Stonecutters Event 2014: Complete Overview

As most of you will now know, our newest event is the stonecutters event. I love that EA has let us earn prizes once again and I like that all of the prizes come from ONE EPISODE! All in all this is a great event and I am here to tell you exactly how it works! I’m going to show you the ins and outs, the new game additions, the new currency, the new content and any other new additions that have been included!

If you don’t want to keep reading as you like the mystery and surprise of the stonecutters and their event than please stop here.

StoneCutters ChaliceStoneCutters ChaliceStoneCutters ChaliceStoneCutters ChaliceStoneCutters ChaliceStoneCutters Chalice

How the event works

First things first: you will need to build the Stonecutter lodge, this is where all the hype is. The lodge sort of acts like the Christmas Present Depot, it is the basis of your town, friends land there and even you land there upon entrance of the town. It also pays every seven days, the first building to do so.

Stonecutter Lodge

The unlock of the lodge means the unlock of Number 1, and man is he important, he basically runs the quest line, he brings the ways to earn our new currency and is the pivotal point of the update and you wouldn’t be able to get much done without him.

Number 1

One of his main purposes can be found in the top right of your screen. Each day he brings 4 unique tasks for you, the sky finger, to complete at his bidding. Each task earns emblems and the amount of emblems (more on this soon) earned increase by which amount you are up to (like I said, there are 4), in one day you can get a total of 1000.

They are random tasks and are in random orders for different players. For example he may request that a youngster buy an extra cold squishee in which you have to go into your town/the census/the character locator and find a character that suits the category (in this case: youngster). You then must enter their task list and find the new secret task to drink and extra cold squishee.

Tip: Only send one (for example) youngster on Number 1’s task, whilst more than one youngster can do it, you only get emblems for one of them.

Please be aware that these tasks do not show up in the task book and they aren’t yellow and at the top of the characters task list as they are secret. There are three ways to view them:

  1. By the button in the top right
  2. By finding the character/building yourself
  3. By using the town centre

That is all from me about Number 1 for the mean time, lets take a look at the currency for the event. This time around it isn’t gift cards, it isn’t goo, it wasn’t isn’t hearts!

It is Stone Cutter emblems!


These above emblems will be your key to one set of prizes (more on this soon), so make sure to collect them. You can also earn 60 emblems a day by visiting your friends towns. Basically these are used like snakes were back in whacking day, get a certain amount and you unlock a prize from the Emblem Prizes (or Personal Prizes).

The Emblem Prizes/Personal Prizes):

1.Sacred Parchment

Sacred Parchment

Cost: 1450 Stonecutter emblems

2. Number 36

Number 36

Cost: 4,000 Stonecutter emblems

3. Chest of Sacred Artifacts

Chest of Sacred Artifacts

Cost: 6,500 emblems

4. Number 85 / Number 600

Number 600 Number 85'

Cost: 10,000 emblems

5. Burns Money Pool / Number 29

Money Pool Number 29

Cost: 14,000 emblems

6. Number 50 / Number 79

Number 50 Number 79

Cost 18,000 emblems

7. Stone of Triumph

Stone of Triumph

Cost: 22,500 emblems

8. Number 5 / Number 12 / Number 14

Number 12Number 14Number 5

Cost: 28,000 emblems

9. Stonecutter Table


Cost: 31,500 emblems

10. Satan’s Anvil (FINALLY!!!)

Satans Anvil

Cost: 35,000 emblems

Sacred Parchment:

The first prize that you will receive from the emblem prizes is the sacred parchment, the sacred parchment adds a whole new aspect of prize earning, again I won’t be going in detail but basically each day you receive a new mysterious quest, it won’t tell you what the quest is or who is needed to complete it, it won’t even tell you that you are correct when you send that person on the quest, you have to wait until they complete the quest to see if you are right. So far the quests have been:


Lisa – Play her Sax

Apu – Feed the octuplets

Krusty – Walk Mr Teeny

Although the clues are cryptic, if you ever need help feel free to ask and we’ll let you know.

As I mentioned there is a completely separate list of prizes for the sacred parchment, these can be seen below:


And a rundown of each of the prizes:

1. Number 21

Number 21

Cost: Complete 1 Puzzle

2. Number 111

Number 111

Cost: Complete 5 Puzzles

3. Number 22

Number 22

Cost: Complete 10 prizes

4. Number 67 and Number 66

Number 67 Number 66

Cost: Complete 15 Puzzles

5. Number 59

Number 59

Cost: Complete 20 Puzzles

6. Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant

Cost: Complete 24 Puzzles

The Order:

Similar to snakes, rabbits and zombies, there is also a way to earn emblems in your towns that involves squishing things (we sure love squishing things). Every hour, one member of the Order (the order is the stonecutters arch enemy group) will spawn in your town. You can only have 6 order in your town at a time so make sure to collect them before the six hours is up so you can keep generating. Once you clear your town you get a message saying “Success! You have driven away the last of The Order. For now.”

