Speculation: What to expect from April 2014?

Hello Tappers!

I thought it was about time we talk speculation! We have reached our first day of April, April Fools! However a new month brings new content and also this month for Tapped Out brings new competition with the new upcoming Family Guy Mobile Game. So what could we expect from April 2014?


This post will be speculating of the possible updates we could get from April 2014! This will also look back at last years content and comparing our recent content to last years content. This will also be speculating dates of what I think 2014 April will bring to Tapped Out.



Lets have a look at last years content April 2013 brought to Tapped Out. The first update of April arrived on April 8th 2013 which brought along a new episode tie-in linked with the episode ‘What Animated Women Want’. This included the decoration Springfield Falls and the building Swanky Fish. Both were limited time however both have made a re-appearance in the game with being limited once again.


Apart from bringing along new content the episode tie-in also brought what people think to be a hidden spoiler. There was a small quest for Comic Book Guy in the premium walk-through and the dialogue told us about an upcoming Japanese girlfriend (AKA Kumiko):


Comic Book Guy: A new sushi restaurant? Well, I don’t have a Japanese girlfriend yet — SPOILER ALERT! — but I may as well prime my palate.

As you can see EA gave us a very early spoiler for the upcoming release of Kumiko. This was something that was just ignored as many people didn’t think of it as a spoiler but just as a piece of dialogue in a quest! Instead of looking in the files for spoilers, EA gave us one clear in-game spoiler for the release of Kumiko.

Kimiko arrived to tapped out in 2014 as the years first episode tie-in linked to the episode Married to the Blob.


Our second update of the month was Whacking Day. Whacking Day arrived to tapped out on April 10, 2013 and is the long awaited Whacking Day update. It did not end on May 2, 2013 as originally thought, or on May 9, 2013 as originally stated in the guide but a week later on May 16, 2013.


Whacking Day was the first event that introduced the prize grid to the game. This brought new prizes to the game which included you having to tap/whack an number amount of snakes to obtain the prize.

I will not go into to much detail about Whacking Day as there will be an upcoming post that will have a look at last years Whacking Day in full detail.



Our third and final update of April brought along a brand new level during the Whacking Day event. This saw level 28 hit our towns with the return of Fat Tony and his men along with the Rich Texan as a premium character for the level.


The full walk-through for level 28 can be found here (Part One) and here (Part Two), along with a guide on the Rich Texan which can be found here.

February 2014 – March 2014:

I have been taking a look at the updates that we have had this year so far to the updates we had last year. I have noticed that EA have been going in the same pattern even though it may not be the same dates. Here is a list of the updates of 2013 from February to March along with a list of update of 2014 from February to March:


  • Gorgeous Grampa (Episode Tie-In) 
  • St. Patrick’s Day 2013 (Mini-Event)
  • Dark Knight Court (Episode Tie-In)
  • Level 27


  • Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much (Episode Tie-In)
  • St. Patrick’s Day 2014 (Mini-Event)
  • The War of Art (Episode Tie-In)
  • Level 39

So as you can see EA has not gone with the same dates as last year. However you can see that they have been going in the same pattern as last year. This may just be a coincidence or it may be a clue.

2014 April Speculation:

So going off my details above here is what I think April 2014 will bring to Tapped Out:

  • Days of Future Future (Episode Tie-In) 8th April
  • Whacking Day (Event) 10th April
  • Level 40 (Level Update) 25th April

Remember this is pure speculation and just a complete guess of what April might bring. However some is going off facts and dates from last year which could conclude this is all not speculation.


What are your opinions on my speculation and do you have a speculation of your own? If so share in the comment section below. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


37 thoughts on “Speculation: What to expect from April 2014?

  1. Mark parker 05/11/2014 — 04:16

    Yes let there be a Lego update to where all the characters an buildings look like Legos it would be like mine craft on crack


  2. I’m sorry I left extra without saying anything, I hope I didn’t cause to much inconvenience.


  3. Hopefully they can fix my Android game crashing every 10 min, as that is already making it tiresome to tap friends without also having to find tiny snakes.


  4. Pleas, no more whacking day. It was time vampire. Visiting all the friends and looking for those damn snakes and they were always in hiding, behind building, tree or some other decoration. If you wanted to get most of the snakes, you had to sweep through the city couple times. I remember it took me about 45 minutes for my daily visits, thats too much. Thats why they postponed it so many times.
    I expect another tie-in, lvl 40 at the and of the month.
    Also with the arrival of the competition (family guy) i expect soon a major overhaul. Along with new event, some changes like:
    -cars downsized to fit on streets/parking lots, similar to krustyland parking lot,
    -some random nameless citizens/cars roaming the city, making it look more alive
    -decorations able to be rotated 4-way just like fences
    -more outside jobs, and let us customize them a bit: I want to choose the bench for Grampa to sit on, or let Rod/Todd choose from all kids to play on see-saw.
    -all characters getting voiced (on same volume)
    -cheaper donuts, or premium items cheaper

    Just some examples from top of my head, this game was made to make money and if Family Guy will be a succes, EA will do all sort of crazy things to keep us playing the game.


    1. I enjoyed Whacking Day, just not the extension. It made the game playable other than to send characters on tasks, collect income and twiddle my fingers doing nothing. I think we’ll see it again and hope so.


