Welcome to the Stonecutters & Side Quests

Hello Tappers!

Apart from having the two major quests ‘Game of Stones’ and ‘The Secret of the Cut Stone’. There are quite a lot of side quests with this event including welcoming quests to almost each Stonecutter costume you obtain, titled ‘Welcome to the Stonecutters’. This post is just a list of the side quests and ‘Welcome to the Stonecutters’ quests in Kwik-Tap Guide formation.


Side Quests:

For Your Security:

Started By: Marge

Task: Use the Town Census to Find Someone

Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us:

Started By: Auto


  • Tap Robed figures (x6)
  • “Visit Other Springfields and use Friend Actions to Spy on them and Earn Emblems!”

Trust No One

Started By: Auto

Task: Visit a Friend’s Town and Spy on their Buildings (x3)


NOTE: All tasks open once you have purchased or obtained the Stonecutter costume for that certain character.

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 21 (Moe):

Started By: Moe

Task: Make Number 21 (Moe) “Stock the Stonecutter Keggery” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 36 (Krusty):

Started By: Auto Trigger

Task: Make Number 36 (Krusty) “Promote Corn-sumerism” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 600 (Skinner):

Started By: Skinner

Task: Make Number 600 (Skinner) “Tamper with School Records” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 85 (Willie):

Started By: Willie

Task: Make Number 85 (Willie) “Fashion Robes into a Kilt” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 50 (Wiggum):

Started By: Wiggum

Task: Make Number 50 (Wiggum) “Dispose of Parking Tickets” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 111 (Grampa):

Started By: Grampa

Task: “Make Number 111 Reminisce How Things Were Better”. It takes 4 hours.

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 22 (Mayor Quimby):

Started By: Mayor Quimby

Task: “Make Number 22 Sneak in a Bylaw”. It takes 4 hours.

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 66 (Brockman):

Started By: Brockman

Task: “Make Number 66 Broadcast “Crackpot” Theories”. It takes 4 hours.

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 59 (Smithers):

Started By: Smithers

Task: “Make Number 59 Take Meeting Minutes”. It takes 4 hours.

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 14 (Carl):

Started By: Carl

Task: Make Number 14 (Carl) “Do Stonecutters Publicity Piece” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 12 (Lenny):

Started By: Lenny

Task: Make Number 12 (Lenny) “Haze Initiates” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 2 (Hibbert):

Started By: Dr. Hibbert

Task: Make 2 (Hibbert) “Re-jig Waiting Lists” – 4 hrs


Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 314 (Frink):

Started By: Frink

Task: Make 314 (Frink) “Create a Doomsday Weapon” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 5 (Jasper):

Started By: Jasper

Task: Make Number 908 (Homer) “Get Paddled” – 16 hrs (Requires Jasper and Homer)

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 79 (Disco Stu):

Started By: Disco Stu

Task: Make Number 79 (Disco Stu) “Host Disco Night at the Lodge” – 4 hrs

Welcome to the Stonecutters Number 67 (Arnie Pye):

Started By: Arnie Pye

Task:  Make Number 67 Redirect Traffic Flow – 4 hours.


Happy Tapping, Nathan


71 thoughts on “Welcome to the Stonecutters & Side Quests

    • No 51 should be a Premium Quest rather then a sidequest. Not sure why it hasnt been posted yet but the guys are really busy with work and I dont do gameplay posts. It will come.
      It has several parts, a bit quirky – no donut or emblem reward. No 51 only have two visible tasks (only one if you dont have the SC table) so that is disappointing. No building either so in my opinion is he overpriced and not worth the donuts but he is kinda cute and limited.


      • I got him for my B game, just so I could fill the SC table with all 4 Stonecutters singing. He is cute. I think he’s worth it.


  1. I am having a problem with the Stonecutters daily task. Can some please help me with what is black and white and read all over?


  2. If I don’t need the money, it kind of makes sense to not have my characters doing anything until I need them for a quest. Is my reasoning sound?


  3. Who are the high rollers and how are they giving to charity? I think I saw a list of who is in which group somewhere on the site, but now I can’t find it.


    • By going into your own town and removing the spydevices they left = the pyramids 🙂
      The sooner you remove the pyramids the more emblems you get. A sliding scale from 5 emblems/pyramid and down.


        • The sliding scale is new for me, but we did haunt houses during Halloween, gave cards on Valentine and the first Halloween I think you could Vandalize/Egg your neighbous (didnt play then) and we could leave eggs during WhackingDay.


  4. I have a weird glitch going on where I’ve earned the sacred scroll, the first prize, and every time I log in to the game it stays congratulations you’ve earned the sacred scroll find it in your inventory. I’ve already placed it and started solving puzzles, but it is not showing as won in the prize menu and instead says you can rush buying the item for -135 donuts. Negative donuts? This is hindering my ability to get the next prize, one of the skins. Is this happening to anyone else? Any ideas how I can fix it? How many emblems do you need for the second prize?


  5. Can I ask about the parchment tasks? Do we have to await for the selected task to complete before getting confirmation? That could be a long wait if you’re not certain you figured out the clue. Any thoughts?


