Stonecutters Event: The Number 1 Glitch

You have no idea how much I enjoy creating puns in the titles of my posts…

Yes, that’s right, this might not be the biggest and baddest glitch (therefore it probably isn’t the number 1 glitch), but the glitch involves one of our new characters: Number 1. This is just a shot post to let you know that it is a known and common issue.

EA is aware of this glitch and all we can do about it is wait for a fix in an in-game update. Anyways here is the rundown of the Number 1 glitch:

Number 1

When clicking on the Number 1 menu in the top right of your screen to get your secret tasks to earn emblems, it may only flash for a millisecond and it is desperately hard to read. Others have the rewards saying 0 seconds and some others have experienced different forms of the glitch. All because of Number 1.

So not to fear, EA is working on a fix and when it comes out we will have all the information on it!

As I said this is just a quick post, but hopefully it answers some of the brooding questions you all had.





155 thoughts on “Stonecutters Event: The Number 1 Glitch

  1. Spice got about six or seven characters stuck in The Stonecutter Lodge right now. They’re all done with whatever quest I sent them on a few days ago and all it says next to them is collect in the lodge’s drop down menu. Can’t get them out. Any thoughts?


  2. Hi am stuck on for scrolls to complete ones a lil leprecorn ones a violin a crossword n a box of trousers anyone help on who these go to and under what as tried everythin thanks in advance


  3. I’ve had friends swear they are tapping three building (cameras) but when I log in to collect them, there is often only one building that’s been spied. It’s happening almost daily, sometimes within my first hour or so of play. Anyone else having this issue? For me its not a huge deal. I’m getting enough tokens by the end of the day, but it is potentionally an issue for people with fewer opportunities for tokens.


    • Every tap on a camera should give you a pyramid/emblems. Sometimes they are hard to find, check KL too. I always look for the three taps but if your friend only taps the Lodge to maximize the payout and comes back when it’s cleared again…


      • I do a sweep of my entire town twice a day just to make sure I didn’t miss any buildings. It seems the problem happens with the same two friends. I asked one to click specific buildings, which he did. He got the points for clicking them, but on my side, only the stone cutter lodge had the pyramid eye above it. The other buildings still had the $ sign. Clicking on them didn’t return any emblems. I have one friend I’ve had to start skipping because visiting him will crash the game. Last time that happened it was due to a game version conflict. We ruled that out as a cause in this case.
        Like I said, it’s not a huge issue for me but it might be for others.


        • This doesnt sound good at all. Yes, a minor inconvenience but it still should not happen!
          I cant do anything but to tell you to Contact EA: Not sure if they are even aware that this is happening.
          Towns crashing games can have many reasons. For me it was that my friend(s) were shut out of their games – major freezing issues – no one could get in! until EA solved it, months later. It also happened in really big, full towns with over 6000 items. Arnie flying (60min/12h tasks) used to crash my game so Ive asked my friends to ground him.
          Thank you for sharing this. Good luck.


  4. Stonecutter no1 keeps telling me to send a saint to bible study, i do, no countdown, no credit, been happenin for a week now. My gf is owning me by about 2500 emblems, ipad mini.


    • Who are you sending? Try sending the rev lovejoy. If that doesn’t work try resetting your device. The task is held in the first church of Springfield.


  5. Smithers has been stuck at the power plant with the word “error” attached to him. I can’t get him out. I have logged out several times and he remains stuck. Any ideas?


    • Two possible fixes: Store the Powerplant Control Building in your inventory and place it back in the game, or do the same to Burns Mansion.


  6. HELP ! I’m no longer getting emblems when I visit my friends towns. I only get xp’s and cash. Can anyone suggest anything ? I’ve tried logging out and back in again, and closing and reopen ing the app. Thanks in advance.


    • The daily limit is 60 actions that pays emblems. After that you have to wait for the timer to reset (every 24h from the first action of the day). Even after your 60 actions are up you still help your neighbours by giving them pyramids when you spy and now you still get FPs for every action, so keep visiting.


      • Ah, right. I’ll still visit everyone else so that they can get the emblems. I’m urgently on 21.5k emblems so I think I’m on track. Only problem is, I don’t have Agnes skinner so don’t know what I’m going to do there. Can’t even find her for sale 😦


  7. That hasn’t been my problem luckily but my problem is that sometimes when I try to get into the game it will keep crashing so I can’t even get into it, is this the same with others?


    • It is common. Close app, shut off/restart device usually hepls. Check wifi/restart wifi.
      During update days the preassure on the servers are hugh, when everyone in the world tried to login at the same time and this results in connectivity issues – on those days just wait it out.


  8. I’m stuck on the stone of triumph in the emblem prizes. There’s a glitch where every time I open the game it gives it to me again. And It won’t give me anything past that. I know I have earned enough emblems to get more prizes but the glitch is making me stuck. I’ve tried closing the app, logging out of origin, even deleting and reinstalling. Anyone else having this problem?


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