine’s Update?

  1. Okay so here’s my 2 cents..

    I’ve been playing since this game first appeared on the App Store and no one could play past the first cutscene because of the horrible glitches and server overloads it had. Then when Halloween, Christmas, & Valentines 2012 popped up I thought they were great because it solely reflected on the individual player. If you didn’t collect enough coins, hearts, etc then not getting the rewards was on you. Ever since the shocking Whacking Day update everything has been “social” and I’m kind of sick of it frankly. I liked having to work hard on my own to get all premium items before the event finished but now I have to visit friends and wait for “community totals” it’s ridiculously annoying to me. Everyone hated Whacking Day (for the most part) and that’s the platform they continue to use for every update. So I already know Valentines is going to be a lot of work, ugh I just wish it was like Christmas 2012 where you collected Santa coins from your houses and tasks and used that to get premiums, no community involved. These “social events” should be winter only when people tend to be at home and only once per year at that. Summertime should have the least amount of events since everyone is outside enjoying the sun. But anyways these are just my thoughts.

    Rant over.


    • I tend to agree. I liked Valentine last year. It had a good ‘social’ element and it was nice to get cards but from Whackingday forward the event’s been too social for my liking.


      • I actually think that this events are social enough (excluding whacking day of course) one can get all the personal items fairly easy and with less than 100 friends but yes it can get annoying from time to time


    • I’m sorry but I don’t think you realise that there are players from all around the world. When it is the Northern Hemispheres winter, it is the Southern Hemispheres Summer. Australia and several other countries were playing a snowy Christmas on tapped out when our real life temp was in the 30C’s.

      I actually liked Wacking Day and I liked giving/receiving unlimited eggs, I don’t like the limit now (ex;5 gift bags).


  2. I actually thought last year’s Valentine’s Day update was a big dud. I, for one, hope that there isn’t a Valentine’s Day update, or if there is, that it isn’t another one with huge “social” aspects. Those are simply exhausting and time-consuming. I’d rather only see those roll out only once or twice a year.


  3. I am seriously hoping EA gives Valentine’s a complete miss and gives us something more interesting instead. I mean really, does this sound like something the Simpsons would actually celebrate? I think not. Christmas yes, Halloween absolutely!! Valentines seems like something they would more likely make fun of. Perhaps an anti-Valentines or bizarro Valentines? (for those Superman fans)


    • Last year’s Valentine’s event was highly successful and it’s absolutely something that’s at least recognized in the show. It’s not something they “celebrate” but that doesn’t mean it’s an event where the Simpsons embrace it and become completely different than they are in the show.


    • Yes, it does sound like something The Simpsons would celebrate (and The Simpsons also mocks everything it celebrates – it’s not either-or).

      Remember the seminal episode “I Love Lisa” with Ralph’s “I Choo-Choo-Choose You!” card (it has a picture of a train). And Homer has to go to the Kwik-E-Mart to buy a $100 heart-shaped box of chocolates?

      There’s also “Love, Springfieldian Style” and “I’m with Cupid” among others.


  4. Hooligans! 😉

    But seriously, do we really want EA pushing another big update when they haven’t even resolved the issues some are still having due to the end of Christmas update?


    • Honestly, some people are still having issues and have been locked out of their games since well before or around Halloween and the game has seen a few updates since. Unfortunately I think there’s ALWAYS going to be a portion of players that will have issues regardless of what updates go out. But on EA’s side of greed, they’re going to push updates regardless especially if updates are themed like Valentine’s Day. There’d be no point in a Valentine’s update if it’s released in March because of issues. I totally hear what you’re saying but I can’t see them NOT updating the game for the majority who have no issues. They’d lose all of their business if so.


  5. Nathan, if your last sentence was serious, the Super Bowl is the championship game of American professional football. I can’t remember where you’re from so I don’t have a ready comparison.


    • Further proof that so many Americans don’t understand sarcasm or ironic humor. The fact that your comment was on a Simpsons related messageboard is worrying, do you understand the jokes in the show?


      • Alex. This is not a nice comment and I probably should have deleted it but Jeff is being sarcastic – so your bad. The differeces around the world on what (sport)things are vital is part of the fun when having discussions. I dont get the Superbowl but then again, I dont get ‘fotball’ (the american kind with the non-round ball and carry the ball more often than kicking it – huge misnome IMO) the Simpsons are American so of course they like Superbowl.


  6. Anyone having as issue with the update tasks not starting? I downloaded the update and all characters are free from jobs but nothing new regarding the Super Bowl.


    • The update only works on my iPhone. Homer and Lisa are doing the Super Bowl tasks on my phone right now, but when I play on my iPad they are walking around freely without any tasks. I checked my phone again and they were still performing the tasks on that device. I had to use my phone to buy the duff racer and party bus too. They didn’t show up on my iPad to purchase, but did show up in my town on the iPad after I had purchased them on the phone.


    • Sometimes it seems to help to remove the app from the list of recent apps so that it starts with the EA/Fox/Gracie Films splash screen. At least on Android.


  7. I’m not impressed with EA. I Still have problems about lost characters and donuts and even if I have a ticket open with them they don’t give any status on when it will be resolved. And now server are down……..Again!


    • Keep nagging or the case autocloses, I think it’s five or seven days, if they dont hear from you. I asked every third day or so “whats up? Going forward? Backwards? Standing still? Just let me know.” “WTH its been two weeks and nothing from you?!” Etc
      Good luck.


  8. Well glad for the update but I’m not into the Super bowl. I don’t understand football nor do I like it.


      • Selfies arn’t a game but I prefer to watch the puppy bowl at that time. exept last year I had to watch the Super Bowl cause my girlfriend at the time made me. I just rooted for the team with the prettiest costumes, Cause football makes no sense.


    • I tried to watch it but there are about 11 minutes of actual game play in a 3+ hour program – snooze fest – try rugby union 2hours 90 minutes (excluding stoppage time) of action


  9. I can say im happy with the update, it was a small update and now i cant connect to the server, i had no problems the night before but this morning no connection to server


  10. I just logged in and it said we know springfielders are expierincing issues we will try and fix it as soon as we can


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