The BIG Easter Show-Off Extended!

Hello Tappers!

The BIG Easter Show-Off has been Extended! We understand that some of our players have not been getting the prizes to design so we have decided to extend the update for another week! I recently did a poll on TappedOutUK and it turned out the majority wanted to competition to be extended!

The original post can be found HERE on how to enter, details and more! Happy Designing, Nathan.



Kwik-Tap Guide: Level 40, Chocolate Pain

Hello Tappers!


So today brought the update of a brand new level, level 40! TopiX are getting onto some posts along with a few more posts to finish on the Easter event. This level brought the arrival of Miss Hoover and this is the Kwik-Tap Guide for her walk-through. We should have the full walk-through up shortly with more posts on the way!

The walk-through is titled ‘Chocolate Pain’ and consists of 16 parts to complete. If you have started the quest today then you should expect a finish date of between 7th May – 9th May depending on how you are on the Easter quest and depending on when you started and timezone area, ect. So let’s get started on ‘Chocolate Pain’!:

Level 40, Chocolate Pain – Kwik-Tap Guide:

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What Changed with the Level 40 Update?

Along with the new characters, buildings and decorations which arrived with the level 40 update, there were a few additional changes worked into the game:

  • Squeaky Voice Teen’s quest Something For The Resume, Part 2 can now start as early as level 5.
  • Otto and BumbleBee Man’s starting quests along with his side quests can now start as early as level 5.
  • Santa’s Little Helper Topiary was finally added to the game, when it has been in the files forever. Original data had it costing $1800 and contributing 240 points to Tree-hugging, but now it costs 30 donuts and gives 100 Vanity points and half a percentage point bonus.
  • The Office of Unemployment gives 10,000 XP when built when it used to give 11,000.
  • An extra level of base multipliers was added to the levels. Level 40 buildings now cost 4 times the base price! Ow. Which means that the Aw Fudge Factory costs $600,000! And there wasn’t the usual drop in other levels building prices. Current multipliers are now: levels 1-33 = 1x, 34 = 1.3x, 35 = 1.3x, 36 = 1.4x, 37 = 1.6x, 38 = 2.0x, 39 = 3.0x, 40 = 4x.

Let us know if you spot anything else!

Level 40 Overview (Contains Spoilers)

Right in the midst of Tapped Out’s first ever Easter event an in-game update has arrived bringing us Level 40. We haven’t seen a Level update during an event since Dolph and Jimbo came during the Halloween 2013 event. (I think). Anyhow as always with updates we like to give a good thorough Overview of what the update entails.

Most important to start of noting that Principal Skinner starts off the Level 40 quest. It is very important that all of you check your Confirm Donut Spend option as it tends to be reset with updates. I will not give out any info before the jump for those of you, if there are any left, that don’t like to be spoiled. Ah, I remember those days……


Let’s go check out Level 40!!



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Level 40 Has Arrived!!!

Just a quick announcement that Level 40 has arrived.We have some staff members returning to the Elementary school post-Homer apocalypse. For all of the update details see our Level 40 Overview here. Please note that the Overview does contain spoilers if you do not wish to know what the update contains just leave it at the fact that Level 40 is here!

Happy Tapping!

Mike S.

Kwik-Tap Guide: Shary Bobbins, Father Sean, Hugs Bunny

Hello Tappers!

We are now almost in our third week since the Easter update arrived. I’m still currently working on getting out the full walk-through for Father Sean and his quest ‘White Collar Hero’ as I’m unsure about the dialogue I have got and not sure if it is fully correct.

So I have decided to make a Kwik-Tap Guide for all you Golden Retrievers. This guide will be for the three characters in the Gold Easter Boxes that will arrive with a set of quests. This includes Shary Bobbins, Father Sean and Hugs Bunny. Mike is currently working on the full walk-through for Hugs Bunny with myself working on Father Sean. Here is the Golden Retriever: Kwik-Tap Guide.


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What have YOU done with Easter? (Your Submissions)

Hello Tappers!

Last week I asked you what have you done with Easter? A lot of you commented back on the post showing were you have put Easter in your town. This included your Easter park or Easter parade, ect. I used this ‘What have you done with Easter’ since it may take time for you to collect the buildings however this gave you an early chance to show your town off at Easter.


REMINDER: If you want to submit any of your Easter designs and get them featured LIVE on TheAdiposeTV then please check out our post on ‘The BIG Easter Show-Off’. The post can be found here. We are thinking of extending the closing date to give you a chance to collect decorations, buildings, ect.

So lets have a look at what you have done with Easter?

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TopiX History Files: Bunny #24601

Hello Tappers!

This is going to be my final Easter post of the day, I’m hoping to get a few more up tomorrow until I go back to work! However I hope you have enjoyed the posts I have posted today with a grand total of six! In this post we will be looking at Bunny #24601. This post will provide you with some game information on the character, finished off with some show trivia.

Bunny 4 tapBunny 4 tapBunny 4 tapBunny 4 tapBunny 4 tapBunny 4 tapBunny 4 tap

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TheAdiposeTV is LIVE!

Hello Tappers!

TheAdiposeTV will be LIVE in the next couple of minuets! On tonight’s LIVE stream TheAdiposeTV will be featuring Frinks Lab! There will also be a chance to get your town featured for next weeks stream along with a chance of winning some donuts with the donut raffle!

So head over to Twitch NOW! Happy Watching, Nathan.