TopiX History Files: Superbowl Update

Hello Superbowl Tappers!

With every update we look behind the new characters, buildings and even decorations that we get. This includes looking at the history of the item and seeing if it is related to the show and how it is linked to both the show and the game.

The Superbowl update gave us the return of The Duff Party Bus, which was recently updated today which now gives us the ability to purchase more than one. This update also saw the return of the Duff Racer. In this post we will be looking at the history of these items and how they are linked with the show.

The Duff Racer:

The Duff Racer made its first appearance in tapped out during the episode tie-in for Moonshine River. This was the first ever episode tie-in which brought this limited item to the game. Many people have missed out on the Duff Racer since then but now it is back it is time to take a look at where it came from.


As this decoration was linked to the episode tie-in, The Duff Racer made its show appearance during the episode ‘Moonshine River’. This item did not play a key role in the show as it only made a short appearance in the Springfield Grand Prix as one of the racer sponsors along side Squishee, Krusty Burger, Buzz Cola and Laramie Cigarettes.

During the race The Duff Racer was seen to crash into the yarn barn after one of the Crazy Cat Lady’s cats lands on top of the car and makes the driver loose control not being able to see where he is going and then ending up by crashing into the Yarn Barn.


If you want to find out more information about The Duff Racer in the episode tie-in check here for more details on the episode tie-in update for Moonshine River.

The Duff Party Bus:

The Duff Party Bus come from Season 24, Episode 6: A Tree Grows in Springfield. The Duff Party Bus made its first appearance in tapped out during a mini-update called the yard sale which featured many small background items from the show in season 24.


The Duff Party Bus is another item that was not a major item of the episode and was only seen for a couple of seconds. Homer was seen dreaming about the many things he wants in life, but when he wakes up he finds out how boring reality is.

Homer then goes to drink his sorrows away at Moe’s. When Moe finds out about Homers problems he then decides to call for some professional help. Duffman and the Duff Party Crew arrive in The Duff Party Bus outside Moe’s to help Homer and his problems.


That is all the show history you need on these two decorations that have returned for this short update. I will have to do some more research on the item we will be getting on Sunday but until then I will have more posts on the way. My next post will be talking about ‘What Have You Done With: Superbowl Update’. So if you want to start posting links to what you have done with your duff racer or party bus in the comment section that would be great.

Happy Tapping, Nathan.



15 thoughts on “TopiX History Files: Superbowl Update

  1. You know what I just realized. There might be an episode tie in of the episode “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee” coming in March. Maybe this will be either after if their is a St. Patrick’s day update or during.


  2. This was the only decoration I missed in tapped out!! So psyched to have them all now!!


  3. The duff blimp is from the sideshow bob episode where he steals a nuclear warhead and tries to end tv in Springfield. Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming (Season 7, Episode 9)


  4. Thanks minicha, it’s odd the update is working fine for me on my friends ipad and synchronised but my iPhone still won’t recognise it, might reinstall the app. Thanks again, love the site n read it regularly : )


  5. Does the Duff Racer sport #24 in honor of a two-four of beer?!


  6. Oh please help me, I do not have the Super Bowl update at all – no quest line or duff racer to buy! I am top level, had an in game update the other day, no update pending in the App Store, working through the court house quest line but freed everyone up n still no luck. What can I do to prompt it to action? I really want the racer as it’s 1 if only 2 specials I have missed! Thanks team.


    1. It’s not a store update, it’s in-game and should autoprompt one you’ve got the update. The racer and the bus will be in the decorationmenu. I didnt get the “new item” message in my game but the racer was there.


      1. I almost missed the racer!! It was only by chance I went into the decorations menu as like you said, there wasn’t a ‘new item’ icon or anything! Shame you can only buy 1, it gave sooo much xp So happy to have it, and the party bus too!


    2. This happened to my husband also. He turned off his device (android) and restarted it and the quest started.


  7. acutualy buff party buss was also in that episode in which barny was a designeted driver


  8. ChiefRalphWiggum 01/30/2014 — 20:47

    I’m so glad to see we can buy more buses. I was upset when we couldn’t buy more!


  9. unclesmalls 01/30/2014 — 18:19

    So I’m confused. I know the new Duff blimp won’t be available until Sunday, but Is this post saying that the other two items are currently available? They are not available for me and my specific situation is that I’m on the latest level, I’ve completed the Superbowl quest as far as it currently goes, and I have a party bus and two Barney blimps from the last time. I don’t even care about more buses, I just want that racer! Some one please clarify for me.

    Thank you!


    1. You are not able to get Barney Blimps, since they have not came with this update, the Sunday prize will be different to that. You can already purchase the Duff Racer and more Duff Party Buses. I would check again for the items and if they are not there try rebooting your game.


      1. unclesmalls 01/30/2014 — 18:57

        Thank you for the quick response. I just found them. I didn’t look hard enough for the new items. I was thrown off because they added the item to the left of the regular items as apposed to the right. Also there wasn’t the usual “NEW” tag under the build section. Oh well.


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