      1. I enjoyed it too. Whacking Day is quintessential TSTO, in my opinion.


  5. Maybe we will be lucky enough to get rabbi krustofski for passover.


    1. And the Parson for Easter!


  6. Please, not another Whacking Day event!
    Or, at least, something less nightmare-ish that last year’s…


    1. Aww, I liked it. Just didn’t like the extension.


  7. I would like to see maybe a different version of whaking day where people from yore friends can visit youre town and drop 3 easter eggs somewhere on youre roads or other space and you click it in order to obtain easter eggs in witch you collect like donuts to buy premium items , this would be great as premium items are almost impossible to obtain unless you pay ridicilos ammounts of real life money, if you agree please spread this post asap


  8. TheIcedRooster 04/02/2014 — 19:29

    Springfield Falls didn’t make a reappearance… Did it?


  9. I know they don’t arrive until May but a Lego tie in would be awesome.


    1. thelittleprince 04/02/2014 — 20:00

      Only if EA is willing to fork the money to Lego so it can be in the game. I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.


      1. I would imagine LEGO would have to pay TSTO to include it. Great way to promote the LEGO product.


  10. I am hoping for something else rather than a whacking day. I enjoyed it quite much last year, still I’d prefer something different this time. Maybe an Easter event — last year I was also anticipating an Easter update, but we got the Whacking day instead. A sort of replacement 🙂 But to celebrate Easter with the Simpsons in the game would be fun! Like the egg rolling competition or the giant chocobunny chase could be introduced, I don’t know 😀 Well, I am sure there would be a lot of options on what to do and which tasks to give us during this event. As for the characters introduced, I don’t really know… I would already love to see anyone. But still someone who appears in the show more often than a couple of times throughout the history…


    1. Im all for eggs and bunnies! and CHOCOLATE!


      1. Still happy with eggs and bunnies?


  11. esteban2808 04/02/2014 — 02:32

    I hope there is no whacking day. I’m happy with them repeating the holiday events but I would like at least one original event a year.


  12. i think Whacking Day will be back this year, and will be based very much on the Christmas event as well last years whacking day.

    i think we will sadly see the return of the wheel, and community wide prizes.
    plus the normal personal prizes.

    i don’t think they will offer last years prizes, as they are already for sale.
    but last years decorations will make a return.

    willies and homers skins may come back, but with a price.


  13. I would love to see a whacking day update. I never played last years update as I started plaing in July right when the 4th of July event kicked in. Maybe change it with easter eggs we have to collect instead of eggs and maybe the grand finale prize can be a big easter bunyy with holding eggs 😀 And the monorail and add land into the mountains maybe? Thats just me, they have alot to play with, lets just see what they can do and HOPE its good


  14. This wasn’t very April Fool-ery. 😦


  15. So easy to prank friends who use Tapped Out, I told one it looked like his town reset to level 1 and he panicked and signed in… Told another the whacking day 2014 update was out along with the new family guy game so we’ll be kept busy for the next month, got a “thx” response and 20 mins later a where is it i can’t find it send me the link to get it text response 🙂


  16. Graywolf1410 04/01/2014 — 20:11

    Been playing again for a year already, that went fast.


  17. We better get the “crazy cat lady”


  18. I hope they bring wacking day back this year.I didnt start playing until the end of June. I missed the event entirely 😦


  19. Yes, I think we should get a new whaking day update and also a superhero update with costumes (e.g) pieman-homer,stretch dude-bart,clobber girl-lisa,radioactive man and fall out boy


  20. I loved Whacking Day. Maybe if it’s a bit shorter this year.


  21. Another wacking day would be nice. With some nice prizes!


  22. I hope you’re right about whacking day returning this year. It will be interesting to see how or if they bring back some prizes from last year as some have become permanent premium items. This is around the time I started playing last year so I have all the whacking day stuff


    1. Most of the prizes stuck around after Whacking day ended, Coliseum, Duff Stadium, Miss Springfield etc… The only ones you can’t get are Fort Sensible, Gymnastics Lisa or Shirtless Willie. I assume if we get a 2014 Whacking day they’ll offer the snakes again, as well as ninja homer and the whacking practice things. I’d love to see Springfield Falls make a re-appearance for those who missed it with the What Animated Women Want tie-in.


  23. Wacking day started not long after I began playing TSTO. I admit to being pretty confused by the whole thing and since I didn’t have any neighbors at the time I wasn’t able to really take advantage of the social aspect of the game. Kind of hoping we don’t have a 2nd coming of Wacking Day. To be honest, I’d wish they’d focus on a good solid run of level updates instead.


  24. Minor correction (in Comic Book Guy’s voice, if you like :O): Just to point out, Springfield Falls has not been re-released; only Swanky Fish has been re-released.


  25. I hope they bring Whacking Day back. This was my first event last year and I did not have any friends. I was not able to get all the prizes last year so I hope to do so this year. I know it was not a very popular event but I believe they will improve it this year. In fact, they have already improved it in the sense that they used the Whacking Day template for the successful Halloween and Christmas event that followed it.


  26. Do you not mean a full walkthrough of level 28, not 38.
    Again thanks for the insightful update! it is always much appreciated! 🙂


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