Easter 2014. Father Sean’s Full Walkthrough. White Collar Hero

Hi guys.

After all the heartache and trouble and frantic box opening, I finally got a golden ticket. Or, in this case 500 golden eggs along with the golden chance to win great prizes however, luck just wasn’t with me. After opening over 25 golden boxes, when I finally stopped counting, my prayers were answered and Father Sean emerged from the misty smog. So without further delay here is Father Sean’s full walkthrough, White Collar Hero.


When you win Father Sean, you will have to wait for Homer to be free as he will kick off the event. You can preset Father Sean to be cool on his motorbike task to make part 1 quicker.

White Collar Hero. Part 1.
Required characters:Homer, Father Sean.

Father Sean: Excuse me? Your vehicle appears to be on my bike.

Homer: Too late! the gang has me! I’ll be chain-whipped to a bloody pulp!

Father Sean: Relax friend. The only “gang” I run with meets Sunday mornings at St. Thomas More church.

Homer: Your motorcycle gang meets in a church? Whoa, that’s pretty hard-core.

Homer: I sure am sorry about your bike. If you need to inflict gruesome street justice on me, I understand.

Father Sean: Instead, why not make it up to me by attending a service? We’re always looking for new members. See you Sunday!

Homer: Oh my God. I’m going to be in a motorcycle gang! This is the greatest day of my life!

The first task is to make Father Sean be cool on his motorcycle for 12 hours. You will receive a bonus $100 and 10 XP upon completion of the task. Homer needs to be free when he finishes however, you can keep the task going by making Father Sean quote contemporary rappers in a sermon while you are waiting for Homer to be free.

White Collar Hero. Part 2.
Required characters:Homer, Father Sean.

Flanders: What truly horrible news!

Homer: It IS great, isn’t it? Yeah, my gang leader is called Father Sean. Which, I don’t need to tell you, is a very cool nickname.

Homer: On Sundays, we throw these sick gang parties. We sing songs, and drink Sacramento wine…

Homer: And you know how bad guys in movies are always quoting from the Bible? Father Sean does that too. A ton. Because he’s the most evil gang leader ever.

Homer: But he also quotes from contemporary rap songs. Kind of speaks to all us gang-types on our level, you know? He’s so awesome.

Flanders: Homer, I’m not entirely sure this “gang” is what you think it is.

Well, Homer said it so it’s now time to get Father Sean to quote contemporary rappers in a sermon for the next 8 hours. Upon completion, your will earn an extra $100 and 10 XP as a bonus. Again, Homer will kick off part 3 again with the help of Father Sean and if Homer is busy, be sure to set Father Sean play drums in a priest band to speed up the quest.

White Collar Hero. Part 3.
Required characters and building:Homer, Father Sean and Moe’s Tavern.

Homer: How twisted is that? “The Pope.” Just like that dude in Rome who’s way nicer than the one that cant before him.

Flanders: Homer, brace yourself. I think this “gang” you joined is actually the C-c-c-c… oh, I can’t say it. It’s too horrible.

Homer: Out with it, stupid Flanders!

Flanders: The Catholic Church! *SOBS UNCONTROLLABLY*

Homer: Church?! Father Sean, are you saving my eternal soul? How dare you!

Father Sean: Let’s talk about this later, yeah? My band is about to go on stage.

Homer: Your band! Stop making religion cool, Celibate Fonzie!

If you haven’t reached level 15, unlocked and built Moe’s Tavern yet, the quest will pause here. If you have it already, you need to make Father Sean play drums in a priest band for 1 hour. You will earn a bonus $100 and 10 XP after finishing. Father Sean will continue part 4.

White Collar Hero. Part 4.
Required characters:Father Sean.

Homer: I’m just bummed out there’s no motorcycle gang. Because deep down I want what every man wants…

Homer: …to belong to a doctrinaire, hierarchical organization that enforces its will through intimidation and violence.

Father Sean: But the Catholic Church did all those things and more.

Homer: Sure, but then Pope Francis came along and ruined everything. With all his caring about poor people, and seeming like a decent guy. Disgusting!

Father Sean: I’ll admit, it’s been an adjustment for all of us.

Now it’s time to get Father Sean to make Catholicism cool for 4 hours. You will receive a bonus $100 and 10 XP upon completion. Father Sean will conclude the final part when he finishes his task.

White Collar Hero. Part 5.
Required characters:Father Sean.

Homer: What, all I need to punch my heaven ticket is to repent my sins right before I die, correct?

Father Sean: Well, uh, TECHNICALLY that’s true…

Homer: So I can sin all I want, then, just before I croak, I say “My bad, sorry guys,” and I get the same result that a genuinely good person would?

Father Sean: Uhhhhhhhhh…

Homer: Loophole!

Father Sean: You’re not really appreciating the spirit of the thing…

Homer: Hey, don’t blame me if you guys goofed when you wrote the rules. See ya on my deathbed, dude. Not a moment before.

Now send Father Sean to regret meeting Homer Simpson. The task takes 24 hours and will reward you with a bonus $100 and 10 XP upon completion.

