UPDATED: The big update: What and When?

The announcement date for the Family Guy Game has been announced, with this I have updated the “when section” below. Take a look.

There has been a lot of rumours and speculation as of late… But there is one that keeps coming up, and whilst broad, I think it is worth a look at.

As the Family Guy game is moving in on the scene in just over a month, TSTO should be worried. I have friends who are testing it and they love it, it looks so much better. So what can TSTO do to counteract the release of this new game… The Big Update.

O'Reilly the Leprechaun

It’s not that this year hasn’t been full of content and updates.. It’s the quality of these updates that are letting players down. Especially two groups

  1. Long term players
  2. Freemium players

This year has seen many updates. Every event (minus the friend point event) has been mostly rereleases of last year (Lame for old players) and the new content has been mostly premium (Lame for freemiums). So it looks like we are all holding out for a bigger update! You think that is the only reasons why, nope, read on.

The latest tease from the Big E (EA that is) is that we won’t be seeing land for a bit. This joins other teases such as the stone cutters, monorail and a real sideshow bob. So are these things on their way or is EA sitting back and laughing at us as I write… So it looks like we are all holding out for a bigger update!

To be clear, the purpose of this post isn’t to list the reasons why we should get a “Big Update” (as I am titling it) but it is to give some clues on what it could be and when it could be.


If we take a look back at Jason’s first post on the site and the table he created, it gives us last years updates.

Well, where I am, today is the 25th of March, that means that (according to last year) we should have received a level update a few days ago (nada) and we have to wait 14ish days  for an episode tie in.

Well, last year wasn’t much help, as if that happens, EA might get murdered by some of its players.

The other big factor that pushes the big update is the family guy game. It has recently been announced to be released on April 10th, only a meer matter of days away! That means that we could be seeng a big update even this week!

The next big update to expect could be anything, however the big update they got last year was Whacking Day. Could Whacking Day come again? I have a feeling no… I think that EA want to step it up, I see something huge and different. I see Easter…

If not Easter… I see a random big update with no theme. What will be in the update? Well let’s look at the What, shall we?


Well many things could come with this update, but if we look at some most requested items, I have a suspicion that may all come at us as to provoke some great excitement and more people playing TSTO.

  • Less premium

If they want to refer to it as a big update and REALLY shame the family guy game, they are going to need to make a lot of it free/cash/other currency.

  • The last of the old content.

Whilst it is real nice of EA to bring back old content, it will need to stop eventually. We have surpassed the birthday of the twins: Android and TSTO. So it is time to move on. Have the last of these items, and why not throw them in for cash or really cheap premium! (e.g. mapple store and cool brown house).

  • Game Options!
  1. Stop turning confirm donut spend off
  2. Group store (store all things or all buildings type options)
  3. Make everything 4 way rotatable
  5. I doubt this one will happen, but make everything good size, like realistic!
  6. Cars on roads
  7. More road type things: Dirt path, snow, mud…

Of course, this update wouldn’t mean anything without new content. I’m talking characters, decorations, squidport items, new land, krustyland newbies and buildings! If they want to make an impression, these things should come:

  1. New land (duh)
  2. More squidport stuff!
  3. More squidport tiles….
  4. More Krustyland stuff!
  5. Cookie Kwan and Lindsey Naegle (to help those who are waiting of these since their level up screens to finally get some sleep)
  6. Useful decorations (BBQ areas, picnic tables, more shrubs, more trees)
  7. The monorail
  8. A real sideshow bob/Gil
  9. The stonecutters


Well my speculation tank is out. My thoughts summarised is a BIG Update this week to compete with the Family Guy game. If it starts getting later than EA is pulling at a dangerous thread. Enjoy your weeks and join me in the speculation. What and When? Give me your ideas in the comments. If I like it, I’ll add it.



57 thoughts on “UPDATED: The big update: What and When?

  1. Fire station, vets, dentist, swimming pools, bank, slides, roundabouts , climbing frames, bending roads, sprinklers, fire highdents and what would be really impressive is night and day with lighted lamposts at night and rain and othet weather . Voices for all characters .


