TopiX History Files: Bernice Hibbert/Vulgari Jewelry Store

Well Level 41 has arrived and with it we are completing the Hibbert family, our new (using the term loosely) free character is none other than Bernice Hibbert and I am here to let you know the background (show and game) history/information on our newest character and building: Vulgari Jewelry Store. So lets all get educated and jump into our latest level 41 post:


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Hello Tappers!

The site has been quiet this week, so I thought I’d break the silence! We are almost close to our one year anniversary of the arrival expansion update of Squidport. On June 12, 2013 the long waited and rumoured update of Squidport arrived! So since we are almost at our one year anniversary of the Squidport update what could we expect this year? An update to the Squidport expansion or maybe something new?



The main feature of the Squidport update was that is was the first update that brought NEW land and made an expansion on the game. If we are going to get something similar to the Squidport update, then we could be expecting more land! Loads of rumours and speculation have been surfing the tapped out net about different updates that could arrive on the Squidport anniversary which include, A Monorail update, A Chili Cook Off Festival, Stonecutters and many more. However the one thing everyone is hoping that will arrive is more L-A-N-D, LAND! I was very curious about what we could be expecting, so I started to chat to an EA adviser about an upcoming update!


NOTE: This may be classed as a mild spoiler so please avoid the rest of this post if you don’t want to know. However this is only a small spoiler not confirming any content just confirming a BIG update coming soon!

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A TopiX Farewell: Thank You Adi

Hello Tappers!

On May 24th 2014 at 9:00pm (GMT) TheAdiposeTV aired his final stream for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. TheAdiposeTV ended his last stream showing off the best of the best along with the results of ‘The BIG Easter Show-Off’. The stream had its usual laughs, glitches and all in all FUN! However this stream also left us with tears as TheAdiposeTV came to an end for The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Adi began his first LIVE stream with The Simpsons: Tapped Out on a Saturday night during the 2nd of November at the usual time slot of 9pm (GMT). He began his first LIVE stream with the Springfield Downs, I cannot find the actual first LIVE stream video or highlights video on Youtube however here below is the announcement video of his LIVE streaming with The Simpsons – Tapped Out:

For those of you who don’t know much about TheAdiposeTV he actually started recording videos for The Simpsons: Tapped Out long before his LIVE streams. On May 6th 2013, TheAdiposeTV posted his first video of The Simpsons: Tapped Out on Youtube which included him talking about house designing. At this stage TheAdiposeTV had only just came into the game during the end of Whacking Day which we see him in a level 8 town. His first tapped out video can be seen below:

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Level 41 FULL-Walkthrough: Vulgari Aspirations

Hello Tappers!


Level 41 has just arrived and it brought the arrival of the Hibbert family and the freemium character of Bernice Hibbert! There is a new walk-through of quests along with the arrival of Bernice Hibbert with level 41 and this post will guide you through the dialogue of the level 41 quest ‘Vulgari Aspirations’. If you want to just view our Kwik-Tap Guide it can be found here.

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 1:


Moe: Somethin’ a matter Doc? You look adder than a caged panda.

Moe: .. not that I know what a caged panda looks like or anything. Hehe. *Cough*

Dr. Hibbert: I’m lonely, Moe. What’s the point of laughing inappropriately if you have no one to share it with?

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UPDATE: EA Apologizes with FREE Donuts!

Hello Tappers!

An update happened around an hour ago while watching TheAdiposeTV. On a Saturday! EA arrived with an update to apologize for the recent lag issues many of us have been experiencing!

UPDATE, Glitches Fixes

We’re sorry for the recent frame rate issues. But now that things have finally returned to normal, we’d like to thank you for your patience with 20 free donuts!

Also If you missed the latest update episode tie-in for ‘The Yellow Badge of Cowardge’ then you were able to get the update again due to some players not being able to play the episode tie-in due to lag issues.


So what do you think of EA’s FREE 20 donuts? Is that enough from EA or would you expect more? Does 20 donuts make up for last weeks game issues? Please comment in our comment section below about this recent update. Some players are yet to receive this update however you may get it soon.

Happy Claiming Donuts, Nathan.

Premium Guide: The Duff Party Liner

Hello Tappers!

Level 41 arrived this week with a brand new decoration for your Squidport. The Duff Party Liner! In this post we will be taking a look at the latest premium boat for tapped out with some game information, background history and finally some pros and cons, which will hopefully help you make your decision on purchasing The Duff Party Liner.



