Speculation: What to expect from June 2014

Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’m back to continue the monthly speculation to take a fun, educated guess as to what may come during June 2014. I will also look back at last years content and comparing our recent content to last years content. This will also be estimating the dates of what I think 2014 June will bring to Tapped Out. I have estimated a few things right over the last two posts however you can never expect what EA will bring next. Hopefully in this post I will give you a clue of what we could be getting in June 2014!

June 2013:

Lets have a look at last years content and when and what we got during June 2013. The first update of June 2013 was the arrival of the Squidport expansion. The Squidport expansion arrived on June 12, 2013 and was the first update in tapped out that brought new land to the game. This also brought along the expansion to the sea front along with some new buildings, characters, decorations and quests!




The final update of June 2013 arrived during the end of June on June 28th, 2013. This was the Fourth of July update which was classed as a mini event like Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s and the Super Bowl. The update was initially planned to be released on the 1st of July, however it arrived on the 28th of June. This brought some Fourth of July content which got removed on 8th July expect for Lincoln who was removed on July 25, 2013.


And there we have it! The only two updates of June 2013, there was no more new content during June as we only received the Squidport expansion and a small Fourth of July event.

February 2014 – May 2014:

I have been taking a look at the updates that we have had this year so far to the updates we had last year. I have noticed that EA have been going in the same pattern even though it may not be the same dates. Here is a list of the updates of 2013 from February to May along with a list of update of 2014 from February to May:


  • Gorgeous Grampa (Episode Tie-In) 
  • St. Patrick’s Day 2013 (Mini-Event)
  • Dark Knight Court (Episode Tie-In)
  • Level 27
  • What Animated Women Want (Episode Tie-In)
  • Whacking Day (Event)
  • Level 28
  • Whiskey Business (Episode Tie-In)
  • Level 29


  • Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much (Episode Tie-In)
  • St. Patrick’s Day 2014 (Mini-Event)
  • The War of Art (Episode Tie-In)
  • Level 39
  • Days of Future Future (Episode Tie-In)
  • Easter Event (Event)
  • Level 40
  • The Yellow Badge of Cowardge (Episode Tie-In)
  • Level 41

So as you can see EA has not gone with the same dates as last year. However you can see that they have been going in the same pattern as last year. This may just be a coincidence or it may be a clue. But during May 2014 and May 2013 there was some difference in the updates coming to the end of May, however I have excluded the dates from the end of May 2013.

June 2014 Speculation: 

Here is my June 2014 speculation of what I think we will get during June 2014. I have already got some news that there will be a BIG update coming soon which could be another expansion, see this post here. And when again talking to EA they told me that there will be an update either Monday or Tuesday which is probably going to be the BIG update!:

  • BIG UPDATE! – June 3rd 2014
  • Level 42 – June
  • Fourth of July – June 27th 2014

As you can see I speculate we could at least get a new level during June 2014 however I have lowered my speculation due to the low updates during June 2013.

The BIG Update!: See post here!

When talking to EA I asked them about the one year anniversary of Squidport and they replied that tappers are going to have a BIG surprise. When talking again to EA about when my game issues will be fixed they said in the next content update either Monday or Tuesday which could possibly be the BIG update!


L – A – N – D: 

It is possible we could be expecting more land. If this is going to be another expansion update then there is a high chance it will bring more land. However there is also another chance we will be receiving land as during ‘The War of Art’ episode tie-in, Homer mentioned something about land and the Squidport update. Since we are near the one year anniversary of the Squidport update it could bring more land as this was the first update to give us more land! (The dialogue can be seen below).


Friendship Points!:

Every month since the Friendship Points arrived we have been given one new level of the friendship points every month! This may be a pattern that EA a giving us one new friendship prize every month. I’m sure that we could expect another new friendship level during June. This may be with the BIG update or it may be with another update.

  • February 26th – Friendship Points Arrival
  • March 28th – Friendship Point E.A.R.L
  • April 9th – Friendship Point Capital City Goofball
  • May 15th – Friendship Point Cool Lisa

That is all from my monthly speculation of June. Happy Tapping, Nathan. And I will be back in July for another speculation post!



18 thoughts on “Speculation: What to expect from June 2014

  1. Nathan you rule for making all these posts, never see the other admins post anymore so just wanted to say well done and thankyou, check the site everyday


  2. New decorations that are reasonably priced. Not some decoration that costs $20. More land and hopefully an animated Monorail.


  3. I hope it’s an event that cost 30 dollars to participate in any meaningful way. I hope all of the good items are pay only so I cannot feel satisfied with the game unless I’m wasting money on donuts in return for “exclusive” content.

    I hope all of the free items are hard to achieve because they are based on chance with odds so low, it’s meant to encourage additional money being spent to complete the “free” items


    • Mark my words. They did one of fan requested events so 90% will be pay items. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. And it will cost you.


    • Dessert zone would be better. Tap your favorite dessert to get it delivered to your house because for some reason EA knows where you live….


  4. Maybe a dessert zone update? Or… “West Springfield”

    There are in the archives images of Satan´s Anvil (from S22 – The Scorpion Tale)
    and World’s Largest Toilet (from S10 – Homer Simpson in Kidney Trouble)


  5. If we are getting an event soon I’d like to see a World Cup themed one of some kind. EA have tried to keep things fresh by having Easter instead of Whacking day, so why not the World Cup instead of Squidport.


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