  2. As a relatively new player (about 5 months) a lot of the game is still new to me, but I do see some issues. I don’t understand why they make cool animations for some buildings and then only use them once during a task. I don’t understand why we can’t keep some of the quest tasks even after the quest is over (as long as it makes sense, of course — why not let Lisa fawn over the guinea pigs even after the quest?) We should have more outdoor tasks — especially for expensive premium characters. And yes, the premium content is ridiculously expensive.

    I don’t think I’ll be spending money on the Family Guy game, since I don’t have a lot of affection for the characters even though I like the show.


  3. He is claiming to be the same person.. On more than one site.
    If you have played the beta (and yes I know what a beta version of something is, common knowledge) it really is a lot more expensive… And if that’s just prices for the beta people to get established, just to have the prices lowered when it’s officially released… Then those beta testers are really being taken advantage of. Seriously.
    I know simpsons is a very very hacked game. I like TSTO way much to hack it… My town is a clear example of that. No cheats, no cheap donuts… All loyalty since `89.. Nothing but love.
    Seth Mcfarlane seems to be obsessed with be it either money or trying to take down and still make fun of the Simpsons (family guy in game dialogue points that out, more than once)
    He’ll never be The Simpsons cause The Simpsons is quite established and is a very smart show… Lots of things the kids won’t get or understand.
    Family guy humor is based on a completely different kind of comedy. It’s not that smart of a show.
    Do I like and do I watch family guy… Yes
    Am I crazy about the game.. No
    Have I played it… Yes
    I not a big fan of rip offs and copy cats.
    Seems lazy.
    Of course real money should be spent on games, that allows them to develop and give us awesome things.
    And of course it’s always on going… That is why we are still playing it and loving it today.

    Thank you for the response though.. Happy tapping.

    If I could get some more land, water, and new decorations… I’d be an even happier camper.


    • I totally agree with all of that. Family Guy will never reach what the Simpsons have. And by the way the Cool Homer claiming to be spAnser was an April Fools joke. I know both of them, very different people from very different countries.


      • I didn’t realize that. Good to know.
        You seem cool. Sorry if I came across as not so nice… I enjoy these sites and I’m not trying to burn bridges.


  4. @ mike s.
    It’s referring to a previous comment (still in moderation) yet the latter was moderated first.


  5. I still believe that Springfield needs a bank with atm machines to place around town and a dam fire station. With fire hydrants to place around town..


  6. EA and the simpsons aren’t in danger!! Yeah the Family Guy the quest for more stuff will be out in 4 days big deal its not gonna ruin Tapped Out and Tapped out won’t lose any players. Will be Tapping back and fourth on both games. Yeah family guy will be new and will all be playing that more but come on really thinking tapped out is doomed is retarted. Theres too many loyal fans and there’s a lot more who are gonna play.. j.m.o. there will be more land, more charexters, more decorations, and more junk to come. EA and Fox didn’t make this game for only a 2yr span they got big plans. People are just rude and want it alll at once. This is just my opion that’s all. That was a good post and will see what the future holds for both games.


    • Obviously not every Tapped Out player will play Family Guy but I can guarantee EA profits for Tapped Out have waned at least since the beginning of this year and ANY loss will be felt by them. I’m not rude and don’t want it all at once but I don’t want to be a loyal daily players and spender for over a year just to get re-released items thrown at me and go 2+ months for new levels, that’s hardly asking for it all at once. I just want it consistent and fresh.


  7. I’ve played the Family Guy Game Beta for a bit now, and I must say that EA needs to step up their game BIG TIME if they want to keep players around. Even though it is only in (open) beta, the FG Game seems to be a lot more stable, smooth and engaging. I’ve only had 2 crashes and one very minor graphics glitch so far. All the buildings and decorations seem to fit much better together, every character is voiced and the humor is great (completely subjective, of course) and in keeping with the show. Some quests and buildings have a chance to “drop” items needed for costumes and unlocks is a great way to keep players logging in to progress. There are a few kinks to work out, naturally, but overall I think the FG Game is gonna turn out great.
    The only thing I frown at, is the fact that the premium pricing seems to be at least as bad as TSTO – the Crippletron, for instance, right now costs the equivalent of $20! That’s just insane and will probably keep me from buying anything at all. I do not have any idea how much premium currency it is possible to earn in game but it seems to not be very much.