Event Content:

All of the content included in the event can be seen below:


This appears to be the BIGGEST additions of skins/costumes to the game in its entire history! There is also a new characters set aptly named Stonecutters

Number 1

Number 1

Cost: None

Number 51

Number 51

Cost: 100 Donuts (PREMIUM)

The following are skins and fall under yet another new character set More Stonecutters

Number 908 (Homer Skin)


Number 36 (Krusty skin)

Number 36

Number 600 (Skinner costume)

Number 600

Number 85 (Willie skin)

Number 85'

Number 29 (Burns skin)

Number 29

Number 21 (Moe skin)

Number 21

Number 50 (Wiggum skin)

Number 50

Number 111 (Grampa skin)

Number 111

Number 22 (Quimby skin)

Number 22

Number 59 (Smithers skin)

Number 59

Number 12 (Lenny skin)

Number 12

Number 14 (Carl skin)

Number 14

Number 66 (Brockman skin)

Number 66

Number 2 (Hibbert skin)

Number 2

Cost: 60 donuts

Number 314 (Frink skin)

Number 314

Cost: 12 donuts

Number 79 (Disco Stu skin)

Number 79

Number 67 (Arnie Pye skin)

Number 67

Number 5 (Jasper skin)

Number 5

Phew! Wait, there’s more!


Stonecutter Lodge

Stonecutter Lodge

Cost: $2,000

Stonecutter Daycare Center

Daycare Center

Cost: $250,000

Abandoned Store

Abandoned Store

Cost: 30 donuts

All Seeing Eye


Cost: 100 donuts


Sacred Parchment

Sacred Parchment

Ark of the Stone Covenant

Ark of the Covenant

Money Pool

Money Pool

Stone of Triumph

Stone of Triumph

Tube Slide

Tube Slide

Cost: $2,500

Hieroglyph Wall

Hieroglyph Wall

Cost: $500

Chest of Sacred Artifacts

Chest of Sacred Artifacts

Stonecutter Table


Satans Anvil

Satans Anvil

Returning Items

Nighthawk Diner / Rex Banner (Yes we know he isn’t currently available, more information on this soon)

Nighthawk Diner Rex Banner

Cost: $15,000

Event Basics


  • The event is scheduled to end on July 2 2014
  • There is a separate date called The Stone Cutters Do It Start Time which may be a date activated mini-quest within the event slated for June 20, 2014.

Stonecutter Emblem  – This will be the event currency.


Event Menu Icon – As with any event there will be a separate menu icon that contains the event content.



Game Additions:

  • A Nuke button that clears the town, put anything that can be stored into the inventory (this has been recalled due to problems but should be back)
  • A town census feature to find out what each character is doing.


If that isn’t a long post, what is? Hopefully it gives you a good but brief overview of the event and explains how it works, if there’s a problem with the post please let us know.

Also we are thinking about creating a FAQ Stonecutters Event post, if you have any questions you would like answered that haven’t been answered in a post already, let us know in the comments and we will try to answer it in the FAQ post.

There is a one stop shop for all of our posts in the menu at the top of this page called Stonecutters. As always, there are more posts to come!

Thanks for reading




188 thoughts on “Stonecutters Event 2014: Complete Overview

  1. What happens if I can’t complete all of this by the time the event ends? Will I get an opportunity to finish or will I miss out on all the prizes?


    1. My guess is that the mainquest (mostly involving Lisa and Bart) will continue and those quest for the costumes you’ve earned/bought will be allowed to finish but the prizes will be gone.


  2. THE SACRED PARCHMENT on Simpsons tapped out,

    The HINT = a flaming moe has a liquor-ish string.

    I’ve done the rest and that’s the only one I can’t get!!


