The BIG Valentine Show-Off

Hello Tapped Out Lovers!

Welcome to the return of ‘The BIG Show-Off’! Only this time it is ‘The BIG Valentine’s Show-Off’! Get ready to show-off your Valentine’s towns as TSTO TopiX has a BIG Valentine’s competition! The Valentine’s update has truly got everyone designing their towns into the perfect love paradise. Readers of TSTO TopiX, Members of Tapped-Out and Watchers of ‘TheAdiposeTV, we have a competition for YOU!


The Contest and Contact Details: 

TSTO TopiX wants to see your designs and for you to show-off your loving tapping by posting a screenshot of your most favorite Valentine’s part of your town! You can post your screenshot in the comment section below linked to any photo site you have posted the photo on, or email the photo to: with the subject ‘Heart’.

If possible leave your Origin ID as ‘TheAdiposeTV’ would like to add the winners so he can look at your town and show during the LIVE stream!

What to submit? 

You can submit anything you like! But it has to be related with this update or anything to do with Valentine’s. You can decorate using ANY new Valentine’s content we got this update or maybe decorate some old content with some new content?! GO WILD! Or keep it safe. Submit anything you like that you feel is linked to Valentine’s!

I have already seen some great uses of the Up, Up and Buffet, along with some amazing designs added to our new Krustyland ride. Along with some amazing old content which has been updated with some Valentine’s decorations, along with plenty more!

What do you win?:

Now for the BIG prize! The four winners chosen by our four judges will feature in ‘TheAdiposeTV’ LIVE stream! If your that lucky winner your screenshot or town will be broadcasted LIVE on Saturday Febuary 22nd 9pm (GMT) with ‘TheAdiposeTV’. Your town or screenshot will be shown to all the live viewers watching the live stream and all the hundreds of viewers on YouTube who will be watching the highlights of the show or the full version. 


The Judges:

There are four judges and they are all familiar people who will be taking a look at all the entries and picking their favorite to be shown in the LIVE stream! The four judges are:

  • Nathan Rushton (Myself, Writer On TopiX, Head of TopiX Extra, TOuk Member)
  • Mags (TOuk Member and reader)
  • Spell-Caster. Jr ( TOuk Member and reader, Moderator on Adi’s Twitchstreams)
  • Em (Writer On TopiX, InternalSupport at TOuk, Moderator on Adi’s Twitchstreams)

Prize Giver and Live Streamer:

  • TheAdiposeTV


Closing Date: February 20th – Midnight (GMT), Any screenshots sent after the closing date will not be counted.

LIVE Stream: February 22nd 9pm (GMT), Winners may be shown between 9:00pm – 10:10pm (GMT).

I hope to see lots of entries from all you tappers and to see what you have done to design your town this Valentine’s. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


10 thoughts on “The BIG Valentine Show-Off

  1. esteban2808 02/18/2014 — 13:11

    Springfield casino now offering weddings at the beach. It’s not as grand as I imagined but I’m sick of waiting of getting the right number of items off the wheel.



  2. An explosion of pink:

    Waiting for the bulldozer:

    Origin ID: smitty959


  3. ChiefRalphWiggum 02/11/2014 — 11:51

    I’ve just found a really odd glitch. If you go into edit mode, then select the blue dumpster, it switches to its Christmas skin.
    Here’s a picture:


    1. Cool and odd but please put this in the appropriate place.


      1. ChiefRalphWiggum 02/11/2014 — 14:52

        Sorry. 🙂


    2. That happened to me too!!!


  4. Flower Shop Redo

    Here’s mine. Origin ID: OSebhlen


  5. I would like to submit my “Love Park” to the competition see here :-
    Not submitting the below because it was copied from adipose’s latest show. Where Toxicshark designed an airport from the “Up, and Up Buffet”. But hopefully he will submit his design. Here is my design of it : –
    P.S. Best of Luck to All entries!


  6. Phoebe Waatvik 02/10/2014 — 20:55

    I just have an area of my town that is Valentiney, although I do have some of the fountains on Squidport. Mine so far though


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