Could we have St. Patrick’s Day 2014? (Part Two)

Hello Tappers!

Welcome to part two of my post, ‘Could we have St. Patrick’s Day 2014?’. We have just reached our first day of March which means a new month of tapping and speculating. In this two-part post we will be talking about what March 2014 could bring to tapped out with a look back at last years March content with a recap of St. Patrick’s Day 2013.

Part one can be found here.

Previously on part one we took a look at last years St. Patrick’s Day by looking at the event walk-through and the features that the mini-event came with. Part two will look at the remaining updates that came during March 2013 and then we will speculate of what we could have during March 2014! First lets continue with the remaining updates of March 2013:

March 2013, Other Updates:

Following the St. Patrick’s Day update of 2013, we got a new episode tie-in along with a new level which followed shortly after. A week after the arrival of the St. Patrick’s arrived we got an episode tie-in linked with the episode ‘Dark Knight Court’.


On March 14th, ‘Dark Knight Court’ brought the arrival of a new costume for Mr. Burns. ‘Fruit Batman’. The costume costed 90 donuts while you got a free Fruit Bat signal that got placed into your inventory once you had the update. The costume was a limited time costume but came with five more extra jobs for Mr. Burns when interacting with the costume.

Job name Income  XP Time Requires
Pose in Front of The Mirror $105 26 60m Control Building
Fly Like a Decrepit Superhero $260 70 4h  Outside Task
Rehearse Heroic One-Liners $420 105 8h Control Building
Practice Punching Out a Crook $600 150 12h  Outside Task
Sooth His Wilts and Bruises $1000 225 24h Burns Manor

The fruit bat signal was a free decoration that you could place in your town and lights up when tapped. It was limited time but only took up a small part of your town with the size being 2×2. This added to your vanity rating.

The St. Patrick’s Day event was still available during this updates arrival. The Fruit-Bat-Man walk-through can be seen below:

After Installing the update: 


NOTICE: “In this Sunday’s episode on FOX a new billionaire superhero arrives in Springfield!”

Bart: Cool! Does he have his own comic book series?

Comic Book Guy: Not yet. But I’m sure Bongo will throw something together soon.

Fruit Batman: They must never know my true identity!

Fruit Batman: (TENTING FINGERS) Excellent.

NOTICE: “Find the superhero’s signal in your inventory.”

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 1:


Fruit Batman: Ah, already I feel my body strengthening to adapt to the extra weight of this cape.

Fruit Batman: Now to begin the rigorous physical training necessary to become a superhero.

You were then promoted to Make Fruit-Bat-Man Pose in front of the Mirror.

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 2:


Fruit Batman: Well, I look good… but I knew that already.

Fruit Batman: But to be a superhero, it takes more than just the stamina to stand in front of mirror for an hour.

Fruit Batman: I need to sharpen my mental acuity as well.

Your next task was to Make Fruit-Bat-Man Rehearse Heroic One-Liners. After task is complete:

Fruit Batman: Now I possess brains as well as brawn… as well as the organs of a lot of dead cops. My metamorphosis is complete!

Fruit-Bat-Mat Pt. 3:


Homer: Cool outfit, Mr. Burns. Bit early for Halloween though, isn’t it?

Fruit Batman: What? You recognized me? Now I must give to a lashing to insure that you never tell another soul my true identity!

Homer: You’re gonna release the hounds on me?

Fruit Batman: No, I’m going to do it myself. I have to break in my fighting gear anyway.

Fruit-Bat-Man then started to practice punching out a crook.

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 4:

Fruit Batman: I’ve got the costume, I’ve got the brooding, I’ve got the no longer fearing death — what’s another week anyway.

Fruit Batman: Now all I need is a superpower. Perhaps I can take advantage of the fact that my weight is the same as that of a postage stamp.

You was then promoted to Make Fruit-Bat-Man Fly like a Decrepit Superhero for the next four hours.