    EA better have something HUGE up their sleeve and they need to release it in the next couple of days to keep players from switching over. I guess many players will play both games but most probably wont pay for premium in both.
    If they don’t have something spectacular in store, their only hope is that many (donut-buying) players will feel that they’ve invested too much in TSTO to just leave it behind.


    • I totally agree on all accounts. The premium items in Family Guy are way expensive and I’m hoping that was just pricing for BETA to build a profit base. But even the simple design options are great. Like if you are placing more than one item, say a bush, after doing 2 the bush will automatically go to the next spot that you want it instead of reverting back to some weird spot like Tapped Out. All I have to do is keep pressing the CHECK mark and I can place a whole line of bushes. I like the joint tasks which there are a lot of and the fact that to unlock characters you need certain items that other tasks will drop for you like you said. There’s a ton of skins for different characters and just about every task is animated. I definitely agree EA has a lot to be worried about.


      • Yeah, to me it seems like they’ve paid a lot more attention to the little details – like placing decorations – that will make it more accesible and easier to work with, so to speak. It also seems like they’ve made it so that the tasks shift in terms of how long they take to finish which, in my opinion, will go a long way towards keeping boredom away. When players reach the “end game” many will probably just go with 24-hour tasks, for instance, and having them be different would be a great feature. I hope it is intentional and not a “bug” in the beta. 😀


    When I saw those names on the list I was jumping for joy! They are probably two of my fav characters in the simpsons universe! But arent you forgetting someone?
    – Rabbi Krustofski


  9. They should add Level 40 and 41 with BBQs, Sideshow Bob and the Monorail. Next, they should add more land, It’s a Wonderful Knife, new never seen before Squidport buildings plus new boardwalk pieces. Then, Gil, the Red Coat Blazer Society ( is that what its called?) and the Springfield Zoo would be great too along with Maggie and the One Eyebrowed Baby in the Villains Category. Last but not least, Jacqueline Bouvier with the Hal Roach Appartments along with Homer’s brother, Uncle Herb. This mega update would really please us tappers and compete with the Family Guy game as most tappers have been complaning about the Squidport and new land so that and the load of content I mentioned will keep us tapping for hours on end and I bet we wouldn’t be complaning to EA about lack of content any longer! What do you guys think?


  10. Your table o’ updates has a little error in it. In the 3.0.1 update it lists Penny-Wiseguys as having been released/shown/whatever on 11/13/13, a while year after the 3.0.1 update came out.

    Oh, and another two thing I’d love to see in the game: more varieties of cars (where the hell are Marge’s new car, the Canyonero, Lil’ Bandit, and all those other icons?), as well as slightly redesigned houses with longer driveways (and parking spaces) that can accommodate vehicles.


  11. My wishlist of potential new characters…
    Radioactive Man
    Crazy cat lady
    Arty Ziff
    Stonecutters (uniforms/chief)
    Krusty dad
    Doug and nerds
    Bleeding Gums
    Dr Marvin Munroe


  12. I would like all the buildings to be tied to at least one permanent job. Also I think all the buildings should have some sort of animation when in use. Like El Chemistri with the green flashing windows or the DNA strand on the Knowlegeum.


  13. I really enjoy this game but what pisses me off is that they add pet characters that are lame, decorations, and $20 dollar whale. Add more land and dont bring boring and annoying characters like the guinea pig. I look forward to the Family Tapped Out. But will always be a Simpsons fan.


  14. Not a fan of family guy, but the game is sick!!! I’ve always been anti-EA and there crap that they feed us on a daily basis, but if theres nothing worth while coming, i’m done with Tap Out. Been bored with it since sept. Found halloween, christmas and valentines day the same old crap with a new coat of paint. Been hanging in there hoping something would raise my interest, but not yet.


