Cutting the Stones of our Stone Cutters

You have arrived at the one stop place for your information on the new Stonecutter characters of TSTO. This post will detail who received a skin or what new stonecutter characters were introduced, how you achieve that skin/character, what character collection they are in and so forth. More details on the new characters will be in a different post. So welcome, lets get started, shall we?

-Spoilers below-


There are many ways that I can order these characters and skins, I could do it by character collection, by way of achievement or even by cost but as people can earn the skins and characters in different orders depending on a few different factors, I am going to take this by the number of the stonecutters. Starting at 1 and going right up to 908. Lets jump into it!

The very first stonecutter you will receive is an actual character: Number 1

Number 1

Achieved By: Building the Stone Cutter’s Lodge

Cost: $2000

Skin for: N/A

Character Collection: Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Let’s all get drunk and play ping pong!

You can welcome Dr Hibbert’s Stone cutter to your town because he is: Number 2

Number 2

Achieved By: The premium menu

Cost: 60 Donuts

Skin for: Dr Hibbert

Character Collection: More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who decides who gets shingles? We do!

Number 5 is none other than Jasper!

Number 5

Achieved By: The Emblem Prizes

Cost: 28 000 Emblems (comes with Number 12 and 14 or Lenny and Carl)

Skin for: Jasper

Character Collection: More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who holds the carrot and the stick? We do!

Number 12 is Lenny, heres all the information you need on Number 12

Number 12

Achieved By: The Emblem Prizes

Cost: 28 000 Emblems (comes with Number 5 and 14 or Jasper and Carl)

Skin for: Lenny

Character Collection: Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who always gets free upsized meals ? We do!

Number 14 is Carl, here is Number 14:

Number 14

Achieved By: The Emblem Prizes

Cost: 28 000 Emblems (comes with Number 5 and 12 or Jasper and Lenny)

Skin for: Carl

Character Collection: Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who keeps Springfield off the map? We do!

Next up we have our first prize on the Sacred Parchment Prizes: Moe is Number 21

Number 21

Achieved By: The Sacred Parchment Prizes

Cost: 3 Puzzles Solved

Skin for: Moe

Character Collection: More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who keeps Springfield beer kegs filled? We do!

As you can see, status in Springfield doesn’t affect status in the Stonecutters as Mayor Quimby is Number 22:

Number 22

Achieved By: The Sacred Parchment Prizes

Cost: 10 Puzzles Solved

Skin for: Mayor Quimby

Character Collection: Even More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who wire taps the NSA? We do!

Number 29 is our least favourite clown: Krusty!

Number 36

Achieved By: Emblem Prizes

Cost: 14 000 Emblems

Skin for: Krusty the Clown

Character Collection: Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who rigs every Oscar night? We do!

Number 36 is our highest high roller: Mr Burns

Number 29

Achieved By: Emblem Prizes

Cost: 4000 Emblems

Skin for: Mr Burns

Character Collection: More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who makes sure the rich stay rich? We do!

Number 50 is stuffing his face with… I mean Chief Wiggum

Number 50

Achieved By: Emblem Prizes

Cost: 18 000 Emblems

Skin for: Chief Wiggum

Character Collection: Even More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who decides which cars to boot? We do!

Number 51 is the second stonecutter character and here is his information: 

Number 51

Achieved By: The Premium Menu

Cost: 100 Donuts

Skin for: N/A

Character Collection: Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who keeps my people under wraps? We do!

Number 59 is Smithers!

Number 59

Achieved By: Sacred Parchment Prizes

Cost: 20 Puzzles Solved

Skin for: Waylon Smithers

Character Collection: More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who knows who’s in and who is €œout?€ We do!

Number 66 is next! Kent Brockman is 6×11 (sorry that was a terrible joke…)

Number 66

Achieved By: Sacred Parchment Prizes

Cost: 15 Puzzles Solved

Skin for: Kent Brockman

Character Collection: Even More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who controls the evening news? We do!

Arnie Pye is in the sky with 67 Numbers (These jokes are just getting worse and worse)

Number 67

Achieved By: Sacred Parchment Prizes

Cost: 15 Puzzles Solved

Skin for: Arnie Pye

Character Collection: Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who gets exempted from state sales tax? We do!

We’re now jumping to Number 70: Disco Stu

Number 79

Achieved By: Emblem Prizes

Cost: 18 000 Emblems

Skin for: Disco Stu

Character Collection: Even More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who gets funky every night? We do!

Number 85 is Groundskeeper Willie:

Number 85'

Achieved By: Emblem Prizes

Cost: 10 000 Emblems

Skin for: Groundskeeper Willie

Character Collection: More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who controls the British crown? We do!

Number 111 is… Zzzzzz… Oh sorry, Grampa took a nap (Someone help me with these jokes… please)

Number 111

Achieved By: Sacred Parchment Prizes

Cost: 5 Puzzles Solved

Skin for: Grampa

Character Collection: Even More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who knows where my teeth are now? I don’t!

This one doesn’t need a joke, Frink is pie! 3.14 or Number 314 is Frink!!!

