Glitch Fix: Prizes You Deserve

Hey tappers, Flint here with a short but especially important post.

Do you suffer from having more stonecutter emblems but not having the prizes that go along with them?

Have you been wanting that Stone of Triumph or Money Pool but the game won’t give them to you even though you have earned enough emblems for them?

Are you fed up with emailing EA because you haven’t gotten prizes that you have spent day after day collecting emblems for? Well, here is your fix!


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Premium Guide: Gil’s Golden Deal

UPDATE: Solid Gold Walk-through added to post! 

Hello Tappers!

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week however the weekend has come and I’m back up and running! So the Stonecutters event may be coming to an end however EA slipped in another update within the event that brought the arrival of Gil and a fantastic limited time deal! The Golden Gil Offer arrived in tapped out and in this post we will be looking at if you should purchase this limited time offer!


We will be looking at the features of the deal along with some game information and some background history on the golden offer! This will be a normal premium guide however the only difference is that we are looking at a deal from Gil. So lets get started!:

Gil’s Golden Deal!:

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Level 42 Overview

Well I’m going to start this off on a happy note! I’m on holidays! Report cards are done, marking is finished and school holidays for me (a teacher) are here! This means I have a bit of catching up to do on the site. I am digging through our drafts, our premium guides and our TopiX History Files so that I can play some serious catch up in the next few weeks, I am first going to cover the things in the drafts, than any new update information and move on to things TopiX hasn’t yet covered from the past (you may see some easter things come up, sorry to bring that event back to mind). Anywho, you didn’t come here to read this! You came for a level overview! I guess that I am here to give you a full overview, one with information on the quest lines, game information, images and much much more. So instead of me telling you what I will write about, I am going to write about it. Please read on!


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What Changed with the June 26th Update?

An in-game update arrived this morning with a new Gil deal. For more details, see this post here. But what else has changed? See below!

  • The store-all buildings & decorations feature has been re-enabled. Along with enabling the storage of lots of buildings and decorations again. Yay! For more detail on this feature, see Mickus’ post here.
  • A ‘useLocalTime=”true”‘ tag has been added to the Number 1 daily tasks. The tasks should now reset at midnight local time rather than 08:00 GMT. It was already this way for me, as my tasks did reset at midnight my time, but I’m curious if this will affect others.

Let us know if you spot anything else!

Homer has done it once so Let’s blow up Springfield once again. The new edit menu

Hi guys.
So, who can wipe out an entire town with a tap of a button? Homer can, that’s who and now you can too with the new editing feature. Along with the 2014 Stonecutter’s mini event came a couple of new additions to the editing side to the game.

We’ve all been nagging EA and finally they have answered us with a new option to waste out entire town putting it all into the inventory. There is a catch however….

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Gil is here with a Golden Offer

Hi Y’all!

In-Game update and Gil roams the streets of Springfield.
I’m doing the announcement as the rest of the team is working hard.
A Walkthrough and details will follow.
Note: the offer does NOT include Chester J Lampwick!


The Offer is for the Solid Gold House and costs 250 Donuts and the offer is valid for Five days.

Should you buy this?
Well, it is limited and sort of cool but it is also very unnecessary and big. If you do not like it – do not get it! The payout is not that great.

It comes with a quest, just started it and I do not rush it – so details on that will come later.

Hope this helps,
Happy Tapping

Outsiders’ Musings XLII: Your origins on Origin

origin_logoHere I am, Mr Average-Tapped-Out-Player, ready once again to talk about my game in a I’m-just-like-you way, to appease those of you here for something more than walkthroughs and spoilers – is the idea but does it work that way? Who knows?

Right, thought I’d talk about Origin today, because I haven’t really focused on it yet and surely it’s about time. So Origin, that’s EA’s distribution software that games players keep their accounts on. Yes, you probably knew that. My prompt today is how did we find out about it originally? I have a feeling that a very small number of players actually already knew about Origin before they started playing Tapped Out, and most of those would be the younger generation who use Origin already on EA console games. It is quite likely that the majority of Tapped Out Origin users started using it for the same reason as me – you almost lost your town and wanted to secure it, and took the prompt to register for Origin once it was flashed up, plus, you probably like the benefits of being able to visit friends and play on other devices which you were wanting to do already. Continue reading

Premium Guide: Itchy & Scratchy Billboard

Hello Tappers!

We are now less than 12 days away from reaching the end of the Stonecutters event! However EA was kind enough to give us level during the half way point of the event for something to keep us occupied while collecting emblems. The new level of level 42 arrived in our towns and with every level there will always be some premium items that you want to buy but are unsure if you are going to make the right decision. Hopefully by the end of this post you will have a full guide on the Itchy and Scratchy Billboard which will go towards helping you make the decision of purchasing the decoration.


We will start off this post with some game information on the billboard followed by some researched history files. There will also be a list of pros and cons on purchasing this item along with a complete summary in my opinion. So let’s get started…

Game Information:

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Kwik-Tap Guide: Level 42 Premium Walkthrough

Hello Tappers!

Level 42 has arrived in our Springfields! And with every update there is always a premium character with a premium quest and story waiting to be tapped. In this post I will be taking a look at the Kwik-Tap Guide for the level 42 premium walk-through of Chester J. Lampwick! There will be a premium guide up shortly however lets get onto his Kwik-Tap Guide!:


Bindle There, Done That Pt. 1:

Started By: Chester J. Lampwick

Character(s) Required: 

  • Homer Simpson
  • Chester J. Lampwick


  • Make Lampwick Look for Answers at the Bottom of a Bottle (4h)
  • Make Homer Look for Answers at the Bottom of a Bottle (4h)

Bindle There, Done That Pt. 2:

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How do the level 42 buildings and items affect the Conform-o-meter?

Level 42 added two buildings: Itchy & Scratchy Studios and KBBL Radio. Two decorations were added to Springfield, the Rocket Car and the Itchy & Scratchy Billboard. Here is how the Conform-o-meter ratings are affected by the new items:

Building or Item Rating Points
Itchy & Scratchy Studios
Obedience 10
KBBL Radio
Obedience 10
Rocket Car
Vanity 1200
Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
Vanity 400

The Rocket Car gives a 2% bonus to $ and XP, whereas the Itchy & Scratchy Billboard gives a 1% bonus.

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