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 5:


Fruit Batman: Ow. Ow. Ouch! Damn, that concrete is so unforgiving. I should have practiced on one of those grassy areas instead.

Your final task is to Reach Level 25 and Build the Burns Manor and Make Fruit-Bat-Man Shoot his Welts and Bruises.


That is all the information you need to know about the episode tie-in ‘Dark Knight Court’ and now onto our final update of March 2013. On March 21st, Level 27 arrived in our towns with new characters Lenny and Carl. I will not go into too much detail about this update since it has already been covered, check out the link below:

The Speculation of March 2014:

Time to start speculating of what March 2014 could bring to ‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’. First of all lets start off with dates and speculating when the content could arrive and what the content will be:

  • March 6th – St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Update
  • March 12th – The Winter of His Content Episode Tie-In
  • March 27th – Level 39

NOTE: This is all speculation and is not true, this is all purely a guess of what might happen! 

St. Patrick’s Day in my opinion could possibly be our next update for the game. I would think that this would bring back old content from last year but also bring along some new content for long-term players.

An Irish Parade would be a great addition to the game following the episode “Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes” where the Simpsons visited an St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The St. Patrick’s Day parade banner would be a great decoration to start creating your own parade:


Floats could include, the pot-o-gold float, St. Patrick float, the drunken Irish novelists of Springfield, straight catholic priests and the Irish Boy Most Resembling a Potato float:





Maybe the St. Patrick’s Day event could introduce the first non restaurant airplane on the game. This could be by introducing the ‘Derry Air’ plane as a decoration:

images (1)

The Airplane could also bring along its two unnamed pilots in the episode that can be seen in the image below:


O’ Flanagan’s could also have a building skin which could change it to the pub ‘Simpson and Son’. This is when the former owner Tom sold the pub over to Homer and Abe:


The one building that I would love to see appear in tapped out during St. Patrick’s day is the Guinness Brewery and possibly with some minor characters that are shown with the Brewery. The Brewery can be seen below:


Characters that are linked with the brewery is the Irish Guinness Brewery tour guide and the Guinness Brewer. Both characters can be seen below:



Other buildings and characters that could be added for the St. Patrick’s Day even 2014 are listed below:

  • Giant’s Causeway
  • Blarney Stone
  • Colin (Simpsons Movie)
  • Old Irish Man
  • Groundskeeper Seamus
  • Father Sean
  • Bog Bath and Beyond
  • Taco Belfast

That is all my idea’s linked with the theme of St. Patrick’s Day and I hope to see a few of them appearing for the St. Patrick’s Day 2014 update if we do get one. Next on our speculation list would be the episode tie-in and level 39. However these are very hard to look at as for the episode tie-in the episode is still fully unknown while a level could feature anything.

I will take a look at the information we have so far on the episode ‘The winter of his content’ and you could comment in the comment section on what you would like for level 39. ‘The winter of his content’ episode details can be found below:


“Marge invites Grampa and two other octogenarians to live at the Simpsons’ house after the Retirement Castle is closed for health violations, but she quickly becomes frustrated with Homer when he starts embracing the “old person lifestyle.” Meanwhile, at Springfield Elementary, Bart defends Nelson’s affinity for hand-me-down underwear, leading Nelson to befriend Bart.”


There is not much information about this episode however the image I posted before the description leads us to think that the Old Jewish Man will be staying in the Simpson household and could become a possible character for the episode tie-in.

That is the end of my post and don’t forget to comment your views and what you would like for the St. Patrick’s Day event and the other content that could come during March. Happy Speculating, Nathan.


36 thoughts on “Could we have St. Patrick’s Day 2014? (Part Two)

  1. Can somebody please add me on this game. I need friends Asap


    1. Oh my name is lil_Leesa9414


    2. Hi, please post on the Add Friends page here. Thanks! 🙂


  2. melsredmazda3 03/03/2014 — 03:26

    I lost my pub, fruit Batman,gorgeous grampa and so much after whacking day event!!


