An Update Is On Its Way!

The next update has hit the DLC servers and info is pumping!! An event is on the way!! It will be an App Store update NOT an in-game update so keep checking your App Stores. Now that the DLC has been updated it’s only a matter of time before it hits the stores. Stay tuned for more info!!

A bit of advice: Keep ALL characters free!



16 thoughts on “An Update Is On Its Way!

  1. Interesting, there is no scheduled update for Tapped Out for me in the App Store (I keep checking every 5 min 😊), but if I look up the app in the store the picture of the icon is Homer in his stone cutter gown and it says under information Updated: June 3rd. So I would think the update would be coming today?


  2. Crud, I just sent “Cool Lisa” on her 24-hour task… Oh well, I think she’s at Krusty Burger and I can just store that one to free her. Woohoo! 😀


    • Event. Definitely NOT an expansion. I’m looking at the Land.xml file right now and it doesn’t appear to contain any more land either.


      • OK, thanks, I just thought the prize of the Lodge might indicate an expansion rather than an event. I’ve seen the other post with images, now it’s clear.


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