The Origin Of Whacking Day

Howdy Tappers!

A song we all may be singing if the Whacking Day event returns to The Simpsons: Tapped Out. I hope you enjoyed the post opening with the traditional song for Whacking Day. We have already seen the history of Whacking Day in the game of 2013 but what about the history of Whacking Day in the show?

In this post we will be taking a look at the origin of Whacking Day and how it all began as the most celebrated event in Springfield. The history of Whacking Day 2013 in Tapped Out can be found here.

The Origin of Whacking Day

It reportedly dates back to the founding father Jebediah Springfield, who whacked his first snake in 1775. This then became a traditional holiday celebrated on the 10th of May every year.


Whacking Day included the citizens of Springfield releasing all snakes to the center of the town and then who proceed to whack them to death with sticks. The holiday became so popular that it began its own merchandise with specialized sticks, called whacking sticks, T-Shirts, Mugs, ect. The barbaric nature of Whacking Day has drawn criticism, being called “distasteful and puerile” even by hillbillies.

However the true Origin of Whacking Day was uncovered as Whacking Day was created in 1924 as an excuse to beat up the Irish. There was also more evidence that led to this as Jebediah Springfield lead a battle at Ticonderoga on the same day he is supposedly credited with founding the holiday. All this information came from the book called The Truth About Whacking Day by Bob Woodward.

The Simpsons & Whacking Day:

The Simpsons episode ‘Whacking Day’ which aired as the twentieth episode of season 4.The Whacking Day episode was an amazing episode which explored the whole culture of Whacking Day.


The episode included everyone being excited for Whacking Day except for Lisa as she classes the event as violent and barbaric. Lisa doesn’t want to see any snake get hurt and she decides to save the snakes with the help of Whacking Day’s honorary MC, Barry White, who uses his sonorous bass vocal style to lure the snakes to safety, where no one can whack them.

This was an amazing episode which featured the first appearance of Superintendent Chalmers and Miss Springfield.


That is all the information on Whacking Day and its appearance in the show along with its origin. I hope we see this event return as it was an amazing event. However let’s hope they don’t keep extending the event. There will be a poll up soon asking you if you want to see the Whacking Day event return. Happy Whacking, Nathan.


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