What Have You Done With Apu’s Apartment?

Well we are in a bit of an unsure part of the game. We don’t know when or what the next update will be but we know that the Family Guy Game comes out April 10th, this means that EA needs to come up with something to compete with the game. That is why I am wanting to get this post out now, if we were to receive a new update this week, they usually come friday my time so I want to get this challenge and the results up by then so I am all hands on deck when it comes to a new update. (Please note – There is no guarantee of a new update).

With the last level update we received we got a few updates to Apu’s family and two new buildings. Mickus has already covered the cash building – Sanjay’s House. So I am here now to cover the premium building. This post asks the question:

What Have You Done With Apu’s Apartment?

Apus Apartment

The Challenge:

Send in your designs for Apu’s Apartments for a chance to be in my top 5! All you have to do is enter your springfield on your device, take a screenshot of the building with any surrounding design. You then upload it to your choice of provider (Imgur, dropbox, flickr etc.) and give us the link here. IT’S THAT EASY!

For something different I have not designed mine. Why? I have decided that I will take my top 5 and come up with something off of that inspiration. So make sure to enter, I could be copying your design!!

However for some pre-inspiration I have included two other writers:

Here is Em’s:


Here is Nathan’s:


I look forward to your entries and don’t forget the competition closes thursday my time so don’t forget to enter!


The Results:

Coming in 5th place is Kevin Burton:

4th place belongs to michelle:

May I ask why the road between the walking path is there. I think it would look nice if the road wasn’t there, the hedges were extended to the building and some hedges got taken down at the other end so people could walk to the building on a nice path 🙂 Just a suggestion

Congratulations on getting 3rd wayne!

I like how it is true to the show!

You got 2nd Harvestb

And the winner of best design for Apu’s Apartments goes to stevelandr49

I don’t know what the point of the road bits are but I like them!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 6.42.21 pm

That is all for your entires, but I promised that I would take pointers from you guys and design mine from your entries! Here it is:


I tried to take at least one thing from each of you. I included the other apartment buildings (Kevin Burton, 5th place) and the shiva statues out the front (michelle, 4th place). I also included the lawn chairs (wayne, 3rd place) and the flowers/lamposts (HarvestB, 2nd place). Finally I tried to copy the flowers and the pavements from stevelandr49 (1st place).

P.S. I am leaving room for Jacqueline Bouvier’s apartments. Optimistic, I know.

Thanks for reading!



29 thoughts on “What Have You Done With Apu’s Apartment?

  1. Hi Flint. I had originally made the garden and it didnt look right with any of my buildings so I let it stand alone. Then this building came along and I revamped it to fit the statues and placed it across the street………

    I took your advice……
    What do you think.????


    1. This being the revamped image of the fourth place entry:)


  2. Kevin Burton 04/10/2014 — 11:25

    Any reason why the pictures on 5,4 and 3 can’t be seen?


  3. Kevin Burton 04/10/2014 — 11:14

    Wahoo! First time I have ever entered and I get 5th sweet!
    Is it sad that that has just made my day?!

    Thanks guys 🙂 happy boy of England!


    1. Of course it’s not sad! I really enjoyed your entry, hope you keep entering these competitions 🙂


      1. Kevin Burton 04/10/2014 — 11:52

        Thanks, I’m definitely gonna put more pics up!
        Really enjoy getting ideas from other folk too!
        Well done all 🙂


  4. Any idea on what the family guy game is goin to to be called ?


    1. Family Guy: the Quest for stuff


      1. Thank you


  5. Mine is near the other apartments:


    1. That is an extensive amount of donuts… If you are going to **** I would think that you wouldn’t let us see it… Hmm… It’s a shame because I did like your entry.


      1. Just so you know, I didn’t disqualify the entry because of this. It still counted, it just didn’t make it to the top 5. Just the fact that you did **** caused a sour taste in my mouth


  6. snuphaluphagus 04/07/2014 — 10:01

    I don’t think there’s that much cross-over between the Family Guy and Simpsons audience that they would need to compete.


  7. Here is mine: http://i62.tinypic.com/2dhcxau.jpg
    I fit it in a sort of a condo area: http://i57.tinypic.com/35beelx.jpg and http://i60.tinypic.com/2zfib9e.jpg where it goes together with some steampunkish or crazy sciencefreak objects from the previous updates.
    It fits very well in size, the colour is bit too bright perhaps, still it has something pinkish to correspond with in face of the Springfield shopping mall where the family can buy lots of diapers and other stuff for their baby gang 😀


  8. Kevin Burton 04/07/2014 — 09:03

    Here you go……


  9. Sorry about the duplicate posts.
    I missed adding the URL. https://www.flickr.com/photos/newmannsteve57/13685265165/


  10. Here is mine. Seperate from my other apartments for now, I will probably resign and work it in with others eventually.


  11. Here is mine — I put it on the hill next to the other two apartments:

    Thanks for doing these, Flint! Even though I don’t post, I always look for these posts so I can check out everyone’s designs. And personally, I have no problem with you doing two in one day and wish you’d do them more often. (For awhile there, I was worried you had stopped altogether.) Thx again.


  12. Heres mine


  13. Flint your posting what have you done with lately too often you need space them out more


    1. I explained in the first paragraph why 2 were released today. One was meant to be released on Saturday (two days ago). What would you like me to post on, there is no current new content.


      1. These are my favourite posts on the site. I would love to see more what have you done withs!


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