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The site has been quiet this week, so I thought I’d break the silence! We are almost close to our one year anniversary of the arrival expansion update of Squidport. On June 12, 2013 the long waited and rumoured update of Squidport arrived! So since we are almost at our one year anniversary of the Squidport update what could we expect this year? An update to the Squidport expansion or maybe something new?



The main feature of the Squidport update was that is was the first update that brought NEW land and made an expansion on the game. If we are going to get something similar to the Squidport update, then we could be expecting more land! Loads of rumours and speculation have been surfing the tapped out net about different updates that could arrive on the Squidport anniversary which include, A Monorail update, A Chili Cook Off Festival, Stonecutters and many more. However the one thing everyone is hoping that will arrive is more L-A-N-D, LAND! I was very curious about what we could be expecting, so I started to chat to an EA adviser about an upcoming update!


NOTE: This may be classed as a mild spoiler so please avoid the rest of this post if you don’t want to know. However this is only a small spoiler not confirming any content just confirming a BIG update coming soon!

So as I got chatting to EA, I asked them about what could we expect for the one year anniversary of the Squidport update. The chat between myself and the adviser can be seen below. I have removed the advisers name for obvious reasons. The major points are highlighted in bold red.

General Info
Chat start time  May 30, 2014 2:57:49 PM EST
Chat end time  May 30, 2014 3:28:39 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time)  00:30:50
Operator  –


Me: Hi – I was wondering as The Simpsons Tapped Out is reaching its one year anniversary of the Squidport update what will we get this year? An update on Squidport or a new expansion update?

Adviser: Umm.. It is kind of some secret! And the sales and developing team is getting extra careful in protecting this information!

Adviser: So I think that we will need to wait for the surprise!

Me: I heard rumors of Stonecutters, Monorail, ect? Will it be one of them or something bigger?!

Adviser: We can hope! I would like to tell you that apart from being an adviser I am also a gamer and I can understand your eagerness for surprises. But believe me that I am also waiting for it!

Me: So you do know about the update?

Adviser: Not for now, but we will get it soon!


Me: Are we in for a BIG surprise then and will it be an update that requires App Store update?

Adviser: Yes 🙂

Me: I’m excited already, I just hope we get more land!

Adviser: Of-course! Same here 🙂

Adviser: Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with today? I’ll be glad to help you.

Me: That is all thank you, just hoped you could have given me more information on this update we are getting soon

Adviser: Hahaha…. It’s been a pleasure to assist you. Thank you for contacting EA Support and chatting with me. I appreciate your time. Please feel free to contact us again in the future. Have a great day!

Me: Thank You

Adviser: As we are done with everything for today, you may now go ahead and press the ‘End Chat’ button to end this conversation smoothly. Take care and goodbye. 🙂

-End of Chat-

So as you can see EA has something BIG planned that will be arriving soon! So far we know that EA is keeping this top-secret from their advisers and they don’t want it to be leaked. We also know that it will be arriving soon as an app store update. And we are going to be in for one BIG surprise! As soon as we get more information it will be posted along with spoilers if more arrive. However like the adviser said, they are trying to keep this update top-secret until its released!

What are your theory’s about this update? What are you hoping the update will be and what it will bring? Please post your thoughts in our comment section below. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


42 thoughts on “BIG UPDATE COMING SOON!?

  1. I’m OK with some cosmetic changes that are considered big updates to the mechanics of the game. Like Day/Night. Ability to place cars on streets instead of them being empty. Ocean expansion and Land Expansion. Would look forward to Burn’s Casino on Squidport.


  2. I’d love to see a long event for atleast a month where we have good stuff!
    Like personal prizes and such.


  3. A completely new area, just like Krustyland only this time it’ll be West Springfield, or the ‘Badlands’. Maybe it can be linked by a road tile at the end of town. Complete with desert ground, dirt roads, new characters like Lurleen Lumpkin, new buildings like the trailer park and the steakhouse and the oil fields, and decorations like cactus and telegraph poles.

    That or a damn day-night switch where the lights of Springfield will light up. I need this before the July 4 fireworks.

    Finally, in Winter we need to expand to the mountains and build the Mount Useful Ski Resort.


  4. With the egg council guy already in the game the Stonecutters would be a great addition. So many possible mission lines involving a lot if characters. That plus the Maison Derriere and the Lil Lisa Slurry Factory!


  5. A world cup update where there had been a soccer/football riot (there is an episode with that) and we need to use all our millions of dollars to rebuild the town 🙂
    Or Tiny tots child care with Maggie! The monobrow baby could be premium.


  6. I hope it’s new land
    and World Cup Soccer

    The World Cup is also June 12
    Welcome to Brazil Players!


  7. Someday, if I can dream out loud, I would love a street view feature. To be able to explore your Springfield by walking around the streets of the town you created. Probably impossible.


  8. I heard it was West Springfield, the desert area where the kids go on a field trip? The Devil’s anvil and cactus and boulder decorations and dirt roads and pathways and a place for Mount Carlmore? Maybe it was just a dream I had.


  9. Coming soon: 5 new currencies that must be traded 7 seven different ways for wheel spins to determine how many donuts more land will cost!

    Seriously tho, an expansion to Squidport or Krustyland would be cool. Maybe a new splash screen to more land if it makes it easier? Personally, I would think even bigger, like mini games, interiors etc., but I’d certainly settle for some more freemium, and good premium content.

    Anything besides another convoluted event. I remember this one time I got a mystery box, only to find another mystery box inside. Opening that box yielded yet ANOTHER mystery box! Inside that one was disappointment (parking lot)…that’s kinda how I’ve felt about the past few events…


      • Oh yeah! I love those characters you mentioned and yes I know Kearney zzyzwick jr is a minor character who doesn’t even appear in the simpsons season 8 and 20 seasonth poster.but nice ideas


  10. I’m hoping the update will inspire a summer project of remodeling the town. Unless they can keep rolling out an event every two weeks to keep me tapping away. Squidport was a disappointment. Krustyland was a let down. It would be great if they did something in those areas to inspire me to go to those areas of Springfield. WhT I would love is better/improved character management. I want to be able to find my characters while they are doing a task.


    • I really don’t like the creative limitations of KL and SP. There are so many things I want to add to KL and SP that are restricted, and KP, SP items I would LOVE in my SF.

      If we could just add things where we wanted, in each area, I think it would be 100 times more fun.


  11. I’ve got a case of major-event-overload. I miss the days where we went weeks without updates. I’d love to see us maintain the status quo for at least another month. And not to be a contrarian, I don’t think we need more land. The current land situation requires a creative design and economy of space, rather than just mindless sprawl.


  12. Really hope its land! Seeing as it said not long ago ” no land apart from in the squidport extention” or something along those lines cant quite remember. And new content too!


      • that would be cool. I can already see homer in his soccer outfit.
        also if we get more land i’d like to get an feature to select more decorations and buildings to move.
        As for thw orld cup related idea i hope we get that. (lets collects soccerballs and cups)


    • The World Cup is in Brazil this year, right? Maybe we’ll see an appearance by Lisa’s friend Ronaldo.


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