Friendship Level 5: Stampy

Hello Social Tappers!

We have now reached our final friendship prize, so far. We have reached our next friendship prize of the new character, Stampy. After the collection of another 5,000 FP and making your FP total of 11,500 and completing level 5 of the friendship levels. The post will provide you with the information on Stampy along with some background history on the origins of Stampy.



Stampy is unlocked after collecting 5,000 more FP after being rewarded with Homer’s Car. Stampy is the current last prize for you to obtain and you could expect Stampy during anytime this month due to your FP collecting method.

The unlock message for Stampy can be seen below:



Stampy will be placed into your inventory after you have collected the required FP. Once you place Stampy into your town his unlock message will appear which can be seen below:


Stampy is added to the NEW character collection ‘More Animals and Pets’. However Stampy is NOT classed as an non-playable character due to having the ability to perform two tasks both one indoor and on outdoor. Stampy is a voiced character in the game and makes a normal elephant noise.

Job List:

Name Income XP Time Requires
Carry Bart $840 200 12h Bart/Outdoor
Redecorate the Simpsons House $600 150 24h Simpson House

If you want to unlock Stampy without collecting any FP then you can rush his unlock with donuts. It will cost 500 donuts to rush the complete FP after obtaining Homer’s Car. It costs 10 donuts to rush for every 100 FP. See my Friendship Level 1 post to get an idea of what the donut rush would cost, the post can be found here.

Once you unlock Stampy the dialogue appears and a new task for Bart to interact with Stampy:

Bart: Whoa ho ho! I can’t believe Stampy is here!

Lisa: Well, when you blow up a town, you tend to blow up the wildlife reservations within it.

Bart: Who’s a good elephant? Wanna go for walkie!

You then receive the quest ‘Pachyderm Piggyback’, which requires you to complete the task to make Stampy carry Bart. It takes 12 hours.


That is all the information you need on Stampy for the game. The background history and Stampy can be seen below:


Stampy is an elephant which first appeared on the show during “Bart Gets an Elephant” where Stampy was the main character of the episode.


Bart won the elephant during a radio contest hosted by KBBL and their hosts Bill and Marty. The contest was called “KBBL Wants to Give You Something Stupid.” where the contestant must answer a question to win either $10,000 cast prize or something stupid and in this case the something stupid was an elephant. The player is suppose to take the cash prize and the stupid is prize is just a gag prize knowing that no one will pick that as their prize.

However when Bart won the competition he insisted that he wanted the elephant and not the cash prize. Bill and Marty were then forced by the KBBL management to award Bart with the elephant or face getting fired. The DJ’s have Bart the elephant where he named him Stampy and then moved in with the Simpsons living in their back garden.


Bart became very attached to Stampy however Stampy was becoming a big challenge for the family due to the lack of space and the cost and amount of food that was required for Stampy. The Simpsons ended up donating him to a wildlife preserve.

Stampy later appeared in the episode ‘The Fat and the Furriest’ for a brief moment and has been mentioned many times afterwards his first appearance.

Stampy’s next major appearance was during the episode ‘Large Marge’ where he was involved in Bart’s plan to help Krusty restore his public image. Stampy was to place Milhouse into his mouth so that Krusty can say the word Magombo and they will be released. However Krusty said the wrong word leaving Milhouse and Bart both in danger by Stampy. Homer tires to save the boys but ends up getting himself also stuck in Stampy’s mouth. Krusty remembers the magic word when seeing Marge’s breasts that she recently enlarged to distract the police from shooting Stampy. Stampy releases Bart, Homer and Milhouse making Krusty a hero.


Stampy was also spotted during the Simpsons Movie when the elephant attempted to break out of the glass dome but sadly only making a small crack. However this was the only attempt that made the most damage to the dome.

That is all the information required for Stampy and there will be a round up post up soon posted by Flinster42 with links to these recent posts and a round up of information. There will be more posts on the way on the friendship points topic. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


45 thoughts on “Friendship Level 5: Stampy

  1. My game is stuck receiving stampy. The box appears that i can accept him and it never goes away. My game has been stuck for weeks. I cant even play the game


  2. I received a message that I had received my quota of FP for the day, even though I had not finished visiting my friends. I could continue visiting friends, but I would get only money and XP. Has anyone else received this message?


