TheAdiposeTV: Donut Giveaway!

Hello Tappers!

TheAdiposeTV is becoming the new tapped out Gil as he is now giving away free gift cards to viewers who watch his LIVE stream to buy donuts for their game ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’. In this post we will be taking a look at his donut offer, along with how you can take part in his LIVE stream and what happens during his LIVE stream. All this will end with a short clip from TheAdiposeTV himself.


The Donut Giveaway!:

TheAdiposeTV has been LIVE streaming ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’ for a couple of months now and the views are getting higher and higher with the recent goal of 100 views! To make sure that the process of views keeps on going ‘TheAdiposeTV’ is now giving his viewers a chance to win some gift cards to buy donuts!

The new LIVE stream target is 150 views and once ‘TheAdiposeTV’ has reached that target during one stream he will give some viewers the chance to win $10 (Your personal currency) of Itunes or Google Play gift cards. Once the target is reached Adi will stop his current designing and then will give a chance for all the LIVE watchers to win donuts by putting them in a raffle. This will pick a certain amount of viewers out random and giving them their prize of donuts!

Name the Time and the Place?:

TheAdiposeTV streams every Saturday 9pm (GMT) on his twitch channel which can be found here. The 150 mark could be reached during any LIVE stream so the more you tune into watch, the better chance the 150 mark will be reached.

To check your timezone at 9pm click here!

What happens during a LIVE Stream?

During a LIVE stream, Adi is design a certain building or creating a certain 2D model, ect. These LIVE streams take a look at other friends towns and their designs. Adi then uses his knowledge of them designs and creates a design of his own!


‘The BIG show-off’ which is a competition held on this site steams its LIVE results with Adi during one of his LIVE streams. Adi also gives away AdiGold which is his site currency where during ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’ LIVE stream you can enter a raffle with AdiGold and have the chance of getting your whole town streamed LIVE across to over 100 viewers!

This week Adi will be taking a look at creating a 3D Drive-In Cinema Complex along with his usual raffle which gives viewers the chance to get their town streamed LIVE during his stream.

How do I get involved in a LIVE Stream?:

The Donut Giveaway Video:

To explain more, here is TheAdiposeTV himself with a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel earlier this week:

Happy Tapping, Nathan.


2 thoughts on “TheAdiposeTV: Donut Giveaway!

  1. Here is my gametag Basketball19 08/14/2016 — 06:24

    It didnt work (sad face)


  2. Thats a cool idea!


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