How do the Friendship Prizes affect the Conform-o-meter?

The recent update which took down the Valentine’s Day event added a few new items to the game as prizes for earning Friendship Points. How do they affect the Conform-o-meter? See below!

The Olmec Head is a decoration which gives 100 points to Vanity. It can be placed on grass, pavement, boardwalk, boardwalk edge or the beach.

The Singing Sirloin is a restaurant which provides 10 points to Gluttony.

Snowball II is a character and doesn’t affect the Conform-o-meter.

Homer’s Car is a decoration which gives 100 points to Vanity. It can also be placed on grass, pavement, boardwalk, boardwalk edge or the beach.

And lastly, Stampy is a character and also doesn’t affect the Conform-o-meter.

For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.


Friendship Level 3: Snowball II

Hello Social Tappers!

We are now on our next friendship level prize during the completion of Level 3. After collection another 1,500 FP you would have completed level 3 and obtained a new prize and character ‘Snowball II’. The post will require you with some basic game information along with some history on where the Snowball II came from.


Snowball II:

Snowball II is unlocked after collecting another 1,500 FP and completing level 3 of the friendship levels. The item should be unlocked for you between today and Monday, depending on when you started collecting FP when the update arrived. You only have to have 1,500 FP to collect after obtaining the Singing Sirloin.

The unlock message for Snowball II can be seen below:


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Friendship Level 2: Singing Sirloin

Hello Social Tappers!

We are now on our next Friendship level prize during the completion of Level 2. After collection 2,000 FP you would have completed level 2 and obtained a new prize ‘The Singing Sirloin’. The post will require you with some basic game information along with some History on where the Singing Sirloin came from.


The Singing Sirloin:

The Singing Sirloin is unlocked after collecting 2,000 FP and completing level 2 of the Friendship levels. This item should be unlocked for you either today or tomorrow as it only requires 2,000 more FP to unlock from the Olmec Head.

The unlock message for the Singing Sirloin can be seen below:



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The TopiX Opinion: Valentines 2014 Event

This is one of those series that doesn’t come by that often, in fact it only comes at the end of an event! So for our third edition of The TopiX Opinion, we are taking on the Valentines 2014 Event. We’re pulling it apart, going over the good, the bad and the finger-breaking moments. Read below for what our team had to say:


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Friendship Level 1: The Olmec Head

Hello Social Tappers!

We have recently seen the departure of the Valentines event, however the removal of the Valentines event brought a new permanent addition to the game ‘The Friendship Points’. For now we only have five levels to ‘The Friendship Points’ system but this will soon be updated.



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Changes to Friends’ Towns and Where Should I Tap?

With our new permanent event (still getting my head around this one) everything has gotten a bit confusing, the way that you all interact with your friends have changed. So I have compiled this guide on where you should tap to help out your friends and yourselves.


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What Changed with the February 26th Update?

Today’s update is mostly about taking down the Valentine’s Day Event stuff. All of the limited-time items, most of the heart-earning tasks, the heart counter, etc. should be gone after acquiring the update. It also adds new rewards for visiting friends regularly. For more information on that, see this post here.

Update: Earlier I stated that there was a 1 in 200 chance of winning a donut while doing actions in friends cities, but it appears it only applies after winning all of the Friend Level Prizes.

A few other things have changed in the game.

  • Marge and Homer’s joint task to Go For A Romantic Stroll With Marge has continued in the game, with it earning $400 and 100 XP for both of them.
  • The three Spuckler kids now have animations when tapped. Birthday plays a coat hanger like a triangle, Dubya plays a drum, and Whitney plays a bass-like instrument.
  • A new Character Collection, More Animals and Pets, was added. It contains Snowball II and Stampy and gives $500 plus 10 XP when completed.
  • There’s a rumor around that the Squidport tile glitch is gone. It went away during the Valentine’s Event since friends could no longer tap your built Squidport tiles. (I don’t have a way to immediately verify this, as the only town I have which can still build tiles is 3.5 days away from completing its next tile.)

Double-check that your Confirm Donut Spend button is on, sometimes it gets reset when we get new updates.

If you notice anything else, let us know!

Poll: What will you do with your Valentines items?

We have finally reached the end of the Valentines event, and I think it would be apt to ask what you’re going to do with your pink items bought with hearts or won on the spin wheel. Do you want your town to look Valentiney for a while longer?

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TheAdiposeTV: Donut Giveaway!

Hello Tappers!

TheAdiposeTV is becoming the new tapped out Gil as he is now giving away free gift cards to viewers who watch his LIVE stream to buy donuts for their game ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’. In this post we will be taking a look at his donut offer, along with how you can take part in his LIVE stream and what happens during his LIVE stream. All this will end with a short clip from TheAdiposeTV himself.


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Valentine’s Takeaway Update Overview

The update to remove the Valentine’s 2014 Event content is now live in the iOS app store and is slowly trickling into the Android Play Store. Apparently there is no new level at this time, unfortunately but there is NEW content. To find it you need to go to your Friends Map.


And your meter is at the bottom left:


For full details please read on!

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