    • Yes, if you look in the bottom right of your screen while visiting friends. It lets you know that you have 10FP for the first 30, then 5 for 30, then 3 for 30, then 2 for 30 and lastly 1 for 180. Then you can collect no more. This timer resets the next day 🙂


  3. The donut icon that sometimes appears while collecting friendship points?
    I saw it
    It says downloading:-)


  4. Update update on Cletus’ farm 😁 I had to rush the first task because it’s 10pm here and I have an early morning tomorrow. But now I have GMO potatoes growing 😊


  5. Any info on the screech hawk and the new quest line with cletus’s farm with the new GO Pomatoes?


  6. I just got new dialogue from Lisa and Homer. Homer has to go to Cletus’ farm. Is this the beginning of a March update? Spoilers?


  7. Alert, alert, there’s a March quest starting called “I Say Pomato, You Say Pomahto”. First task is for Homer, 4 hours. Also, Milhouse triggers a limited-time pet falcon named Freedom available for 40 donuts.


  8. Quick sidebar: Has anyone else noticed that when Legs/Louie are doing the interrogate a squealer task, it gets canceled if you enter the move tool?


  9. It will be another week until I get Stampy but glad he has an outdoor task with Bart with a good payout. Love the animation for it (saw it in one of my neighbors). Looking forward to him stomping my town! 🙂


  10. Yea, yea yea, sure…that’s all good and all but any truth to the rumors that you have a 1 in 200 chance of popping a donut each time now after you complete this levels? (Thanks for the generosity EA [sarcasm]) BTW-any donuts on Slideshow You? I heard 5 donuts for every 300 visits or something so it takes forever. It’s the only reason i started KL-and then wound up continuing and completing anyway (Once again, thanks EA for the kindness)


    • You have a 1% chance of 5 donuts on sideshow you so 1 time in every 100 plays if the game or 1 in 300 balloons popped I get about two a day and I get the donuts every 50 days or so I think I have had it approx 4 times


    • hey Ronn- I can confirm Donuts from KL Sideshow You- I got 3 or 5 like a month ago and dont even feel like I visited 300 times.. I guess I had- Havent gotten any Friend Point donuts yet…


    • It’s 5 donuts for every 300 balloon pops, or every 100 visits. I’ve made it a habit of visiting Sideshow You twice a day, so that translates to every 50 days. Not bad, as long as you make it part of your routine.

      And I think the jury is still out on the chance of a donut after you complete the Friendship levels. I’m still a long way away. But according to the files, there is a 1 in 200 chance when doing an action.


      • I’m almost at friendship level 3 now but I’ve been getting a very strange image every now and then when clicking for friendship points. Sometimes when I click I get a very quick flash of a donut sign in bottom right of screen with some text but not clear or long enough to read it or get a screenshot. I must of had this now at least 10 times if not 20. I don’t get any donuts as not got far enough. Has anyone else got this? Seems a bit strange.


        • Quite a few have reported this occurance. Not sure but think it is an image glitch that is not suppose to be seen. It might have something to with level 6 of the friendship when you unlock the possibility to find donuts when you tap in your neighbours towns.


  11. All 5 of the friendship rewards are imo awesome, & EA have to get some props for the fact all 5 are FREE.
    Especially Stampy and Homers car, integral parts of the Simpsons tv show


    • Indeed. Glad the restaurant has a task for Moe and tasks for Stampy as well. Snowball II is a great addition too. Too many dogs in Springfield. Hope the Crazy Cat Lady will be added soon!


    • True that ea did a cool thing with makeing homers cAr an stampy free to awsome additions to the game an I hope your right too minicha that b awsome if they stayed for the busey people who do not alway have the time to visit all friends town gotta life to u kno lol


  12. The only thing that could make me happier is if Stampy appeared at my doorstep… This makes up for the crappy prize wheel and the next crappy whatever they come out with… Stampy will carry me through!


  13. What happens after you received Stampy. Can you collect more FP to get an automatically level up when the next level is released?


      • I have collected 3 donuts today while doing
        my visits after competing level 5. Hope i can
        keep collecting at that rate, then i would be
        a happy tapper.


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