Premium Guide and Updated History: NPC Freedom

With our latest episode tie in for the season 25 episode tie in “Diggs” you receive 2 new quest lines, one brings you a new crop and the other brings a premium NPC (Non Playable Character). I usually buy most premiums (apart from big ugly ones such as the Volcano Lair and Frink’s Lab). Anyways I know that not all of you are like me and buy everything so this post is to help you make an informed decision on whether you should buy Freedom. For this purpose I have created a guide to help you answer the question: Should I Buy Freedom.


History (UPDATED)

Can I say, that after viewing the episode, I love the purchase of Freedom even more!


Freedom is a falcon that belongs to a boy a bit older than Bart, Diggs. Diggs is voiced by Daniel Radcliffe (who plays harry potter), and Diggs is a bit, but not, but is crazy (its a real roller coaster). Anyways when he befriends Bart because Bart ate a frog and no one else will talk to him Bart discovers the falconry club and wants in. He joins, becomes better friends with Diggs and Diggs jumps off of a tree, wanting to fly. When we discover there is another doctor in the Springfield General Hospital (Who knew), we discover that Diggs is being taken to a mental “Achem Asylum” type hospital. Diggs gets a one day pass out to compete in the Falconry competition where we see that CBG and Kumiko are still together   but she doesn’t say anything… We also see Burns getting his talons polished and Cletus wanting the stork to stop bringing him babies. The competition begins and Diggs has a secret plan to let all the falcons go, he sets them all free (including Freedom) and returns to the hospital. Bart is now the president of the falconry club. Milhouse then apologies and Bart and Milhouse are friends once again. Marge cooks duck, things are back to normal and Lisa rhymes to finish the episode for us.

Flint’s Wish List:

If I could have had other things from the episode in the game it would’ve been:

  • The “Achem Asylum” type hospital named “Twisted Meadows Psychiatric Hospital”
  • The new doctor at the general hospital
  • Tasks for freedom to “Steal from Patty”, “Steal From Disco Stu” “Ride the Donut” (At Lard Lad’s Donuts) and to “Steal From Krusty”
  • Diggs
  • Montessori School

But we can’t have everything…


Game Information:


Cost: 40 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

Requirement: None

Bonus: N/A

Premium Earn: N/A

Character Collection: More Animals and Pets


Can be stored: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr27.png

Animation: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr27.png Flies into the air, then around for a little bit for circling and landing.


Unlock Screen: Screenshot_2014-03-05-16-28-04



  • Has tapping sound and animation
  • Limited Time, something unique for your town!
  • 40 Donuts isn’t too bad, even for a NPC
  • Can be stored


  • Unique, can only have one
  • No tasks
  • No quests or tasks associated with it.
  • No buildings or characters interact with it.
  • Premium

Well it is fairly even, however my suggestion is to buy it. It is a bummer how it is a NPC especially with the latest tasked animals (Stampy and Jub Jub) but I think Freedom is a pretty great NPC. So go ahead and buy it in my opinion (especially if, like Em, you love NPC’s) but it does depend on your donut budget

Happy Tapping!




40 thoughts on “Premium Guide and Updated History: NPC Freedom

  1. From where have you got / bought the elephant?
    You still have to buy, or was it limited?


    1. The elephant is the 5th friendship prize, free (but can be bought for donuts) no time limit.
      The elephant balloon was limited to thxgiving.


  2. I’d have enjoyed getting the Waffle Truth restaurant 😉


    1. I also saw/liked that one 🙂


  3. Mr. Lemming 03/11/2014 — 05:54

    Have to admit I’m disappointed as hell with this tie-in… So we get a new crop (good I guess, but fairly ‘meh’ in the scheme of things) and a premium character that has no tasks…? Why not have Diggs along with Freedom? Or at very least a costume for Bart which features him wearing a falconer glove with him? I really hope they’ve got something jawdroppingly awesome in line for the next level if they’re putting out such sad tie-ins like this…


  4. ToddMcConnel 03/11/2014 — 03:10

    The Montessori School is what I would want!


    1. Added, meant to have it in the first place…


      1. ToddMcConnel 03/11/2014 — 03:31

        Nice! It was hilarious.


  5. I’ve been playing tsto since Nov 2012 and my weekly prize I finally got a Homer budha with 60 donuts inside! (Instead of the usual lowsy brown fence). is it a sign to buy the falcon?!?!


    1. Is the Falcon on top of your wishlist? Then yes – get it! If you’d rather save for, oh let’s say, Otto and the bus – then No. It all depends on what you want 😉


      1. Thanks it was a lucky spin and I now have the falcon which i wanted 🙂 It flies quite long in one of its animations so happy with it. Have some donuts left for when we ever the next level comes! If nothing I want there might buy box factory or community centre. Already have number of earlier premiums eg Otto and Frink (he’s awesome).
        Agree with littleprince that some items are just overpriced vs item relevance to show. I have seen 2 whales in one friends town so some people think its worth it 🙂


        1. Mike S has 3 whales. I love Freedom too! What do you mean by the box factory?


      2. Sorry cracker factory… Must have been thinking of the old episode where kids go on field trip to box factory :p


    2. thelittleprince 03/07/2014 — 13:52

      Wow! A Homer Buddha in a mystery box?! Never happened to me yet. Usually a box in a box, etc. 🙂 Congrats! Spend it on something you will remember this prize. The falcon would be a good one as it is a limited time item and will remind you of that time you got it with a Homer Buddha, unless there are other premiums you don’t have yet on your wish list. I pretty much have all except the ones I don’t like because of the price or personal reasons– e.g. whale, Planet Hype, Sprawl Mart, Museum of Natural History.


