The BIG Easter Show-Off!

Hello Easter Tappers!

Welcome to the return of ‘The BIG Show-Off’! Only this time it’s ‘The BIG Easter Show-Off’. Get ready to show off your Easter towns as TSTO TopiX has a BIG Easter competition. The Easter update has truly got everyone designing the perfect bunny paradise with Easter parks, parades and much more! If you are either a reader of TSTO TopiX, a member of Tapped-Out and watcher of ‘TheAdiposeTV, we have a competition for YOU!


So this is now the 3rd ‘BIG show-off’ competition we have posted on TSTO TopiX and we have made a few more changes with it being much bigger and better! This post will give you the complete guide on the competition, so read carefully:

The Contest and Contact Details: 

TSTO TopiX wants to see your designs and for you to show-off your Easter tapping by posting a screenshot of your most favorite Easter part of your town! You can post your screenshot in the comment section below linked to any photo site you have posted the photo on, or email the photo to: with the subject ‘Bunnies’.

If possible leave your Origin ID as ‘TheAdiposeTV’ would like to add the winners so he can look at your town and show during the LIVE stream!

What to submit? 

You can submit anything you like! But it has to be related with this update or anything to do with Easter. You can decorate using ANY new Easter content we got this update or maybe decorate some old content with some new content?! GO WILD! Or keep it safe. Submit anything you like that you feel is linked to the Easter holiday! Keep reading for some examples of what you could submit.

What to submit (Examples):





What do you win?:

Now for the BIG prize! The three winners chosen by our five judges will feature in ‘TheAdiposeTV’ LIVE stream! If your that lucky winner your screenshot or town will be broadcasted LIVE on Saturday May 3rd 9pm (GMT) with ‘TheAdiposeTV’. Your town or screenshot will be shown to all the live viewers watching the live stream and all the hundreds of viewers on YouTube who will be watching the highlights of the show or the full version. 

The Judges:

We have made a few changes to the judges with a new judge joining ‘The BIG show-off’. There are a total of five judges including myself which will be judging the entries and picking their favourites. The judges are:

Head Judge:

  • Nathan (Myself, Writer On TopiX, TOuk Member)

Red Team:

  • Em (Writer On TopiX, Internal Support at TOuk, Moderator on Adi’s Twitchstreams)
  • Mags (TOuk Member and reader)

Blue Team:

  • Spell-Caster. Jr ( TOuk Member and reader, Moderator on Adi’s Twitchstreams)
  • Kays (New Judge, TOuk Member and reader)

Prize Giver and Live Streamer:

  • TheAdiposeTV


Blue Team V Read Team:

So as you can see there is going to be a Blue team and a Red team within the judges. This is one of the BIG changes for the BIG show-off since apart from the competition for the readers there will also be a competition for the judges.

The Blue team and the Red team will go head to head trying to get their favourite design in first place. Both teams will each pick their favourite submission and will be sent to me were I will then choose my favourite within the two designs placing them in 1st and 2nd place. The team which gets their favourite design in first place will win a point with the announcement of which team won during the live stream. This will then continue for an inside competition for the judges.

I will then pick the 3rd winner as Nathan’s Winner however this will not be placed and will just be my favourite design.

Closing Date: 1st May – Midnight (GMT). Any screenshots sent after the closing date will not be counted.

LIVE Stream: 3rd May – 9pm (GMT) Winners may be shown between 9pm – 10pm.

PLEASE NOTE: The date of the LIVE stream may change since Adi is expecting a baby on its way soon. If this does happen the LIVE stream may change to a later date or the LIVE stream may be cancelled.

Last Competition Winners:


16 thoughts on “The BIG Easter Show-Off!

  1. Hope I made it in time! Here is my Easter park, with some Whacking Day banners hiding behind the Easter ones as we all (even the citizens of Springfield) thought this was coming again this year!


    1. Also, my origin ID is iusefulidiot.
      Thanks! Happy tapping to all!


  2. nehash81 lvl40
    I decided to make an outdoor shopping center but if the wind is blowing the wrong way you might smell the tire yard. Thanks.


  3. Please add me on origin I really need neighbors


    1. Hi Portia,
      Sent you a neighbor request.
      Happy Tapping! 🙂
      (Origin ID: mysticmermaidKlg)


  4. I made an Easter castle with all of the dang fences and Easter ponds!


  5. OK so I posted over on TOUK and now I will post here! 🙂

    OK so here is my Submission for the Easter Show Off!! Smile
    I am 14 years of age and I am from Ireland. I started playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out in Early January 2014 And I instantly got hooked into it!
    I spent alot of time on this design and I hope you enjoy it!!! 😀

    This Design features a little Petting zoo up at the top near the Fireworks, Candy & Puppies store, The Blocko store with a little Play area out at the back of it, A Performance Park, A mini Botanical Gardens, Bumper Carts, Easter Egg Hunt area with baskets, childrens park and of course the Easter Float as a centerpiece! 🙂

    Sorry if the image is a little choppy, I used AutoStitch. :/


  6. I have a few pictures:
    The first is the banana dictatorship and an Easter banner
    The next is the blocko store which I put next to the maple store as it is two famous stores.
    Finally I have an Easter garden with the alien topiarys


    1. I have just realised that I meant to post this on the ‘what have you done with Easter’ page. I posted it on the wrong one.


      1. Okay Unfortunately our software will not allow us to move comments form one thread to another which I hate but that means you’re gonna have to resubmit your comment on the proper thread. Sorry.


  7. Is there many entries so far? 🙂


    1. Im not telling 🙂


      1. LOL! Thanks Em!! I was only told about this about 2hrs ago by Kays! I’ve already submited mine!! 😛


    2. We wouldn’t expect loads to come through yet since people are still collecting stuff, ec5. However we’ve had a couple so far. People have 2 weeks to submit 🙂


  8. I actually knew Adi before he became so famous!


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