The BIG Valentine Show-Off: LIVE Tonight!

Hello Tappers!

The judges have now picked their winners and together we have four winners who will be streamed during tonight’s LIVE stream by ‘TheAdiposeTV’. The four lucky winners do not know that they have won and will have to tune into tonight’s LIVE stream to find out! Maybe YOU have won?!


‘TheAdiposeTV’ will be sending out friend requests to the winners so he can feature your design and possibly a quick view of your town during the LIVE stream. So if you do get a friend request from ‘TheAdiposeTV’ it could mean you are one of the lucky winners of our competition!


Tonight ‘TheAdiposeTV’ will also be designing ‘Noiseland Arcade’. This will include looking for the best designs through his friends and searching the web. He will then use all those designs together and come up with his very own ‘Noiseland Arcade’. He will also be finishing up on last weeks stream of ‘Planes and Trains’.


When?: The LIVE stream will start tonight, February 22nd 9pm (GMT)

Where?: TheAdiposeTV Twitch Channel Here!

What?: ‘The BIG Valentine Show-Off: LIVE Results’, designing Noiseland Arcade and finishing ‘Planes and Trains’.

How?: If you didn’t submit something to the competition you can still get involved in the LIVE stream by getting your screenshot of ‘Noiseland Arcade’ noticed and then submitting it to the stream!

You can also take part in the LIVE stream by signing up a twitch account and following ‘TheAdiposeTV’ Twitch page. Sign up can be found here! You can comment. give feedback and ratings on designs and win ADIGOLD which could give you a chance to win in the AdiRaffle and get your WHOLE town featured in a LIVE stream.

Simpsons - Comic Book Guy Computer

I hope to see you all there tonight and I wish you all the best of luck! One of our lucky winners will also be announced as the 5th and final judge of ‘The BIG Show-Off’ team after the stream.

Good Luck, Happy Watching! (9pm, GMT)


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