  6. Wasn’t sure where to post this but looks like you can get more than 60 emblems easily when you visit your friend’s towns. Tapping the stonecutter lodge gets 5 emblems instead of one, so using your 60 actions to only click the lodge in your friend’s town will get you 300 emblems a day. the rest of the daily actions can be collected later for fp, xp and money so the timer will reset for the visited town.


  7. Okay, fair play to EA, after a decidedly crappy Easter event, this is a welcome return to events/quests that are actually entertaining and don’t have a ridiculous reliance on games of chance. They really pulled their fingers out for this one.


  8. Has anyone had a problem getting “quash those who trespass against us” to start? It worked on one of my games but hasn’t come up for the other. I am still working on the cool lisa quest line and she has been on a quest pertaining to that in the game where it hasn’t started. That and I got a later start are the only differences between the two games.


    • Im sure it will come. I dont know what requrements it has but it should come. Maybe you need to start Lisa on her 24h task to look for clues, that would be my guess.


  9. Has anybody started (or is anybody able) a post about the puzzle quests? Those are pretty intriguing to me. I think I can really like this event. EA may be trying to make up for the God-awful Easter debacle. If so, they’re on the right track.


    • What would you like us to post about to do with theM? Would you like us to post every time there is a new one and include the answer? Would you like to know how they work? How can we help you?


      • Probably a pretty dumb question… 😉
        But for today’s puzzle quest ‘a celebrity gets his monkey of his back’ you have to make Krusty walk Mr. Teeny I guess?
        I was wondering because that’s a 12 hour quest and the other quests/daily tasks were only 1 of 2 hours so far.

        Thanks for keeping us informed about the event, great job!!


        • Not a dumb question, there are no such thing as dumb questions! It is better to ask then to remain ignorant 🙂
          Yes, it is Krusty walk Mr Teeny. The parchment quests varies in lenght unlike the No1 tasks that are 1-2h. Further along in the parchment riddles there will be 24h tasks, if rumours are correct.


      • Thanks for the quick reply minicha! Didn’t know the puzzle quests can be finished on a later moment (other than the day it started). Makes sense now!


        • Since Lisa playing the sax is the first one and shes on most of the mainquest tasks, right now on 24h looking for clues, I havent done the first parchment riddle yet. After her 24h initial task shes got another 24h one but I’ll squeeze in the parchment before I do that. It is good that you dont have to do the parchment on the day of release as we all play at a different pace. 🙂


  10. please remove previous comment (I put my session id in it by accident)

    Two good news:
    Once you get the Stonecutter’s Table (31,500 emblems), assign Homer to Sing the Stonecutter Song. Then do the old Easter egg of tapping him 10 times to get 10 super secret donuts!
    also apparently in the latest ingame quickfix update the Number One menu is fixed (it’s not midnight in us yet and I can access it) however storing trees and using the nuke option is disabled for now.


  11. This event is great, but I’m having a problem with the daily task. I done the 4 steps yesterday and got the bonus, but after the counter reset I click in the button and it just blinks and disappears and I can’t see what I have to do.

    Is this happening to anyone else? And can anyone tell me the tasks for the 2nd day?


    • Should have fixed with the most recent in-game update. And the tasks are random, though you can perhaps spot it by looking at each character.


  12. Off-topic,
    I have a lemon tree already placed in my town, but I actually won another in a mbox, but it says I can only have 1 in my town.
    Can you actually win lots os trees or it was just a glitch?


    • Its a glitch that has been around for a long time now, its a real shame but the same thing can happen if you win SVT twice in a mystery box. Its a shame that EA hasn’t fixed it even though this has been a known problem for a long time now. Feel free to contact them for help


      • So you say that I should have won like donuts instead?
        I guess I could try my luck in asking EA to make an exchange :l altough unlikely maybe


        • No, I think that the replacement for a lemon tree is 250 cash. Feel free to go to EA for them to remove the second unplaceable one from your inventory, but I doubt they would give any donuts sorry


  13. Could I ask on an unrelated topic?
    I have not received the Nighthawk Diner for purchase yet… And I do not have the Diner in my town or inventory! Please Help!!! 😦


  14. Is anyone else having problems collecting emblems from friends towns?? It was working for the first few friends I visited, but now every time I click on a security camera I only get money & xp but no emblems (& yes I’m visiting friends towns who have already started the quests & still nothing). Im guessing this is a glitch?


    • There seems to be a limitation, you can only get 60 emblems a day from neighbours. When visiting check the ? by the emblemcount, bottom left to see how many emblems you have left to collect.


      • Wow I didn’t even see that, thanks! That’s seems like a low limit. I only got through a handful of friends 😦 but thanks again.


      • You have 60 actions a day. You can get more than one emblem per action by tapping the friend’s stonecutter lodge. That gives 5 emblems. Furthermore, for the same friend you can do that 3 times, and hence get 15 emblems for the 3 actions. To do that, have your friend clear the stonecutter lodge in their town, and then sync. Give it a minute or two to reset.


      • Only 60 emblems sucks! Also found out why I got the 0 emblems msg. It didn’t reset from my friends taps before the update/event arrived. Grrr – gotta wait another 4-5hrs 😦


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