Number 314

Achieved By: The Premium Menu

Cost: 12 Donuts

Skin for: Professor Frink

Character Collection: Even More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who holds back the electric car? We do!

Coming below many others, to the joy of Bart Simpson, it’s everyones least favourite principal. Number 600 is Skinner.

Number 600

Achieved By: Emblem Prizes

Cost: 10 000 Emblems

Skin for: Principal Skinner

Character Collection: More Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who keeps the metric system down? We do!

The first skin that you receive and our final one in our list is Homer Simpson’s: Number 908: 


Achieved By: Completing Game Of Stones Part 1

Cost: None

Skin for: Homer Simpson

Character Collection: Stonecutters

Unlock Message: Who likes singing drinking songs? We do!


That is every single new stonecutter we have in our towns, I hope this post was informative. Get excited for a lot more stonecutter posts to come! Thanks for reading!




55 thoughts on “Cutting the Stones of our Stone Cutters

  1. Can any one help. I’ve completed all the parchment puzzles but I never received kent brockmans skin after number 15. I have brockman in my Springfield but nothing for him unlocked after parchment 15


  2. I am afraid I don’t have the character for 6/13s clue “it would be criminal to miss this art lesson”. Who is that?


  3. I reached 4000 emblems and unlocked the Krusty skin, but it isn’t there… I clicked on him and nothing. I restarted the game, nope. Nothing in my inventory, but he was already in my game… Anyone else experience this?


      • No he’s not on task… Ugh… I was hoping you wouldn’t say contact EA. Seems to me like they have the WORST customer service! I have been happily playing this game for over a year without having to try and talk to them! Sigh.


    • I was visiting my neighbors when I won the prize… Maybe you should be in your own Springfield to avoid losing the skin? Maybe something to think about…


  4. Hi,
    I’ve just finished first puzzle (I choose Krusty one, since Lisa is on the Clue task), but as soon as Krusty finished waalking Mr. Teeny the puzzles dissapeared. I can’t find them on the left among othet tasks..
    Is that ok, like you can finisth one puzzle per day, or is that some bug? I didnt find it anywhere:(


  5. So what happens if you unlock a Stone Cutter outfit for a premium character you don’t have (yet) e.g. Disco Stu? Does it sit in the inventory until you buy the character in question? Or is this EAs attempt to coerce people into buying premium characters?? Thanks for any insights.


    • It will be stuck in your inventory until you buy the premium character, yes. Just like Barney during christmas.
      It is a bit sneaky of EA to so this but the choice is yours.


  6. So far a great event, the chances of getting the prizes seem fair and doable. Even though, I am a little worried that some of puzzles we get daily from the sacred parchment might include tasks for characters that one have yet to unlock, thus making the task unsolvable without spending donuts on it. Or are the tasks randomized and made solvable for everyone’s springfield regardless of level?


      • Hm okay, then I can only hope that around level 28 is enough, if not I’ll have to try hard to get the most xp and money to level up some more. It’d be a shame waste any donuts on those prizes.


        • The parchment riddles are relativly cheap on donuts. If you have the cash xp-level up by buying and selling bloodmobiles or weatherstations. Those are the items that has the best xp return.
          I know Carl is needed for one of those riddles and he’s a late character and comes with the temple.


    • Unfortunately, it’s always been the way that you miss out on some of the events’ tasks and items if you’re not in the high levels, yet. On the other hand, it would be boring to limit the events’ quests to the early-level characters. Think of it this way: The events are an incentive for long-time players to keep on playing and for the runner-ups to keep on running.


  7. Stonecutter Moe was unlocked after 1 puzzle for me, not 3. BTW, Moe is 21 since, here in the states, you have to be 21 to legally drink alcohol.


      • He probably already has his skin loaded. Try this: find him and click on him (use the census at the town hall if necessary). When his task dialog appears, you should be able to scroll his image left or right and load the different costumes/skins. If you don’t see his other costumes/skins, hit the “+” in the top right corner of the dialog. The “+” and “-” toggle displaying the costumes/skins or not.


  8. I think you have the emblem totals for Krusty and Burns switched.

    Who keeps annoying fact-checkers on the internet? We doooooo. We dooooo.


    • Yup, 4000 for Krusty. Don’t know about Burns since I’m not that far yet, but he’s the 5th Emblem Prize, Krusty is 2nd.


  9. Clearly given the number because of his age…Number 111 is Grandpa

    In honor of his escaping area 51: Number 51 is…

    Representing the amount of doughnuts he ate today, number 50 is Chief Wiggum

    Number 70 is stuck in a time when disco was cool, introducing Disco Stu.


    • I have him and is working on his miniquest now. Dont know if he’s worth it yet but every miniquest for the premiums (No51, No2, No314) gives you emblems. Not their regular tasks though. If you have Frink theres a funny one part quest that gives you 100 emblems – not bad for 12Donuts.


  10. I’ m loving this update more and more =D
    can you please check if the new ingame update fixed the number one glitch other then disabling nuke option and premium and trees storing please? =D


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