    1. I posted pics of the Parchments and the tasks on our FlickrGroup daily as an extra hint without saying it straight:
      If you want ALL answers plain, go to


  3. Larry Billups 06/25/2014 — 23:26

    What are the rest of the clues for the sacred parchment


    1. The clues arent revieled until 10am CET every day. The final parchment is on the 26th of June. Answers to all riddles:


  4. Can’t figure out puzzle with Norse code need help


    1. I post pics of the Parchments and the tasks on our FlickrGroup daily as an extra hint without saying it straight:
      If you want ALL answers plain, go to


    2. it’s Carl Honor heritage (24 hours)


  5. There is a separate date called The Stone Cutters Do It Start Time which may be a date activated mini-quest within the event slated for June 20, 2014.

    It’s past June 20th. Did something happen and I missed it or what??


    1. Nothing have happened, so you did not miss it.


  6. how do i get the arnie guy ?


    1. Buy him with donuts.


  7. Who do I send for you can’t find love but you can buy a heart mission??


    1. I put up an extra hint every day on our Flickrgroup that shows the task 🙂 without saying the answer straight out. But if you want it plain: Answers to ALL parchment puzzles


  8. my character smithers is on ERROR. how can I fix it..? account name: ikkin2k337


    1. Very common. Store Burns Manor in the inventory and place it again, that should put Smithers on the map and in the census.


  9. I got enough emblems to get larry, carl, and Sampson. But the skins are not available to me. I even have the table now. When I try to open them they have no extra skin. I don’t know what else to do?


    1. First, are they in your inventory? If so then you have to tap on the “Use” button to enable them. If not, check the character. While looking at their task list, there should be a “+” or “-” in the top right corner of their task list. Tap that and it should show the skin. You can then switch to it by swiping left or right.


  10. So any word on when we’re getting Nighthawk Diner and Rex? I really like this building when it’s lit up, but missed building it last time around.


    1. Not yet. Hoping for an update including them at the end of the Stonecutters Event.


  11. Which Stonecutters get to sing at the table and which ones don’t?


    1. Only Number 908 (Homer), Number 50 (Wiggum), Number 36 (Krusty), and Number 51 (the Martian) get to sing at the table.


  12. Do you get to keep number one after the event ends? As a playable character?


    1. You keep him but he doesn’t have any tasks.


      1. Bummer… Another Handsome Pete basically.


        1. I’m hoping that with the takedown update we will get (which will remove the event) they might add some tasks for him.


  13. What is the answer to sacred parchment. 17&19 ? Please


  14. What happens if you dont finish the daily sacred parchment task? Do you lose the opportunity to finish it or does it piggy back on the next days task?


    1. It stays available until you complete it. The only deadline is the end of the event, July 2nd.


  15. Krusty doesn’t have a choice to go to the dog track listed now that he’s a stonecutter, how can I complete this sacred parchment task?


    1. Switch back to his normal skin.


  16. 007Nightmare 06/18/2014 — 23:01

    Brockman/Number 66 completed the Broadcast “Crackpot” Theories; however, his image shows under my tasks still. When selecting his image under tasks, it shows “Done!”. I’ve tried to store the news station which when replaced, Brockman has an exclamation as if he has a task to do yet nothing ‘yellow’ in his list. I’ve re-completed the “Crackpot” twice and can’t get this to clear. I recall my game crashing when clearing this completed task the first time and think it has something to do with it. Thoughts/Suggestions?


    1. First try quitting the game (kill the app and restarting). Sometimes that kickstarts character tasks.


      1. 007nightmare 06/19/2014 — 11:33

        no, that didnt work. next steps?


        1. Oh, I loath these issues!
          Do the troubleshooting – if it does not work, contact EA
          The troubleshooting:
          Contact EA:


  17. Yeah


  18. What is ‘daddy needs a new pair of size 30 shoes’? Do you need to win a dog race?


    1. Nope. But it does involve the dog track. Take a look at Krusty’s tasks. Or you can check out the answers here.


    2. I sent krusty to the dog track


  19. Elias peter Jørgensen 06/16/2014 — 12:11

    What is puzzle 13 and 14


    1. Elias peter Jørgensen 06/16/2014 — 12:19

      I only need 13 now found out what 14 was. Is 13 to make someone visit the salon


      1. It involves Snake and his hair.


    2. From the Sacred Parchment tasks? Check out this post here.


      1. Elias peter Jørgensen 06/17/2014 — 04:33

        Thy dude but i dont have snake 😦


        1. You get snake when you build the prison


  20. Is puzzle 13 serpents hair…. Is that snake?


    1. Yep! 🙂


  21. powerturtle90sdudemon 06/14/2014 — 19:15

    I’m only getting 5 Emblems when I visit a friend’s Stonecutter HQ. All other buildings get me 1 each. Is that normal?


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