What Changed with the January 30th Update?

Received another in-game update this morning, which updated the game scripts. It contains a one-line change, which makes the Duff Party Bus be non-unique. Now you can buy as many as you want, though it does still cost 50 donuts. Limited-time, so get it before it expires!


12 thoughts on “What Changed with the January 30th Update?

  1. Purple houses now have animation!!!!


      1. Giovanni Alex Adamo 01/31/2014 — 19:27

        Paper flies out of the garage when fat tony or yes guy do jobs there. Dunno if the animation was introduced when yes guy was added?


        1. I think so. I like it but didnt notice it before the Yes guy came along


      2. The garage opens and some papers fly around the garage


  2. Keith furming 01/30/2014 — 22:27

    Thanks I’ll give it a try!,


  3. I got the update, but the bus is still not available to purchase for me. It’s maybe because I’d already bought it when it was first available, and I don’t actually want any more of them so I’m not particularly bothered by this, but this does seem to indicate that they’ve only partially fixed the bug.


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 01/31/2014 — 00:43

      i’ve it already and can buy another one, just reboot ur phone


      1. Giovanni Alex Adamo 01/31/2014 — 19:28

        Me too i ve it and can buy it again


  4. Keith furminger 01/30/2014 — 16:36

    My rightious level has dropped down to half a star has anyone got any ideas how to get it back up again I have no graffiti anywhere?


    1. If you’re at least level 33, you can build training walls. Each one you place adds 10 points to Righteousness. See this post here.


    2. Clean up some graffiti in your neighboreenos’ towns. If they don’t have any, you can vandolize one of their buildings, leave, then come back and clean it up. It takes a little more time but it will boost your rating.


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