Easter Event Confirmed, Next Wednesday!?

NOTE: It looks like an Easter Event has been confirmed, However this post does not guarantee that it will arrive on Wednesday.

Hello Tappers!

We have all recently seen a spoiler of the Easter event splash screen and now questions are being asked when will the Easter event arrive? One of our loyal readers “letsplaynintendoita” commented on our last post about his recent chat with EA about the possible upcoming update. Here is his conversation with EA about the update!:

EA = EA Advisor

Me = letsplaynintendoita



EA: Hello, this is Edwin how can I help?

Me: hi I’m wondering if the wrong town glitch will be fixed in 4.8?

EA: Yes we’re working on the fix

Me: is this guaranteed and tested to work because previous updates have done nothing to fix it

EA: we are confident we have found a fix

Me: so there is other stuff coming with 4.8?

EA: there will be new content along with bug fixes

Me: there is Easter pic leaked on forum is it legit?

EA: the picture is for a promotion of the game on the app store for upcoming content

Me: oh nice when is it coming out?

EA: next Wednesday unless there is a last minute hiccup

Me: oh does this replace whacking day then?

EA: We have other plans for whacking day

Me: ok thanks

EA: is that everything? Anything else I can help you with?

Me: no that’s fine

EA: ok bye

Me: thanks bye

So as you can see EA has said that the Easter update will be next Wednesday! This commenter and reader is someone who is provides great sources of information. So if this EA advisor is telling the truth then Wednesday is Easter update day!


This then got me interested in contacting EA myself with the first conversation I got absolute nothing about when the update will arrive apart from the fact it will be coming soon! The second EA conversation I used some information from letsplaynintendoita however still EA would give me nothing and once I said about it will arrive on Wednesday he commented back saying ‘Yes, However updates come on Thursdays as well! I went onto a couple more chats which turned out to be complete rubbish not giving me anything.

I also then got an email from Phoebe who got a screenshot of EA confirming the Easter event but not saying when it will be released.


So I will continue to chat with EA over the night and see if I can get anything out of them. But so far it looks like EA has confirmed that there will be an Easter event! Happy Hopping, Nathan.


41 thoughts on “Easter Event Confirmed, Next Wednesday!?

  1. I have also tried several times to get some information about this update, but the people from EA all say the same as soon as you talk about an update ‘Sorry but we don’t have this information for you’ or something like that.
    After trying so many times and not getting an answer I’m starting to doubt about this post because I no longer believe that they would give away this information to you guys while nobody else can get some information.


    1. Addicts got the info too


    2. The top of the post clearly tells you that the date is not for certain. This post only goes of one persons source with it so far being the only source to go off. Yes it may just be ONE source however the easter splashscreen started off with one source and now it has been confirmed.


  2. I think we will still have a whacking day but later rather than sooner. There are a LOT of players out there who missed out last year and they have all these items that are already created that they can now sell for donuts!


    1. I agree. I think the Easter event will be maybe a week or so and then Whacking Day will be the next major event. EA has duplicated every event thus far and I can’t see them not release a Whacking Day at all.


  3. lightening2012 04/12/2014 — 12:20

    I contacted EA and they said that there wasn’t an official date yet and that they didn’t know when it was coming.


    1. lightening2012 04/12/2014 — 13:09

      I even have something to proof it.


  4. is it just me are when you read out the ea lines you speak in a dull monotone voice


    1. And “Me” in a really high pitch fast speaking voice. 😉


  5. I don’t know where the Not Enough (Moral) Fiber quest line leaves Homer after dying so many times once it’s finished but a resurrection quest line for him with an Easter update would make sense! Looking forward to whatever comes! Thanks for all the investigating and sharing nathan, and everyone else!


  6. Give us Whacking Day.


  7. Easter event sounds awesome I can’t wait sorry peter griffin as I play the simpsons game more lol 😀


  8. Interrogate them! TORTURE TORTURE


  9. ChiefRalphWiggum 04/11/2014 — 22:10

    I have a feeling EA is going to get a lot of emails about upcoming events now! 😀
    I guess whenever there’s an upcoming event, we know where to go now.


    1. I was just going to say that. Not that I have any power over people but we can’t all contact EA with the sole purpose of asking for release dates and no game issues. They’re either going to give incorrect info, not answer or it will affect the help center for people with legitimate concerns.


  10. I think we will get mayor quimbys wife and the cheery red tomatoes


  11. All I’m gonna say is letsplaynintendoita and the EA rep both have similar problems with capitalization and punctuation…


    1. ChiefRalphWiggum 04/11/2014 — 22:08

      I was thinking the same thing 😛
      Incorrect punctuation and miscapatilization are one of my pet peeves….


      1. Letsplaynintendoita IS from Italy so English isn’t his first language. Also, a lot of tech support personnel do not have English as their first language either- but that shouldn’t stop the companies out there from training/hiring the most professional people they can.


    2. This is because both parts of this “transcript” were likely written by the same person. It seems to have gone unnoticed that letsplaynintendoita was not part of this chat session. Rather, it was copied from a post on the EA forums. Unfortunately the user from which it was copied has a history of posting dubious information.

      I do believe that an Easter update is coming based on the splash screen image, but the info in this chat session is not credible.


  12. TheIcedRooster 04/11/2014 — 21:30

    This seems a little unexpected. EA is being a little out of the ordinary in my opinion. Perhaps it’s too give their lost players to Family Guy: A Quest For Stuff a glimpse of what amazing things the game still has to offer, and also to keep their remaining players with them!


    1. esteban2808 04/11/2014 — 21:50

      Who says they lost players. Why can’t you play both? I am.


  13. This is great news that ea has confirmed both a easter and a wd event but will anyone be able to find out any of the content in any of these events


    1. letsplaynintendoita 04/11/2014 — 21:31

      they seems to post about them as soon as released not early to avoid spAnser and topix to find it early since they know info are leaked through their servers. but they’re stupid enough to do it via the official ways too. gee


  14. letsplaynintendoita 04/11/2014 — 21:03

    well “me” was the user that reported that message but yeah the thing doesnt change. the message was that


  15. Magilla84131 04/11/2014 — 20:46

    I wonder if we’ll see whacking day released on May 10. Isn’t that when they have it in the episode that it’s from?


  16. Graywolf1410 04/11/2014 — 20:20

    Who would’ve thought you could just ask them?


  17. So, it looks like they are still going to do another Whacking Day event too, at a later date? That would be great. Loved WD.


    1. I hope they do, it was awesome. Unfortunately I missed out on the last 2 prizes last year, because of lack of neighbours.


  18. lightening2012 04/11/2014 — 20:15

    It’s just about weird that when other people have asked they either didn’t say anything or said they didn’t know.

    How do you chat to EA like on the pic?


      1. It then comes up with different options to choose how to contact them with, and one says live chat!


        1. lightening2012 04/11/2014 — 20:24



      2. lightening2012 04/11/2014 — 20:19

        I know this has nothing to do with this post, but can you give me any tips on doing a blog? Also, do you have to get permission from ea and something like all rights reserved?


      3. lightening2012 04/11/2014 — 20:28

        I can’t find any live chat option.


      4. You go to tapped out, select your platform. Then I went on general questions as the topic and put “Easter” as the ‘tell a little but more’. Then you click next and it comes up with 3 contact suggestions


        1. lightening2012 04/11/2014 — 20:56

          It’s only coming up with email.


    1. It has under the main one, other options.


      1. lightening2012 04/11/2014 — 20:42

        It has only ever had email when I have gone.


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