Spoilers of the Past! (Stonecutters, Monorail and The Proper Version of Sideshow Bob)

The Stonecutters have finally arrived in tapped out after months of demand and months of rumors and speculation. However has EA been planning the Stonecutters for a while now? As the countdown to the new year began EA sent us tappers a little Happy New Year message along with some dialogue by Homer. This dialogue included the subject of what the future of 2014 could bring to tapped out.


Here is the dialogue by Homer and how the subject of The Stonecutters was hinted to us during the start of the year:

Homer: Veeery funny!

Fine, I’ll stop complaining for now.


But there better be some awesome stuff planned for 2014

– Like the Monorail, and the Stonecutters, and a proper version of Sideshow Bob…


and those are just a few of the great things I found on the internet!

So as you can see EA used this set of dialogue to notify players that they know what we want. And after six months, the Stonecutters arrived! However what about the other things that were mentioned in that part of the dialogue? Like the Monorail and the real version of Sideshow Bob! Are we likely to get these items as well for future updates? Possibly the answer to that is YES!


However you might be thinking we can’t just go off one set of dialogue. So I gathered some other information that suggested future updates. Another part of the New Years update is that Homer asked for his Car to be added to the game, here is the dialogue:

Homer: Now, we’re talking!


Now I want some of those premium buildings. And a new car!

It’s not like it costs you guys anything to design and implement them. They’re just pixels.

Another example that EA has hidden spoilers of future updates in dialogue is during the episode tie-in for ‘What Animated Women Want’. During that update Comic Book Guy talked about a -SPOILER ALERT- of a Japanese girlfriend. 9 months later after this update Kumiko arrived! His Japanese girlfriend.


As you can see EA gave us a very early spoiler for the upcoming release of Kumiko. This was something that was just ignored as many people didn’t think of it as a spoiler but just as a piece of dialogue in a quest! Instead of looking in the files for spoilers, EA gave us one clear in-game spoiler for the release of Kumiko.

So whats next? All that is left from spoiler dialogues are the Monorail and the real version of Sideshow Bob. As we have seen with the Kumiko spoiler this could happen any time in the game however since this set of dialogue was specifically talking about 2014, we could be expecting the Monorail and the real version of Sideshow Bob being released during the next six months of 2014!

Happy Tapping, Nathan.



30 thoughts on “Spoilers of the Past! (Stonecutters, Monorail and The Proper Version of Sideshow Bob)

  1. They could put monorail tracks on top of roads that way towns stay intact. Just build stations like houses.


  2. Hi Guys… Long time Listener first time caller…

    Just catching up with all the posts with this Stonecutters Update and I’m wondering if we’re seeing some support in anticipation of the Monorail with the addition of the “Nuke” Button (Now temporarily taken off) so that users could totally re-design their Springfield with a Monorail going all around it. Start from ground zero with a monorail placed all around and build around that. Just a thought.
    – Eric “Kappacrow”


    • Hey Kappacrow, I just wanted to mention how awesome you Krustyland layout is! There should be a full screen view of it featured. 😀


  3. Nathan, this is an awesome article. You have superb deductive powers and I love all the research you did to back up your hypothesis! Prof. Frink would be proud.


  4. Did anyone notice when the Number 1 says, “The Springfield Stonecutters are growing in their power. The time has come to use our strength to take over the Shelbyville chapter…”? Could it be possible Shelbyville is coming?


  5. I’ve been getting two glitches the first is that i keep getting the first prize again and again and cant speed up the process because its minus doughnuts. Also i cant get on the game now


  6. Another spoiler of sorts that has been mentioned in game was during the level 33 task where you had to send a number of Springfielders to jail. You may recall some characters had a line or two of dialogue before they went off.
    Doctor Hibbert says something along the lines of “have I ever mentioned my brother in law Chester?”


      • The Zoo have never been mentioned in any spoilers. It was just a wish from theAdiposeTV that he posted. I often said I’d like my avatar Jessica Lovejoy in the game but that’s only my wish and that has never been in the spoilerrumourmill either 😦


    • His exact words are:
      “I’m telling you, it wasn’t a drug deal! I gave Chester the money to fix my shed.”


  7. I’ll do a little bit of speculation.
    I’ve noticed that The Devil’s Anvil has a West Springfield ( desert, cactus, dirt, soil ) base. As apposed to grass or a transparent base. Could this be an indication that the long awaited dirt roads and pathways are coming at some point? I hope so. Oh the possibilities.


  8. I can’t wait!!! I’d LOVE a proper version of sideshow bob. I wonder if he would (or will!!!) be premium. Also I think they should expand into the mountains for the monorail. But anyway, I love the stonecutters event and u guys ROCK!!!!!


  9. We got the stonecutters one year after squidport. We may get monorail a year after krustyland so that end of July!:-D


  10. This is a bit unrelated but I’ve seen many people complaining about only 60 actions per day for the stonecutter update and I’m pretty sure for normal buildings you will only get one emblem per action. But if you spy on a friend’s stonecutter lodge you will gain 5 emblems per actions allowing for 7 actions a friend and a possible 420 tokens a day please check this for me and thanks. 🙂


  11. I have been wanting to send Sideshow Bob on a quest to sing the score of the HMS Pinafore for well over a year now. I so want it to be a quest option…


  12. I can’t wait for Sideshow Bob and hope he’s not a premium character! He and Mr. Burns are my favorite Simpsons characters. Also excited for Monorail, but it’ll be interesting how that get integrated.


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