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Outsiders’ Musings XL: Time for a recap

Hello, and here we are in week 40 of Outsider’s Musings (that’s the XL if you hadn’t noticed) so as I have previously done every ten editions, here is a recap of the last ten weeks’ thoughts by me:

  • XXXI – empty-play syndrome (and a poll for everyone)
  • XXXII – get ready to spend your hearts out
  • XXXIII – New words created by Tapped Out
  • XXXIX – I have some hearts to grind (also, KL stable)
  • XXXV – St Patrick’s – placeholder for massive update?
  • XXXXVI – Could we ever have too many characters?
  • XXXVII – slower tapping & freeway madness
  • XXXIX – Super Bowl with Origin

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Guest Posts for TopiX

Well, I have a bit of cleaning up to do here, I haven’t made myself clear and because of that the writers have suffered, the site has and you, the readers have also. I mixed up the intentions of this post and am here now to clarify, before I get started I want to formally and sincerely apologise to you all, I know a few of you have suffered because of my naivety here, I hope that we can still be neighboureenos. So, lets clear this whole thing up:

Here at TopiX we are always keen to hear from you, we love your ideas, we love your knowledge and we love hearing from a different perspective. That is why I am writing this post: To remind you that you can have a say here. We are always ready and willing to take in guest posts and we don’t have to create a post just so you can know that. So if you ever want to submit a guest post, please feel free. However I suggest you read the rest of this post first.

When it comes to guest posting, generally we are looking for a reader who has an original idea for a post. We don’t need repeats of previous posts, we want originality.

We also have to admit that not everyone can be a guest poster, if every single reader wrote a post for us and we promised to use every single one, you wouldn’t hear much from us as the writers now would you? This means that if we decide to go a different path with some of your guest posts or if we decide to spread each guest post we receive out, we have the right to do so.

This is not a call for more writers, we have a full and great team of eight of us and even though we fall behind occasionally we are happy where we are. If we were to add another person to our team we would let you know in a very clear way.

We’re not looking for resumes, we’re looking for happy readers who want to contribute to the community in some way

Last time we did a writer contest (where Jason won, before I was even around) we said that some of the unsuccessful posts may be used as guest posts, as these mostly revolved around halloween they were made redundant, however we are currently looking back and seeing if any can be used. If you sent a submission in and were not successful and you know that your post was/is original and relevant, let us know in the comments and we

We are mostly looking for one-offs, I did stuff this up a bit earlier but we aren’t necessarily looking for constant guest posts. We are looking for fun, original one time posts. This doesn’t mean that we won’t be asking one of you to keep writing for us, but we’re not making any promises

As most of you are aware that we leave speculation to a rare post, we do this for a few reasons however this does not make it completely off limits for you, this ties back to one of our previous paragraphs where we might delay your speculation guest post as to spread them out, this becomes complicated as it might be outdated with delay. My suggestion is: don’t pick speculation

We would also like to add that by submitting a guest post you are allowing us to edit it or not accept it altogether, I have already talked about not posting it so lets talk about editing it. This can include grammar, spelling, incorrect information and so on.

They don’t need to be sent in now, you can wait until november until you decide to do one or send one in, it doesn’t matter, this is just a reminder sort of post.

Lastly but not leastly, please submit all guest posts to “” for us to look at as a team.


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How do the level 41 buildings and items affect the Conform-o-meter?

Level 41 added one new building, the Vulgari Jewelry Store. Three decorations were added to Springfield, the Unfinished Shed, Duff Party Liner and Bloodmobile. Here is how the Conform-o-meter ratings are affected by the new items:

Building or Item Rating Points
Vulgari Jewelry Store
Consumerism 10
Unfinished Shed
Indolence 10
Duff Party Liner
Vanity 750
Vanity 2270

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TSTO app update available…

Update: An Android update has also been released.

A TSTO app update for iOS and Android devices is now available on the respective app store. It says it is version 4.8.3, but doesn’t say specifically what it is for, other than some text talking about the recent level 41 update.

After downloading the iOS update, I found a big change in playability, the lag monster is gone! I’m curious if the other problems reported are fixed too, like those who have had issues getting into Krustyland.

There weren’t any changes to the game scripts, so I’m assuming this update is just to fix glitches.