  3. I really enjoy the what have you done with posts so I was wondering if you ever get the time if you could have a what have you done with santas village post that would be great!


    1. Will get onto it!


  4. You forgot one thing that could be a possibility. That damn wheel! Ya know EA is gonna bring that thing out again for St Patricks Day.


  5. i want to see maggie already!!!
    we have so many NPC now, she could just walk around town. pull out a toy gun, whatever. i just feel like she should be in it, doesn’t feel the same

    i agree, we do need some more females.


  6. kirancrawf871 03/02/2014 — 18:47

    There were spoilers in the files of cletus’s farms growing stuff like elf berries and tofu, these could be an episode tie in for the man who grew too much which is on in America on March 9th so if this is an episode tie in for that episode, then that could come in game on march 6th instead


  7. Of EA is running out of characters for new levels, they should just start adding costumes with buildings (like camp krusty and movie set) but not premium


    1. Kirancrawf871 03/02/2014 — 22:56

      There are still hundreds of characters and buildings that they could add, they wont run out anytime soon!


  8. I also think a good idea would be the orange leprechaun, who got in a fight with the green leprechaun at the st. Patricks day parade.


  9. You forgot about the kid Uter. He’s Irish!


    1. Üter is German


      1. Nah, I’m pretty sure Oktoberfest is Irish


      2. It is German, and OktoberFest is German too, Cameron, Look it up, and i come from Switzerland


      3. Yeah I was joking, Stormy


      4. Looking forward to Oktoberfest event in September then :-). Having been there once, seeing lots of drunk Japanese guys dancing on the tables was a life experience. It’d make a great event!


    2. I’m hoping Cameron was being sarcastic.

      If not, I blame our horrible American education system. Sadly it wouldn’t be unusual for a kid to not know anything about Germany or Ireland.


      1. Yeah I was being sarcastic Daniel and luckily I don’t have to face the burden of being tought by the American education system as I live in the UK.


      2. We’re not all stupid. As a matter of fact, having lived all over the world, I can say there are ignorant people everywhere.


    3. Uter reminds me of the kid in Charlie and the chocalate factory who could not stop eating chocolate. Just saying…


  10. clowninclay 03/02/2014 — 14:24

    I like buildings and characters rather than floats, so I am hoping for more along that line as a free item. Floats as premium could be a possibility since they recently had one released for donuts.


  11. clowninclay 03/02/2014 — 14:21

    Thanks for the Fruit Batman reminder. I have been wishing I had gotten this all year, but now seeing it is 90 donuts, I want it less. 90 for a skin seems a bit much.


  12. I would personally love to see more Female Characters in the level 39 update! For example I would like to see Cookie Kwan With The Red Blazer Reality building and her quest line could be entitled “Number 1 In The West Side” And maybe a new bench type could be unlocked (one with cookie’s face on the back) and introduce Two new Premium Characters: Lionel Hutz and Lindsay Naegle.
    I would love this to be the update! 🙂


    1. Agree, there need to be more female characters in the game. Why not a “The wives” update, there’s a lot of wives that’s missing in the game.


  13. Driveable cars and maybe a freeway connecting KL to Springfield (used by said cars) as an alternative to the shuttle? Along the freeway maybe Flickey’s (from the I&S land ep) and other diners and motels?


    1. (Freeway may be separate area or as expansion/linked to the KL area and option to use it placed like KL Shuttle (if this makes sense))


  14. Why is ‘sex’ one of the tags?


    1. It was attached with an episode title but accidentally put a como which unattached it as a different tag


      1. Okaaaay I’m gonna just stand over here now 😉


    2. Because when a daddy article and a mummy article love each other very much…


  15. Machobravado 03/02/2014 — 11:04

    I ❤ the old Jewish man. Stop kicking my pills!


  16. Good ideas for this year hopefully some of them come because they are very good ideas.


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