  15. They should do more squid port buildings and like when you complete a quest for that quest line instead of getting 100 money that no one cares about give us a squid port tile or two.
    Also it’ll be cool if they add a baby category in the people which includes maggie , the monobrow baby and baby homer ( the one homer helped deliver in the lift )… Wouldn’t it be cool just having babies crawl around in your town? XD


  16. Michellebe158 here to say I can’t wait to look at the family guy game! I have been tapping now since November 2013 and I’m addicted! I love the update that let’s us kick off slower players! I’m a busy player for sure…not interested in spending tons of my real cash though. So bring on the freemiums!


      • That is great news. Being a fan of the Simpsons and NOT a fan of Family Guy, I am really looking forward to that game only because I’m hoping it creates some healthy competition and forces EA to make TSTO better.


        • I have never been a Family Guy fan either and before playing the BETA I think I may have watched 2 whole episodes ever. Since playing it though I have watched quite a few. I really hope this motivates EA to improve the game also.


      • I don’t think ‘afraid’ is the right word. Competition is a good thing and it’s about time Tapped Out got some. That said, Tapped Out has been out for over a year and a half now and is still going strong with 25 years of content available at their disposable. Family Guy only has half of that to work with and is only just about to launch. It will be successful and it will be a great game. But the big question is, what will happen in a years time? They’re really going to have to pace themselves or they will run out of content in no time.


        • Family guy could struggle to keep up content, but the Simpsons has so many simple things it could bring in! Tapped Out has an awesome future


      • Ehh its ok. All those hacks online everywhere. Got boring real quick. Spanser aka cool homer (never stops asking for money from people lol) has them everywhere. Unlimited clams. Unlock and rush everything. Finished game. Simpsons rules #1 always. Family guy.. WAY OVERPRICED for anything, not surprised by the hacks. Pay real $$ for simpsons…yes
        Pay for family guy… You must be crazy.


        • Couple of things, but let me start by saying I appreciate your enthusiasm to remain a dedicated Tapped Out players but:
          A. spAnser is NOT Cool Homer are 2 different people.
          B. Tapped Out is equally as overpriced as the current Family Guy BETA and we don’t yet know if those prices will remain when it’s officially released.
          C. Tapped Out is one of the most hacked games in the history of games so I’m not sure where you’re going with this but just doing a general search and check of various sites there is only 1 hack for Family Guy and again it’s a BETA hack which may not do squat when the game is officially released.
          Real money should be paid for any game or else there is no game if the developers make no profit. Family Guy is the same as Tapped Out in that it is NEVER finished. The BETA release was not the whole game it was just a portion released for exactly what BETA is, testing.


    • We do not know when or what. According to the files there is supposed to be an update today (March 25) at least to remove St. Paddy’s and the War of Art items but nothing yet. Hopefully we’ll see an update soon or EA will have a riot on their hands.


      • They could have the Leftorium Express kiosk for squidport. A Moe’s Express would be nice worked in somewhere too tho Moe’s Brewing Co belongs in squidport so maybe for Krustyland… We also need Moe’s Family Feedbag Skin for Moe’s bar 🙂


      • I’ve always felt a Spingfield mall expansion would be awesome. Click on it,go in and shop till you drop.


  17. You also forgot that we should be able to connect the river to the ocean. This is a really big thing for me as my city is designed with the river


  18. I actaully can’t wait for the family guy version (as I love family guy) but simpsons tapped out is more important to me seeing as I have spent about 1 and a half (I originally got in the first Halloween update) years on it, and probably, if not more, $400 on it.

    I would like to see the time for squidport tiles to build go down, it takes less time to make full on buildings (and realistically that makes no sense). Also I want it to be easier to get donuts, I don’t have enough time in the day to visit all my friends, and I already cleaned up all the debris.


    • I have been playing the family guy beta it is so much fun I cant wait to make it were u can add account but I got to say lot of the task are so long it feels like forever to get the stuff to unlock the people in it


  19. Most important things…. More LAND and “Crazy Cat Lady”. Everything else will be a bonus. But EA is a constant let down, so NOT holding my breathe.


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