  6. I buy a lot of items with donuts but not all. I budget this game. So with this item a big con is the small size, I don’t mind NPC as I have more then enough playable characters. So with that being said for me it’s about the episode. Remember the show the game is based on . Let’s face it after all these years not every show is memorable but if I laugh and enjoy it, then I will buy the falcon as it will be worth the donuts.


    1. However it is only limited time!!


  7. Oh, I so want this bird! But the lack of donuts in my main town… Mmm… Maybe if I scratch a bit 🙂 Or get him for my second town where I collected 101 donuts by just simply leveling up and such. But this is less interesting…
    As for the Frink’s lab and Volcano lair, they are one of my favourite buildings in the town 🙂 Absolute love the animations of the both and the lab goes so great in my sciency area. Frink himself is one of my favourite characters in the show and the game. Animations, quotes — all hilarious. And what could be better than a nerd in the town? 😀 But for each their own of course and everyone can build their town according to their taste 🙂


    1. Scratched only once and right away the jackpot! Now I have that falcon. He is fantastic!


  8. toxicshark965 03/06/2014 — 21:47

    Frink’s lab?….really….? Big Ugly??


    1. Haha not so big. But ugly too me. I don’t have a problem with other people getting it haha


  9. I bought Freedom but have yet to actually see him in my town. What’s up with that?!?!?!


    1. Check your inventory just in case. He is rather small so have a good look. Even use the move mode and close the eyes of buildings and decorations


  10. thelittleprince 03/06/2014 — 15:31

    I have yet to buy this one but one of my neighbors has it and it has a cool animation(similar to Bart raven). I, too, will wait until I see the episode on Sunday and how essential this character is or I’ll pass just as I have with the funzos and a couple of the boardwalk performers. Not a completist here, thankfully, despite my OCD. 😉


  11. ToddMcConnel 03/06/2014 — 13:52

    I would never buy a premium character prior to them actually appearing on the show.


    1. That’s an interesting rule. Knowing it is GOING to be in the show is enough for me.


      1. ToddMcConnel 03/06/2014 — 14:41

        Fair enough. I just usually spend donuts because I liked whatever the item was on the show. I hope the episode is awesome though!


  12. Another premium character. Do not like this trend at all. Particularly as it has no gameplay value


    1. Yeah I’ve noticed this trend myself. How do we go from getting Cool Homer and the Cool Brown house for FREE to having to shell out 40 donuts for a bird? Not liking it at all.


      1. ChiefRalphWiggum 03/06/2014 — 15:33

        Hmm, that reminds me. If you store the Cool Brown House, you can’t bring it back out. After trying to contact EA for almost 3 months all I get is the same generic reply. So if you’re planning on redesigning your town, don’t store the Cool Brown House.


      2. Try getting in touch with EA via Twitter @AskEASupport. I’ve had them escalate an issue that I was receiving only useless boilerplate responses for, indicating that the agent just jumped at a random keyword instead of reading my case. Good luck!


  13. Mr. Lemming 03/06/2014 — 10:24

    The biggest thing keeping me from buying him thus far is that I’ve yet to see any screenshots of how large he is. If he’s Funzo-size it’s not even remotely worth it IMO, but if he’s actually able to be seen with some ease he’ll probably fit right into my town.


    1. He probably is about funzo size, however when tapped he flies up and can be seen really easily. I love the animation


  14. I got him just because I love birds of prey.
    flint I cant believe you think frinks lab is big and ugly it is by far my favourite premium building
    I agree on that volcano though took ages to place that thing and I still dont like it maybe you can do a WHYDW on it


    1. Sorry but it annoys me hahaha


      1. thelittleprince 03/06/2014 — 15:26

        I love both the Volcano lair and the Frink’s lab, too, and the characters that came with them. Glad they got skins last Christmas.


      2. ChiefRalphWiggum 03/06/2014 — 15:35

        Frink’s Labs is probably one of the best buildings, in my opinion. It’s relatively cheap considering it comes with a character and it’s really easy to design. Especially since some of the odd decorations like the ghost zapper, the Frinkmobile and jet bike only seem to fot near his lab.


        1. The building is cool…but he’s my least favorite character on the show. So you won’t find him running around my towns. 🙂


    2. thelittleprince 03/07/2014 — 17:28

      I love what you did with the Volcano Lair and Frink’s lab. I have the ray gun pointing at the volcano lair as well. I have the escalator to nowhere at the back of Frink’s lab (makes it look like Frink is creating human clones 🙂 ) and they look like they drop inside the volcano lair when the lair is open. 🙂


  15. In my opinion an NPC should never cost donuts, and anything that costs donuts should provide at least some boost to income or Xp. Thankfully I’m not a completist.


    1. Totally agree on that.


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