Thats were the walkthrough finishes and this was very similar to the episode in which Father Sean appeared, Father, son and the holy guest-star (season 16, episode 21). Overall, I found this walkthrough to be the best in a while. Too bad its such a ridiculously difficult one to claim. Good luck with the rest of the event and I hope you can get him.

Happy tapping.



49 thoughts on “Easter 2014. Father Sean’s Full Walkthrough. White Collar Hero

  1. Well I haven’t done the update yet – trying to get some last-second eggs. After weeks of tap-tap-tapping, friend visiting and box opening…..at Easter’s end I still didn’t receive:

    1. Faberge Egg
    2. Kang Topiary
    3. Father Sean
    4. Shary Bobbins
    5. Lizards

    BOO Easter event!!!


  2. Bullfrog283 05/13/2014 — 17:11

    Update just hit the app store. No new content. It only removes Easter. Here’s hoping for something in 24 hrs!


  3. I’m pretty bummed about this event… I used 100 doughnuts and didn’t get the Mexican restaurant, sherry bobbins, hugs the bunny or the lizards. Also I have 48 pieces of fence. If the event doesn’t extend then I’ll miss the free doughnuts by two pieces of fence 😦 I wish they would go back to the way they ran earlier events. Also I never even got the fancy egg, so I only had three baskets to put out the entire event. It felt like a horrible grind with no real payoff. I did get father Sean and enjoyed his quest line. Silver lining I suppose…


    1. Completely agree with you. More than a month of tapping and collecting eggs, and nothing! I felt like deleting the game out of seer annoyance. Retrospectively, I wish I hadn’t spent donuts – I’m missing out on father Sean, hugs the bunny etc.. I got 50 fence pieces, but I would exchange them anytime for father Sean.


  4. Scott (aka, Shakusky) 05/13/2014 — 14:41

    Sadly…no Father Sean for me! 😦 I got everything else I wanted..and a lot of stuff I didn’t want and would like to sell…or (in the case of the Easter fences and gates) stuff I’d like to be able to use to decorate Krustyland (along with my Halloween stuff!). Easter isn’t over until June 8th…but I’m so glad the eggs are leaving TSTO!


    1. black_heart 05/13/2014 — 17:11

      Same. I’ve spent over 100 donuts on gold eggs alone trying for Father Sean and still nada. Though I did get everything else so I feel bad for complaining. But I want it all damn it!! I don’t like that we can’t just work get a requisite number of eggs and then get the item. That seems more fair to me.


  5. Samantha (ahtnamas14) 05/13/2014 — 11:16

    Like everyone else, I too am missing Shary Bobbins and Hugs Bunny plus one I personally would have loved to have, the egg council guy. I was lucky enough to get Father Sean but I feel bad because I know not everyone was as lucky with him. Go back to the way you used to do things, EA! Your customers whether paying or freemium are NOT HAPPY.


  6. Crazy_Dino82 05/13/2014 — 10:47

    Does anyone know when the event will end? I miss 6 fences to get my free doughnuts and is planing to delay updating as long as possible.


    1. The almost likely be in in-store update not long after the timer is finished however, you don’t have to update it straight away. When the update comes only EA knows though. I hope you get your six fences


      1. The timer has finished in my town,
        I expect the update to drop within the next 8 hours


        1. I haven’t checked but yes if the timer has finished, there will be an in store update soon. Should be within 6 hours. They normally come in at 3am for me


  7. Last hours, and iv only got sherry bobbins left
    I don’t thinkmi will get enough gold eggs in time
    And I refuse to pay out for gold eggs now, not when the chance of getting her is so low
    It’s doing my head in, as I’m very OCD I need to have everything in the collections.

    Iv played since day one, when it first came out on iOS. And have stayed with it though thick and thin. But this event has been crap, I would have taken whacking day over this. At least we stood a chance of getting everything. Here we don’t.

    I wanna thank you guys here on this blog, for doing such a crack up job.
    Your team, walkthoughs, write ups.
    Make the game worth it, and keep me playing
    Thanks guys great job as always


  8. AmandaHugKis 05/13/2014 — 07:24

    Just saw Gil begging in a friends town…


    1. Yeah if you’re seeing Gil right now chances are your friend isn’t playing the legit game. There are no Gil deals currently so he isn’t out.


  9. I spend about 80 donuts for the gold prizes. Only got father shawn and i got two fences and two Gates. This event sucks…. i want to collect everything but they make it too hard.

    We didnt get anything for free on easter like a bunny or something else premium.


    1. I agree. That too was up to luck, or donuts. The faberge egg was a joke.


  10. I have being playing daily for more than a year , and this is the only event I didn’t even get the half of the prices, just fences, trees, and ponds…what a waste of time.

    i think I’m getting bored of the game already, specially after this garbage.



  11. boywithnoname 05/13/2014 — 04:46

    This is the 1st time since they introduced the luck based wheel that i didn’t win everything on offer. Miss out on hugs bunny, sherry and the one thing i really really want – blocko store. Managed to clear my main blue coloured box on the 6th day. Thought everything will be fine but they all went downhill from there. Didn’t get a single basket for a whole of the 3rd week. Luckily got that easter egg thing just few taps after i finished my main quest. Spent almost everyday tapping close to 80 neighbours & still can’t have them all. I dont know if i can do any better. It’ll leave some bitter taste when i visit neighbours with stuff that i don’t have. Owh, and I’m 9 short of the targeted 51 fences with 3 hours left. Rant’s over. This event sucks.


    1. You’ll find that there will be an in store update most likely and you’ll have the option at least for a day to update.


      1. boywithnoname 05/14/2014 — 06:12

        Yes. I’m delaying the update and just got blocko store. Almost jumping out of my chair. I dont think i’ll have any luck with the other two premium items but i’ll only update once i’m forced to. Who knows i can get the 9 fences.


        1. That is so Great! 😀


  12. I only got everything because I spent close to 80 dollars on donuts. Most of my friends don’t spend money on the game and as a result they haven’t been able to get the main prizes. It’s a pity EA is alienating some of its most devoted players.


  13. After two years, hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours, I think I’m done. I visited all 100 friends every day, I planted carrots four times a day and spent about 100 donuts. I still don’t have Fiesta Joe’s, Father Sean or Sherry Bobbins. I think I’ll take a few days after this event and make a final decision, but kudos to EA for killing my love of this game.


    1. I agree. I think a letter to ea about the disappointment of the past 4 events needs to be done on behalf of the tsto community.


      1. Past 4 events? I really enjoyed the Halloween event. Is there one I’m forgetting? Christmas, Valentines, and Easter…


        1. Yes, sorry there was a mini event in there i was talking about. Easter, st Patrick’s day (repeated items and poor story line), valentines and Christmas. Even thanksgiving mini event with the decent story and free turkey was good. The downfall was from Christmas on.


  14. thelittleprince 05/13/2014 — 00:23

    Incidentally, got him on my first gold box! Lucky me I guess! I enjoyed the quest and his 12-hour task is cool!


    1. It was the only quest i enjoyed. The main event took too long to get to the good parts and shary was kind of distasteful. Father Sean was like the episode in which he appeared which was good


      1. I agree, Father Sean WAS really good. I thought Shary Bobbins could have been good, considering the direction they went (I’m a pro wrestling fan, so admittedly, my threshold for bad taste is much lower than most–lol). I thought it was too short and wound up being pretty bland. Hugs Bunny’s storyline felt really uninspired to me.


  15. MasonGuitard 05/13/2014 — 00:22

    Off topic but in the last 8 hours of the event, I got a pink egg basket. As soon as I put it down, the egg symbol was already above it for me to click! I then clicked it and got my 400 eggs. I’m guessing a glitch.


    1. People are desperate to swap eggs so it fills up fast as baskets are rare at the end of the event 🙂


    2. Could be but it could be that someone visited your town at that time. The other day i was cleaning my town when I went to collect from a brown house and suddenly the icon changed to a hand shake.


  16. esteban2808 05/12/2014 — 21:22

    It would be nice if I could get him.


    1. Good luck. I hope you do. It took me well over 25 boxes to get him.


      1. esteban2808 05/13/2014 — 06:35

        I have had over 30 gold boxes. Some bought still no sean or bobbins. Haven’t got the lizards from pink boxes either but less concerned about them. I mainly like collecting playable characters and buildings


  17. Hope EA makes a 2 week extension of this €&@$%#£¥ event!


    1. Mr. Lemming 05/12/2014 — 23:08

      Part of me agrees just because I’m close to 50 fences finally (42 and counting), but another part of me just wants this hell to be over.


    2. Not just an extention but more eggs and a change of odds.


  18. Im never going to get Father Sean :/
    as a freemium player I got every single item from the easter boxes execpt father sean (and shary bobbins and chripy boy + bart jr)

    I hope I get him at my last gold box


    1. I played hard and didn’t get any of the big prizes from the gold boxes. Got the egg council guy, Fiesta Joe’s and the Blocko store- that’s it. Don’t know how (as a freemium player) I could have played harder. The social game hardly helped- this event was all about spending donuts apparently.


      1. Agreed. This was horrible! No amount of hard tapping was rewarded. Boooooo!


      2. Yes sadly it seemed to be a cover for EAs cash cart.


      3. esteban2808 05/13/2014 — 06:31

        What are the chances EA is sick of the game/ran out of ideas and just trying to get people to stop playing. It sure seems like it.


        1. I doubt it. More like what are the chances EA is money hungry, ran out of ideas on promoting the game and are just trying to use Easter event as a cash cart.


      4. esteban2808 05/13/2014 — 06:33

        Halloween 2013 has been the best event Andriod has seen, all events should be based on that model.


        1. Halloween has been the best event for all platforms. Although it was difficult whacking day would come in second


      5. Seeing that EA makes millions off of this game, I find it hard to believe they would intentionally sabotage one of their major cash cows.

        This event, in no way, benefitted anybody who pays for donuts. I don’t like to throw the word around, but this has been a rather SLEAZY event.

        Mickus, I agree, Halloween was the best, followed closely by Whacking Day, and I loved Whacking Day!


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